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Happy Birthday Percy!


Percy's birthday cardThe Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s website: jkrowling.com has been updated with another birthday. This marks the third year in a row that she has wished Percy Weasley a happy day… hmmmm……


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  • Derek Robertson

    Three years in a row eh?
    Is Rowling showing us he survives and proves himself a brave Gryffindor in the last book? Or is she feeling a bit guilty about what she has in store for snobbish Percy?

    Hmmm indeed.

  • Sandra

    Maybe she only has to enter the characters birthday once to make it appear each year automatically? (Just a thought…)

  • Yes, Sandra, that’s exactly how it works. It automatically updates at midnight GMT.

  • big_kelpie

    The sorting hay may not lie. But he sorts students when they r 11. People change a lot in adolescence. Percy valued courage a lot at 11, now he is like 20/21. He is more ambitous now, he would be sorted as a slythrin now.
    SO i dont think the s. hat never lieing means there is hop e for the third weasley boy.

  • Reader2

    After all this time, I still hear people saying that Percy belongs in Slytherin.

    It looks like some readers were not paying attention when Dumbledor said that Slytherin values “certain disregard for the rules”, as is a Slytherin should be prepared to break the rules when it’s needed to satisfy his ambitions.

    No matter how much you hate Percy, you are still gonna have to admit that the guy is a walking rule book.

    We’ve seen Percy behave unethickly, but can you really picture him do somehting illegal?

    A Gryffindore is guaranteed to have a code of honor, but who says that his code of honor has to be anything like yours, or mine, or Harry Potters?

    Percy’s code of honor is the rule book.

    I have no idea weather Percy is good or bad, but I have no doubt that he is 100% Griffydor.

  • Sandra

    Yes, reader 2, and Percy showed some kind of bravery when he walked out on his family, because he did what he thought was right…

  • Camillus

    I am sure that Percy feels rightly ashamed of what he has said and done, and is not on speaking terms with his family because Fred, George, and Ginny won’t let him forget his mistakes, and perhaps because of his pride.

  • journeymom

    I vaguely remember that Draco got a ‘happy birthday’ as well. But does anybody remember if Lord Voldemort (December 31st?) got one? I don’t know how much stock I put into the JKR web site calendar for predicting who will live or who will turn out to be on the side of the good guys.

  • journeymom

    Sorting Hat never lies: I’m sure it doesn’t, but please see Peter Pettigrew as an example of how that can be interpreted in different ways.

  • kamion

    oopps…. I wrote
    “Percy is a bad person”…..
    I ment
    “is NOT a bad person”

    but still not one I would share an office with.

  • Sandra

    So we all agree that “gryffindor” doesn’t equal “good person”? (That would be a bit too simplistic…)

  • Moony

    It’s a pitty Rowling don’t add more birthday announcings or something else as in memoriams. In this way, she can give us more random information about the characters.

  • Michiel P

    @journeymom: Nope. No “Happy Birthday Lord Voldemort”. Would love to see that one on Jo’s website, though. Just because of the silliness of it. But maybe it would turn out as “Happy Birthday Tom Riddle”, which is just bland.

  • Kitsune-chan

    Percy (and by extension Peter*) is not evil, he’s human. His need to be better then the way he started drives his ambition: He dosen’t want to be known as that poor guy with daffy parents and embarassing (younger) siblings anymore. In a way he’s kinda like the arms dealer in “Lord of War” – Percy himself isn’t classically evil, but his decisions allign him with evil (or at least the worng sort of people in the eyes of Harry/the reader).

    *Percy, unlike Peter, is brave in the fact that made his split from his family “public”; he didn’t go behind everyone’s back and pretend to still be on good terms with them in order to spy on them.

  • Lav Lav

    i wonder: if you plotted out everone’s in the world by how they lived their life, would they all fit in one specific house? I mean, hufflepuffs are technically the “good people”, raveclaw the “smart ones”, Slytherin the “selfish ones” and gryffindor the “brave ones”. you can’t be both good and selfish, but you can be brave and smart. you can also be smart and good, brave and good…it goes on and on. personally, i think that the sorting hat goes by you, not your future.

  • Lav Lav

    poor percy, though! i mean, he has ambition, and he feels like people have to like him. If he didn’t care so much he would be okay.