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Our Newest Resource…and it’s about time!


Snapshot of TimelineWe here at the Lexicon are delighted to announce the new and amazingly improved Timeline of the Wizarding World. For quite a few months now we’ve been working on this incredible resource, which combines the detailed and carefully researched information from the original timeline with a powerful search tool called the Timeturner. This tool will allow you to create a timeline of exactly what you want, whether of a particular character, of a category such as Quidditch or Magical Creatures, or even of a concept such as heroism. You can find a few of our favorite searches, information about using the Timeline, where our dates come from, and more on the Timelines and Calendars page.

This Timeline is a terrific new part of the Lexicon and something of a preview of other new and exciting projects we’re working on. So here it is, our newest innovation…we can’t wait to see what you think of it!


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