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June 27, 2004


New stuff all over the place and a couple of really cool new things. Here are the main changes and additions:

  • I’ve finally added the Stinging Hex, so you can all stop emailing me now 🙂
  • New page of spells, the ones from the films and games. I made this a separate page because so many of the spells just don’t fit into the world Rowling created for the books. Now I know I had a list of the spells from the films laying around here but I can’t find it. If anyone wants to email a list with correct spellings (since I don’t know how to turn the subtitles on with my DVD player) that would be great. I know I’m missing some yet.
  • After several years of listening to pleas from fans from all over the world and after much consideration of how to manage it, I’ve started the process of creating versions of the Lexicon in other languages besides English. Here’s the way I decided to set it up. For each language, I’ve made contact with a group of people who are able to undertake the enormous task of translating all the information in the Lexicon. In one case, the team didn’t create a mirror image of the Lexicon but rather created their own encyclopedia site using the information in the Lexicon. In another case, the team is trying to recreate the Lexicon exactly, even creating identical graphics. So far I have three (and a possible fourth) teams working on this. The Spanish site is up and running and I have now added a link to it on the main index page. The French and Hebrew sites are in the works. I have had some contact with a group from Russia who is interested in working with me, but we haven’t finalized anything yet.I know that there are fans in other countries who would love to see a translation happen in their language, but I have to be a bit careful. This is a HUGE commitment, to translate something as big as the Lexicon. I don’t want to have anyone say they’re going to do it and then give up. Also, I ask those who translate the Lexicon to follow the same standards for excellence that we ask of ourselves for the English version. I am hoping to find teams in some other countries over the next months, but I’m being very careful about this. Please don’t bother volunteering unless you have the people, resources, expertise, and time to make it happen.
  • I have alist of all the new cards from the Prisoner of Azkaban game. I just need time to enter them in the Lexicon — hopefully soon! Many thanks to Eduardo Blake for once again providing me with so much excellent information.
  • I’ve added a page to the Quidditch section describing the various professional Quidditch pitches around Britain, all located on deserted moors, of course. Most of these come from the Daily Prophets, which Rowling wrote in the late 1990s.


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