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We’ve just passed the 30-day point, waiting for the publication of the sixth book. Here at the Lexicon, we’re gearing up for the massive task of integrating all the new information from Half-Blood Prince into the 700+ pages of the site. Between now and July 16, we’re trying to make sure we’ve added every detail from the previous books and also tidied up the site. The recent rounds of file maintenance are part of that process. I realize that there are still a few broken links around because of some files being renamed and I apologize. We appreciate the feedback that you send when you find one of those broken links and we assure you that we’re getting to them as quickly as we can.

Another important part of the process as we work up to the new book is to pull in the guest editors who have contributed in the past. For example, I have been in email conversations with Amy Z. and Joywitch, asking them if they would do the calendar page for the new book. Over the next weeks I’ll be trying to contact other folks who have worked on similar projects for previous books.

I have been asked by a few people where I’ll be the evening of July 15. Ive been invited to be part of the celebration at Schuler Books and Music, a local bookstore in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you’re in the area, come on down and say hello. They’ll be cooking up a terrific party, I’m sure, and I would love to meet you. The store is located at 2660 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. I’ve also been asked why I’ve been away from Lexicon work so much lately. The reason is that I’ve been directing the show The Wizard of Oz, which opened June 17. It’s a fantastic show with a lot of cool special effects and flying monkeys and everything. Check out that link for pictures.


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