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Star gazing on JKR.com


With the many references to stars and constellations throughout the books (especially with the Black family), I wondered about the stars that appear in the window on Jo’s site. So I asked an expert! Check out the page on Day/Night changes in the Guide to JKR.com for a bit of speculation.


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  • You guys are doing a great job since the What’s New page has changed. It’s wonderful to see what you update every time and how deep you’re diving into the Harry Potter Universe. Just this page about Day/Night changes in JKR’s site is amazing. If I think I’ll have to translate all of this into italian.. brrr..

  • daveindetroit

    I luv the speculation and little hidden details that after all this time, still remain to be discovered.

    Either that or we are going Way overboard.

  • Moony

    Perhaps, you can consult an ornithologist, but I’m almost sure about the birdsounds I heard on Jo’s website. During day-time, you can hear a blackbird singing, during the night you can hear a tawney owl hooting.

  • Moony

    When you can open the faq-page in flash, you can hear an eagle owl or great horned owl hooting. The wing-flapping sounds aren’t these of an owl, because they would be so silent that you can’t hear them. Eagle owls aren’t common in the uk, but rare.

  • Maureen from Aus

    Of course you realise that the group of 4 stars in the diamond shape is the Southern Cross right? We Aussies love that star group so much, we even put it on our flag.

  • Rachie

    Ha I never noticed the star thing before. I wondered if they had some significance. Cool thing to know. Those jokers at Lightmaker ^__^

  • Rebecca

    Never knew that the shaking of the penncil can was Peeves passing by.

  • Abby

    This site has helped out soooo much with the extras that I never would have gotten otherwise. Thanks!

  • John

    I’m not sure whether anyone else besides me has noticed that the candel in the Room of Requirement is burning the same way it has since June, this might be an allusion of a bright future to come, or just something she decided to do after she finished book 7, who knows?