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July 4, 2005


I’ve added a few more maps to the Atlas of Hogwarts. I think there are enough there now to satisfy just about anyone’s wishes. But there is much bigger and better news. If you follow the links to Sources of Lexicon information, you’ll find pages giving details about the various canon sources which we use for the Lexicon. One of those sources is Jo’s website, The pages about her sitehave been under the care of Belinda Hobbs, who has taken it upon herself to make the Lexicon’s guide the best in the whole world. I think she’s succeeded. She’s just added quite a few new pages with details about every tiny little thing on Jo’s site. She’s had help from Michael Young, aka “roonwit,” who managed to archive all the door openings so that we could show them here. Folks, this section is nothing less than amazing. Have a look! It’s the world’s best guide to Jo’s site, thanks to Belinda.


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