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Dobby the Secret-keeper has his own page


Dobby actually has 2 new pages. One for character information, and one for his quotes! I will be adding artwork, but the pages are essentially finished. Comments and corrections appreciated!
One quote that struck me as interesting was this one “Dobby likes Professor Dumbledore very much, sir, and is proud to keep his secrets and our silence for him.” (GF21). Dobby had just been hired by Dumbledore when he says this. Cool, huh?


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  • Eeyore

    Of all the things Dobby has said, the one you mentioned about keeping Dumbledore’s secrets is the one that slipped by me. I’m sure Dobby would keep his secrets, but the real question becomes–why would Dumbledore confide in a house elf? Does that mean that Dobby will be a source of information for Harry in book 7? Wow, that’s something I hadn’t considered at all.

    The most fascinating thing about Dobby–aside from the possible Dumbledore confidant–is all the wandless magic that he does. And some of it is quite powerful. In the book, when Lucius moves threateningly towards Harry, there is no mention that he has his wand out or starts to say Avada Kedavra, as he does in the movie. But Dobby’s reaction is the same in stepping in to protect Harry. He’s yet another example of what a true friend will do–making the right choice rather than the easy one.

    I hope we haven’t seen the last of Dobby–and I think Harry would miss him as well.


  • CocoBean

    I think it would be great if Dobby had been entrusted by Dumbledore with information for Harry. But Dobby said just before that sentence that keeping secrets and silence is part of the house-elves enslavement and not a choice (although we do know that sometimes it’s possible for them to do so). Even though Dumbledore doesn’t insist on it, Dobby is willing to do so anyway–in this case it’s by choice rather than force.

    On the other hand, reading this statement the other way–that Dobby has been privy to some of Dumbledore’s secrets–is intriguing. Dobby’s already been a huge help to Harry since he first showed up. Possibly Jo deliberately put in this loophole as an opportunity to use him again, maybe in a big way. It may be that Dobby’s own powerful magic will be useful in future, or he could be another example of how love, friendship and loyalty are vital to defeating Voldemort.

  • I just can’t help thinking: could knowing Dumbledore’s secrets put Dobby in some kind of danger in the last book? And could other Hogwarts house elves know any secrets that would be really useful to Harry – anything about the Horcruxes, for example?

  • Lisa

    My reaction wasn’t to worry about Dobby’s safety (actually I worry about everyone’s safety in this last book), it was to wonder how his special abilities might compliment the secrets he is keeping for Dumbledore. What is it about Dobby himself that might affect the hunt for the Horcruxes?

  • Moony

    I’m afraid, I found two little faults concerning the book-references: Dobby didn’t follow Draco nor kept an eye on Kreacher in OP, but in HBP. I made some notes concerning house-elves in general, and
    I’d like to send this little notes about house-elves to Mr/Mrs Douglas Moran. If he/she wants, he/she can use them.

    house-elves can indeed do powerfull magic:
    Dobby Good, Winky & Hokey neutral, Kreacher bad;
    (HBP20): Hokey can use protective enchantments, cf. what mrs. Hepzibah Smith said to her when she had to take away the boxes
    containing the locket and the goblet: “Here, Hokey, take these away and lock them up again…. The usual enchantments…”

    (OP23) house-elves can leave the house of their master if they really wanted to do.

    Kreacher could possibly injure Buckbeak (OP32) without being woonded himself. Draco was less lucky: he insulted the hypogriff and
    was injured (PA6). If that’s the case, it’s another example of Kreacher’s power! Possibly, Kreacher had injured himself as a
    because he knew he did something wrong by hurting Buckbeak. But Rowling
    didn’t mention this clearly. So, it could also be possible Buckbeak had
    injured Kreacher’s hands.

    House-elves have to obey a direct order from their master (HBP3).
    For most wizards they seemed to be less worth than a pet: Cf. Fudge’s reaction when Dumbledore offered to summon Dobby (OP8); the
    case of Hokey: the Ministry was predisposed to suspect her, because Hokey confessed the crime and she was just a house-elf (HBP20);
    Slughorn used one to taste the bottles of wine for making sure there wasn’t another poisoned bottle (HBP22).

    Harry didn’t mistreat the house-elves under his command, he made them usefull in a (for them) harmless way: he used Kreacher and
    Dobby for tailing Draco Malfoy (HBP19) without punishing them or using violence.

    So, house-elves seem to be pawns. But if you know
    how to play chess, you know pawns aren’t just “little pawns” (as most of the wizard community are thinking). They could be
    (also cf.: the article about house-elves on this site:
    Part 1: the house-elf in general, part 2: about the individual house-elves;

    MuggleNet: “In the Nature of House-Elves”, An editorial by Manishika;

    MuggleNet: (The North Tower #13), “The House Elves’ Enslavement (1)” By Maline Fredén.)

    and cf. on the hp-lexicon the page about house-elves

    You see, i agree house-elves can do powerfull magic and wouldn’t be underestimated.



  • Lisa

    Thanks, Moony for catching my typo! It is corrected now.

  • CocoBean wrote:
    I think it would be great if Dobby had been entrusted by Dumbledore with information for Harry. But Dobby said just before that sentence that keeping secrets and silence is part of the house-elves enslavement and not a choice (although we do know that sometimes it’s possible for them to do so). Even though Dumbledore doesn’t insist on it, Dobby is willing to do so anyway–in this case it’s by choice rather than force.

    One of the things that Voldemort and the Death Eaters probably overlook is the usefulness of someone else’s house-elf. They assume that it can’t tell any secrets because of its enslavement. This is why Dumbledore would trust his secrets in Dobby because the Death Eaters would never think to try to get it out of him.

  • U-No_Poo

    Personally, I think everyone is blowing this statement out of porportion. What kind of secret would Dumbledore really confide in a house-elf. Well considering his personality, he never tells anyone his real intentions until absolutely necessary. His secret to Dobby is probably no more important than his first confidences with Harry: his sweet tooth, his love of socks, a joke really.

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Is it possible that, although Dumbledore – that notoriously private and secretive man – would have been wildly unlikely to confide in Dobby, or anyone else, the very nature of a house-elf’s work would mean that Dobby would learn a lot about Dumbledore, and others, just by being around, tidying rooms, doing the laundry, present though invisible at all kinds of times? Knowing someone’s secrets isn’t necessarily the same as having them tell you those secrets. And if Dobby has learnt by observation how to use a Pensieve, for instance, that would be really useful to Harry.

  • Beth

    I thought I’d add a mention of the fountain in the Ministry of Magic that is described in detail in HP5. It is increasingly stressed in the books that unity among the magical world is necessary and crucial for defeating evil. House elves (there is one present on the fountain) are an integral part of the magical world and therefore, I think that Dumbledore would quite possible entrust Dobby with secrets. Houselves seem to have an older magic that is very powerful. They could be great allies in the last war (House elves join Dumbledore’s Army?). Just an idea.

  • Lisa

    Deborah Hubbard, Yes, it is maddening how secretive Dumbledore was, but we have seen him make regular use of Secret-keepers so I don’t believe that it is all that unlikely. It also seemed suggestive to me that of all the things that House-elves do that Dobby should mention secret-keeping. We fans have made mountains out of molehills before, but it is still fun to catch things like this. And wonder.

  • Bella

    for some reason i think that the fountain is meant for something other than i fountain i think it is tryin to show that inorder to defeat LV all kinds of magic have to team up together. but that is just my thought.