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January 14, 2004


For the last few days, I’ve been reorganizing the thousands of files which make up the Lexicon. This is a painstaking process, at least for me, since I’m not a Dreamweaver wiz by any stretch of the imagination. I do things like this in utter terror of messing up the links on a whole bunch of pages. So why do it? Well, just because there ARE thousands of files and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep track of what goes with what. Editing the Lexicon will be much easier with things organized. I know that Michele just rolls her eyes when she see how disorganized the site really is. The kicker, of course, is that organizing the pages makes me look like less of a total putz to all the Big Time Webmasters out there who drop by.

The reason I bring this up is that I’d appreciate a heads up from anyone of you who might discover a page with messed up links. I’ve tried to make sure that Dreamweaver updates and synchronizes every single file, but I can’t quite believe that there isn’t a single lost link in this whole process. So if you happen to spot any pages with problems, would you mind just dropping me a line? Thanks.


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