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WotM is more new canon


The Wizard of the Month on JKRowling.com is once again a new canon character. Lisa has added Hambledon Quince to the Lexicon wizards pages, and I’ve updated the Guide to JKR.com.
Now what to do with the new mention of the planet Mars? Perhaps we’ll compile all the astronomy, planet, stars and constellations references?


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  • chickwhoscored

    I think that would be a wonderful addition. I am surpried that I have not found one yet, but the Lexicon is so large, I might not have anyways. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Do you mean we haven’t done that already? (faints)

  • kamion

    you waited with planets till the right moment. Pluto has just been officially scratched form the list of real planets

  • Dahlia

    Pluto is no longer a planet… and apparently JKR is a seer who foresaw that this would happen!

    In OOTP, Luna blew up Pluto to save Ginny from a Death Eater.

    So Pluto is no longer in the Planet Room, and now astronomers say it is no longer a planet!

    Who can doubt the powers of JKR!

  • Absolutely Dahlia! That’s my favorite. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and part of the reason I’m motivated to compile the astronomical references. I love when the Wizarding World and Muggle universe collide. teehee
    Oh, and speaking of Luna, must include the moon references too. *toddles off to work*

  • Scott Bain

    Good idea about adding a page for all of the astronomy references. We know all Hogwarts students have to take astronomy, but we really haven’t been told the correlation between it and actual magic, besides its uses in divination.

  • Bandersnatch


    I have a whole bunch of astronomy refs compiled for the first five books. Contact me if you want ’em.

  • Bandersnatch!
    My favorite astronomy expert! Of course I want them. *does happy dance*
    Stay tuned folks, we’ll get this posted for you as soon as we can.

  • journeymom

    I kinda thought it was supposed to sound like “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John What’s-His-Name.

  • That’s what I thought too, Journeymom. ^.^ I’m glad someone else caught the reference and I’m not crazy. Hehe. Wait…Pluto’s no longer a planet? What is it, then? What’s Charon going to be if it can’t be a moon of Pluto? Are they considered two of Neptune’s moons now? Asteroids? Or what?


  • Reader2

    Kaylee, they will both be asteroids.

    They would need to be actually circling Neptune to be considered Neptune’s moons.

  • Oh…That makes sense. I just remember reading somewhere, at some point, about scientists thinking that the two were ‘escaped’ moons of Neptune…or something. My question: How does a moon ‘escape’? But that’s probably getting off topic…

    Haha Dahlia…yes, who doubts the power of JKR now? *grins*