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Who gave Harry a bulging bag of Dungbombs for Christmas?


Harry’s page has a new chart listing everything that he has received and given for Christmas. Well, that we know of, at least. I had fun looking for things that might appear again in Book 7.

Edit (8/19): the chart has gotten so big that the gifts Harry has given are now listed separately underneath the chart. And thanks to Bel there is also now a column for all the gifts Harry has received that weren’t given at Christmas or for his birthday.


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  • qwertyuiop

    I think you should do all gifts. The two-way mirror has to make the list even though it wasn’t for Christmas. šŸ™‚

  • Lisa

    Erm, can I reply to myself? I added a column to the chart so now there is room for both Christmas and birthday gifts. I’m worried the font is too small…

  • Lisa

    Good catch, Elsbeth, and thanks! Bel sent me a list last night that I haven’t finished adding to the chart yet. Now I’m thinking of doing a list of all the books we can confirm that Harry has read =). I came across quite a few as I was researching the gifts.

  • Reader2

    Speaking of books, in CoS Harry got a set of books from Lockhart and then gave them to Ginny.
    The fact that Ginny is nowhere on the chart is strange as it is.

  • Pumpkin Pasty

    Great list. I’ve tried doing this in the past and emailing it to the Lexicon, but yours is more comprehensive and satisfying to peruse. Many thanks.

  • Pteris Vittata

    Let’s not forget Ginny’s gift of a Singing Valentine, what gift is greater than Love? Or have I launched into the world of microscopic nitpicking? heh…

  • Oh, and didn’t someone give Harry his own Wizard Chess set?

  • Lisa

    Senor Poncho, Great memory, but Seamus lent Harry his chess set so it wasn’t a gift.

    I will think about your Dobby suggestion; there are so many intangible things that Harry has given that I may need to keep the list restricted to physical objects.

  • Lisa

    My apologies to Senor Poncho! Harry received a Wizard chess set in his Christmas dinner crackers his first year at Hogwarts. I have added it to the chart.

  • Didn’t Harry and Ron give Crabbe and Goyle the cakes with the sleeping potion?

  • moony

    Love, advise, friendship, … information (Dobby e.g. about room of requirement or gillyweet), … are as important as presents or chocolate. But the list would be too long if you include this. Perhaps you can include “imaterial items” and give three examples of this, followed by … ?

  • moony

    Concerning the list, you also can link to “Harry’s things”, an essay by morag Traynor.

  • Siri

    The picture above the chart, of Lupin keeping Harry from going after Sirius, seems to have disappeared lately ā€“ at least Iā€™m only getting the frame.

  • Chumlor the Mighty

    In my fan fiction novelette “Harry Potter and the Amphibious Grindylow,” I mention that Hermione gives Harry a Silver Sickle and Ron gives him an Underwater Compass that always points to Atlantis. Harry does lose the Sickle, but I’m hoping the compass will appear in my next fan fiction story.

  • Okay you don’t like the immaterial things, but how about, to Lucius Malfoy (sorry if I got the spelling wrong): One sock with destroyed dairy of Tom Riddle, which Lucius inadvertently gave to Dobby freeing him. If you put that you might as well add the Dumbledore let gave (let him have it) to him.