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New page: Riddle’s Orphanage


I’ve moved twice this summer so I haven’t been around much, but Lumos re-invigorated me just as I was starting to settle down so I’m excitedly diving back into my sections again. 🙂 I’ve been messing around with the gazetteer some this morning, updating a few entries and so forth. I also created a new page for Tom Riddle’s Orphanage, for which we have a surprising amount of detail considering it’s only really mentioned twice – in CS13 and HBP13.

Coincidentally, Jo read the orphanage scene from HBP at Radio City Music Hall earlier this month. You can see a video of the reading here.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • In the entry about Tom Riddle’s ophanage there is a real life boys institution mentioned as a possible location, however in HBP there are girls at this one.

    He terrorized Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop on the trip to the coast.

  • Reader2

    Speaking of Amy and Dennis.

    It might be a good idea to add a list of inhabitants to the Orphinage page.

    Quite a few of those had been introduced.

  • Good ideas, thanks for your comments! I’ve amended the page to add the inhabitants, as well as to make a note that Stockwell is no longer a likely choice. I hadn’t caught that before.

  • Marco

    There is a mistake on this side:

    The scruffy, bewildered-looking girl, who opened the door, as Dumbledore showed up, is labeled as orphan, who lived at that orphanage, on this site.

    But the text in the book indicates clearly, that this girl was a assistent of Mrs. Cole.

    …and she was talking over her shoulder to another aproned helper as she walked toward Dumbledore. …

    Mrs. Cole revealed also, that she was a bit younger as Merope Gaunt, as Tom Riddle was born, and Merope was just 19 at that time. This indicates, that the helpers of the matron of that orphanage were typically very young.

    Mrs. Cole might have been in her late 20s, as Dumbledore showed up there.

  • Reader2

    Regarding the “roudy girl”. The two roles can apply to the same person.

    It is doubtful that an orphenage could afford hiring porfessional staff. It is far more likely that when the orphans reached their teens, they were forced to earn their keep by helping Mrs. Cole take care of the younger ones.
    The “roudy girl” who opened the door could’ve been one of those inhabitants of the orphanage who was already acting like a staff member.
    So, basically, she qualifies for both lists.

    The same goes for Martha, by the way.

  • Moony

    When I re-read the orphanage-chapter, I was struck by some descriptions concerning Tom Riddle as a baby. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I had to think on what Patrick Suskind wrote about the young Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in “the parfume”. Did Grenouille cry so often while he was living by Mme Gaillard? I could remember it very well. It also seemed to me Mrs. Coole was used to drink a lot of whiskey. What happened with her? Tom didn’t like her very much.

  • Marco

    Well, Mrs. Cole saíd, that Merope Gaunt was not much older then she was, as she came to the orphanage to have her baby. It can be considered canon, that Merope Gaunt was 19 at that time and so born in 1907. So Mrs. Cole was born approx. between 1908 and 1911. So it´s possible, that she was already deceased in the mid 90s.

    It seems, that Mrs. Cole was rather kind toward the children in the orphanage and Tom Riddle was surely better off with her than Harry is with the Dursleys, she even knocked at the door of the room of Tom Riddle before entering, what is no common procedure toward a 11 year old in a orphanage, especially in former times. So Tom Riddle had no specific cause to do something to her.