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December 17, 2004


Christmas is early! We just couldn’t wait. The Floo Network is pleased to announce its holiday gift to you, our loyal readers. We are delighted to welcome a new website, Madam Scoop’s, to the Network. The Floo Network, which brings you the best Harry Potter resources on the planet, now consists of The Harry Potter Lexicon, The Leaky Cauldron, Madam Scoop’s, The Hogwarts Galleries, and Quick Quotes Quill.

Madam Scoop’s organizes all of the interviews Rowling has done in the last five years, the text of which can be found in the existing Quick Quotes website. For example, if you want to read everything Jo has said about Draco, you will find those quotes listed on Scoop’s site, linked to the original source interviews on Quick Quotes. Is that cool or what? The Scoop’s team has also taken up the management and upkeep of the QQQ site, so the two will become more and more integrated as time goes by, making a amazingly useful resource even better.

In order to make it easy for you to access these wonderful websites, John Noe, our resident designer, has created a delightful new “main quotes page” where you can choose either Quick Quotes or Madam Scoop’s. This page is worth a visit all on its own (and if you don’t ‘get it’ at first, look closer!). A click on the Quotes link on any Floo Network navigation bar will take you there.

I want to say a huge welcome to the folks on the Scoop’s team, say a tremendous thank you to John, Mel, and BK, and on top of all that, to welcome to the Lexicon staff Lisa Bunker (a member of the Scoop’s team), who has agreed to help out with our character pages here on the Lexicon. Lisa brings experience with web design to her Lexicon work and you will no doubt see some changes in our page designs over the next few weeks as we incorporate some of her advice and ideas.

Lisa isn’t the only new addition to the Lexicon staff. Belinda Hobbs has taken over as editor of the Lexicon’s www.jkrowling.com pages. She will be adding new information about Jo’s site and keeping the timeline up to date. Belinda is a friend I met for the first time at Convention Alley. She runs a forum on Fiction Alley devoted to Jo’s website.

With the addition of Belinda and Lisa, our Lexicon staff now consists of:

Steve Vander Ark – creator and editor-in-chief
Penny Linsenmeyer – Communications – answers email and manages ongoing projects
Josh Santilli – Assistant Editor and editor of the Floo Network page
Mike Ball – Reader’s Guide editor
Lisa Bunker – Web design consultant and Assistant editor – character pages
Belinda Hobbs – Assistant editor – www.jkrowling.com information pages
Michele Worley – Senior Editor, on hiatus at the moment


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