More updates all over the site. I have had a few notes from people who have been spoiled when they Googled something like ‘Death Eaters’ and hit the Lexicon’s page. I am truly sorry if that happens. We talked about the whole problem of spoilers before the book hit the stores and decided that we simply had to move ahead and update. The scale of this task is just too huge to try to do in part, such as putting spoilers in a different color text. We would essentially have to do each edit twice then. I realize that it doesn’t help for me to say this now, but honestly, what are you doing on the web when you’re still reading the book? When 7 pm EDT hit last Friday night and I knew that the book had been released in Britain, I logged off and didn’t log back on until I’d finished reading. If spoilers are so important, STAY OFF THE WEB!

Okay, that’s my little rant. Now my big rant.

I have read some truly awful things online, specifically from Harry-Hermione shippers. Some of the things that have been written are so completely out of line and repulsive that I am ashamed to be associated with the people that wrote them. If you can write things like that, you are no fan of Harry Potter. You are simply a fan of your own ego. I’m not saying you can’t be disappointed. Heavens no! I certainly was when I read some of the continuity errors in the book (those are my version of ‘shipping,’ you see). But to write the kind of garbage that I have read on some websites…I am utterly sickened. Shame, shame, shame on you.

I am going to steal a line from Sebatian Redl, who wrote an very eloquent Live Journal posting on this subject. Sebatian signs his name and then adds this tag:

“Rowling’s man, through and through.”

Sebastian, I stand with you.


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