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July 20, 2004


Still more edits and additions all over the place. There are a couple of things that deserve a mention here. First, I have updated the page of spells from the films and games to correct the entry on the spell Arresto Momentum. Penny begged me to get to that one because of all the email she was getting.

Secondly, and more importantly, I have added a new editor to the Lexicon staff. As many of you have probably realized, the job of editing a site this large was just too massive for Michele and I to keep up with. We have received plenty of emails pointing out corrections that needed to be made but we’ve had no time to get to them. Our new editor, Josh Santilli, will be helping to handle some of the backlog of editing jobs and also working on some of our newer projects. His staff email address is [email protected] Feel free to drop him an email to welcome him. If he doesn’t respond right away, it’s probably because we’re going to be keeping him busy! Welcome aboard, Josh.


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