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February 25, 2004


Michele here, the Lexicon’s assistant/junior editor. Dreamweaver has been re-installed successfully on Steve’s personal machine after an unfortunate episode with a repair shop and an erased hard drive (didn’t affect the Lexicon’s existing content, I hasten to add, just delayed Steve in producing some new stuff he’s been working on). However, he’s been very busy just lately in real life apart from his Dreamweaver issues, so I thought I’d chime in again to let people know what’s going on.

Apart from the ongoing general cleanup mentioned last time, wizarding transportation has been updated, and among other things now mentions thestrals more explicitly. (Several people inquired about that.) A new Reader’s Guide page has been added for one of the chapters of PA; go to the Help/About page, to the section “Delving Deeper into Harry Potter”.

Finally, with some trepidation, I will own up to having a new livejournal over at, as hp_lexicon_jr. (Steve himself is hp_lexicon over there, but he’s waiting to see how my experiment with livejournal works out before doing much with his own.) It’s embarrassingly plain just now, but I want to see how having it works out content-wise before attempting to make it more sophisticated. The primary restriction I’ve got on it just now (if I’m not completely clueless about the settings) is that its message boards won’t accept anonymous postings; see its first entry about how I’d like to run it in a fairly open mode otherwise, and how I hope it’ll turn out to be a somewhat helpful tool in future.

So if anyone pops up on a message board and begins talking about essays or whatnot, you’ll be able to tell if it’s either of us.


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