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Ah, the fun of switching servers. I think I’ve caught all the really bad errors — like missing six or seven main character pages and transferring an out of date version of the “Explore the Wizarding World” page and forgetting to transfer the entire atlas section. Josh has been going through things trying to catch the occasional broken link and missing graphic (and there still are a few, I think). If you spot anything that’s still broken, by all means send a email our way.

One thing that a few folks mentioned is that two of the new text links at the top of the page aren’t working. The link that says START is still in the works, so that one may be waiting a few weeks yet. As for STORE, I’m in a bit of a hold on that. I’m redesigning the logo so that it fits the space a little better and will be reopening the store very soon. Once again, I’ll have mugs, t-shirts, and totes available with the Lexicon logo on them. So why are the bits still there even if the links are working? Well, that’s me being a bit lazy, really. I wanted to see how it looked with all the links in place —  how the spacing worked on the page, if I needed more or less links, that sort of thing. So I included them all, and then just didn’t bother taking the non-working ones back off again. Same with the link to the Bookshelf down at the bottom.

New stuff in the Lexicon itself:

  • adding the ghosts to the Which Wizard section, still have some to go
  • a new poem was added to the Concordance, under the heading “Sadness.”
  • more coming soon…


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