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March 12, 2006


think I have finally added all the new character names (canon and non-canon) and information from the new documents at JKR’s site. Here is a summary:

  • New names (non-canon): Mylor Sylvanus, Oakden Hobday and Bathsheba Babbling
  • New names (canon): Tilden Toots and Georgina Smythe
  • New first-names (non-canon): Aurora Sinistra, Cuthbert Binns and Septima Vector
  • Rowling also considered the names ‘Pi Vector’ and ‘Digit Vector’ (non-canon)
  • Alternative first-names (non-canon): Elvira Umbridge
  • Alternative last names (non-canon): Draco Spungen
  • Mopsus was to have been the Divination professor (non-canon)
  • Peter Pettigrew was to have been the one that impersonated Moody, not Barty Crouch, Jr. Is this the infamous Book4 plot hole? (non-canon)
  • In an early draft of OP, the Death Eater Macnair was the person visiting Bode at St. Mungo’s on Christmas Eve.
  • Jo chose the name ‘Rosmerta’ for a village woman because she equated it with “good purveyor”
  • The Muggle Studies professor is female (non-canon)

“Canon” in this case means that we’re 100% sure these characters exist in Jo’s current Wizarding World. The planning charts and early drafts cannot be considered canon because they were heavily revised by the time the book was published.


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