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July 17, 2005


I am in the process of adding new characters: Alecto; Amycus; Aubrey, Bertram; Belby, Marcus; Belcher, Humphrey; Benson, Amy (Muggle); Bishop, Dennis (Muggle); Burke, Caractacus; Cadwallader; Chorley (Muggle); Cole, Mrs. (Muggle); Coote, Ritchie; Cresswell, Dirk; Cuffe, Barabas; Damocles [Uncle]; Flume, Ambrosius; Gaunt, Marvolo; Gaunt, Merope; Gaunt, Morfin; Golpalott; Greyback, Fenrir; Harkiss, Ciceron; Higgs, Bertie; Hokey (house-elf); Malfoy, Abraxas; McLaggan, Cormac; Merrythought, Prof. Galatea; Montgomery sisters; Odo; Ogden, Bob; Peakes, Jimmy; Pepper, Octavius; Peverell; Philpott, Arkie; Prince, Eileen; Proudfoot; Robins, Demelza; Sanguini (vampire); Savage; Slughorn, Horace; Smith, Hepzibah; Snape, Tobias; Tiberius [Uncle]; Twycross, Wilkie; Vane, Romilda; Verity; Worple, Eldred.


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