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The Lexicon is more complete than ever!


It’s funny that I haven’t posted here in a while, because I’ve probably worked harder on the Lexicon in the last two weeks than ever before. You’ll hear more about that in the near future, but tonight I’m taking a break as Clint does some serious programming over in our latest project.

Instead, I finally attacked what’s been a growing list of additions to the Gazetteer:

  • I added Cromer and Gorsemoor, two locations from the famous wizard cards that – I’m a little embarassed to admit – I just plain missed when I first wrote the section;
  • I added Nettlebed and Oxfordshire that I only recently realized were mentioned in ‘Toots, Shoots ‘n’ Roots’ on Jo’s website a little while back; and
  • I added a ton of places (eleven new entries) that Bel pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago, from the FAQ section of Jo’s site. If you open the different sections there, you’ll see letters from children in Crawford, Brookshire; Millburn, Dorset; Lowercroft, Scotland; and Little Whinging, Surrey (just down the street from Mrs. Figg!).

So now, as far as I know, the Gazetteer is complete. If you find any locations mentioned in the books that aren’t here, please let me know. Not to mention if you have more information to add, of course. 🙂 Enjoy!

Edit: sorry about the weird characters if you’re getting the feeds… I’m still getting used to this new setup.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • thanks for all of the new places, they’ll be really helpful when I’m reading.

  • big_kelpie

    I have a complaint about the gazeteer. Im from Argentina so when i saw the link to my country, i obviously was intriged about when we were mentioned. But I found a rather mean comment: Argentina is the second largest country in South America and boasts a little bit of everything, from mountains to coastline. and then of course the reference to hp and a nice picture of the iguazu falls. I know u consider us extremely proud but it isnt the place to write it(if we were mentioned in the books as boasting about everything i would be the first one to want it to be included). I didnt see any comment of the sort in any other country. im not asking for an apoligize but i would be glad if u could erase that.

  • big_kelpie, please don’t feel badly about the use of the word boasts! Perhaps you are mistaking its other meaning, to brag. When boasts is used as a verb for a place, it doesn’t mean that the people of that place brag about it! It means simply that the place HAS these features. Here is a link to Dictionary.com with a definition of the word and its uses.

    See definition 2 and 3?

    I’ll leave it to John if he wishes to change the word, but please be reassured that no insult is intended!

  • big_kelpie

    oki didnt feel insulted but i know of people who visit theis site on a daily basis who would be insulted by much less than that. I just thought i should ask and yes i was mistaking it with bragging. Sorry.

  • 🙂 Well, this is the good thing about our comments. We get to hear from visitors on how they see and read our site. We are glad to hear when something doesn’t seem right, and have the chance to explain and fix it. Thanks for telling us!

  • I changed the word – sorry about the confusion! I assure you I meant nothing but the best – I wrote that with a friend in mind who had spent a year in Argentina and was impressed by its beautiful, varied landscapes. Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

  • big_kelpie

    Ok thank for changing the word, features is good word also.
    I checked the spanish version of the site to see how they have translated it(but thet havent even traslated it)and i noticed that there the 4 movie inveted lumos versions r considered canon. when u mke such a good pint here about why trhey cannot be canon:This spell is not to be considered canon because it does not fit in with the established “rules” of magic in the books. For one thing, Devil’s Snare in the books shrinks from fire, not sunlight. For another, there is clearly no light spell of this intensity available in the Harry Potter universe. If there were, Dumbledore would certainly have used it instead of the feeble Lumos spell to search the Forbidden Forest for Krum and Barty Crouch senior (GF28). Also, Lupin would likely have used some more powerful light spell to illuminate the compartment on the train when the Dementors had extinguished all the lights. Instead, the best he could manage was a handful of dim blue flames (PA5).
    I dont know if u have any input in the translation but i thought u should know considering the importance u place on wat is and wat is not canon.

  • Gazetteer’s great… but to be picky: ABERGAVENNY (where Madam Marsh got off the Knight Bus) is not a city, it’s a market town. the site of the Roman fort of Gobanium, and a Norman Castle with a bit of gory history, back in 12th century all the local Celtic chieftans were invited to dine and slaughtered by the Norman lord of the manor!

  • Thanks for the correction and addition, Catulina! I wrote the entries for dozens of British towns and I’m only familiar with a handful, so it’s always nice to get a little bit more context for an entry. Though I didn’t add the gory story – it doesn’t really fit with the tone of the Gazetteer – it’s still fun to hear. 🙂

  • Karen

    Just a few comments about your British Geography!! You have said that Cromer is almost straight east of London. That’s incorrect, I’m afraid. The region of East Anglia is the large rounded ‘bump’ that sticks out on the eastern side of England. Cromer is on the north coast of that ‘bump’ and London is inland from the south eastern end of it, so Cromer is actually north east of London.

    Also regarding the explaination of the UK and Great Britain, this is more accurate: Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles and comprises of England, Scotland and Wales. The next biggest island comprises of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The official name you were referring to is acutally The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!