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September 19, 2004


I’ve updated the text menu to keep up with the fancy graphics one. Both main menus now include links to the letter which I wrote to Jo Rowling on the advice of her solicitor, a letter asking for some factual details about the Wizarding World. They also include links to the Floo page, the Lexicon Store on CafePress, and the Muggle Encyclopedia. The new Concordance also got a link, although that section is waiting for content. There’s not a lot to see there yet. If you’re interested in contributing to the Concordance, click that link and read the guidelines.

The beginning of September is always a frantically busy time for me. The new theatre season starts along with the new school year. I’ve still be editing here and there, but it will take another week or so before I can put any serious time into the Lexicon. New stuff is on the way, though. Michele and I have a couple of essays in the works, both in the editing process, and Josh has updated the Floo Page too.

Things just keep a’rollin’ along.


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