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Fred and George’s page gets an engorgement charm


Next to Snape and Dumbledore, I probably get the most mail about Fred and George’s page. Not for suggestions or errors, but because the whole page badly needed to be updated and reorganized. Well, I am almost finished with it (I’m still fact-checking stuff from books 5 & 6), so I thought I would post the link so our readers can see what I’ve been working on. I have also added new artwork by Makani, as well as a film still of the Phelps twins.


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  • Reader2

    Love the new page.

    It’s very tackfull of you the sensor the “U-NO-P…” sign.

    Here is something I’ve been sitting on for a while:
    If the Prewet brothers are Molly’s brothers, you might want to enter them as uncles to all of her children.

    I know, so many relatives – it’s impossible to keep track of them.

  • Reader2

    Oh, and Molly’s cousin – the accountant is also and uncle.

    See, I can’t keep track of them either.

  • Lisa

    Heh. That wasn’t tactfulness at all. Just my web editor randomly inserting the date the page was edited. This has been happening on and off on my Lexicon pages and I haven’t found the pattern yet. And thanks for the family members!

  • and mustn’t forget Auntie Muriel, but I’m sure that you’ll get to it, as you finish HBP 😉
    Nice work Lisa!

  • Derek Robertson

    We mustn’t forget those punching telescopes!

  • Reader2

    Another bit about aunts and uncles, a question actually:
    Arthur’s page says that he has two brothers, would Bilius be one of those?

  • Julie Stevenson

    Great work so far! I’ve always found it interesting that Fred & George share first initials with their late uncles, Gideon & Fabian Prewett. The “all guns blazing” manner in which G&F Prewett met their deaths (fighting a host of Death Eaters) does not seem unlike something that Fred & George might do. I wonder if the reason that Molly rides them so hard is because she fears that they’re too much like her brothers, and see what happened to them?

  • I didnt know where I can post it. But i was reading the chapter guide for chapter 21 in HBP. There is a point about the Marauder’s not knowing where the room of requirement was because it wasnt on the marauder’s map. This is simply because the room of requirement is unplottable.

  • Marco

    Lucretia Prewett nee Black and Ignatius Prewett may be uncle and aunt of Molly Weasley and so Great-uncle and Great-aunt pf the Weasley-kids

  • Reader2

    Since we are on “may be”, Cedrella Black-Weasley and Septimus Weasley might be Arthur’s parents, therefore, the grandparents of Weasley kids. Septimus might even be the original owner of the chess set that Ron inherited.

    What I find more interesting, though, is that the name “Septimus” means 7, so Mr. 7 is related to the 7 siblings.

    How do you like that?

  • oz

    Neat page. You may want to add a not on twins shutting up montague in the vanishing cabinet. A darker side to the twins normally delightful antics. He almost died. JKR keeps touching upon Montague and the cabinet through the latter half of OOTP.

  • I don’t see any of the shield items or the decoy detonators

  • (On the list of items)

  • prongs

    it’s not exactly to the topic of this post but… :
    I’ve found out the name meaning of the Goblin’s language, I think. Goblins are officials at Gringots, and the way officials talk is called gobbledygook. Most “suprisingly”, the Goblin’s language is called Gobbledegook.
    by the way, I’m from the Hebrew translation team.

  • Sandra

    (Adding a thought to the remarks by Oz) I think Jo keeps on touching upon Montague and the cabinet because it’s very important in book 6! She must have planned the Death Eaters coming into the school quite early on, because we already see it right in the beginning of book 2 (well, it’s twin in Borgin and Burkes).

  • Alexandra

    Gred and Forge have always deserved a bludger-ish engorment charm!

  • Lisa

    I have now added everything I can find from books 5&6, so I think the page is done! I will be posting soon about all the changes I’ve made to other Weasley pages. thanks to everyone who helped!

  • Reader2

    The site looks even cooler than before.

    My appologies, but I have to annoy you just a little more.

    I see your logic regarding Ignatius and Lucretia Prewett, but the problem is that the Black Family Tree shows that they had no children.

  • Lisa

    Reader2, yup. you’re right. My Lexicon colleague John also wrote with more strong evidence refuting it: “I don’t think Ignatius and Lucretia could have been Molly’s parents. If
    Ignatius was Molly’s father, Molly and Sirius would simply be first cousins,
    and he would have no reason to refer to her as a “cousin by marriage.”
    think Ignatius must have a brother or sister that is Molly’s parent; this
    way Sirius and Molly would become second cousins, of sorts, when the
    marriage took place (both would be a cousin to Ignatius and Lucretia’s
    children). It’s not perfect, but nothing will be since there really isn’t
    any such thing as a cousin by marriage. ”
    Good thinking, John! I’ll be revising that bit ASAP.

  • Reader2

    There is a way to narrow it down a bit.

    The same last name suggests relation through a male relative.

    Ignatius had to have a brother who was the father of Molly, Gideon and Fabian.

    This would make Molly and Sirous “cousins by marriage”, that is they became cousins when Ingatius and Lucricia got married.

    I’d say that fits perfectly.

    There can be other theories, but this one is the least complicated.

  • Lisa

    I think I will leave a bit more “wiggle” room.

    Here’s what I came up with as a statement: Molly and Sirius are “cousins by marriage,” (OP6) so her parents are probably closely related to the Prewetts on the Black Family Tree.

    Then my notes explain further.

    I’ve worked on my own family genealogy for years, and have spent 2 days just on untangling the Weasleys. It isn’t easy!