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New artwork by Makani


Makani made my day today. It was an OK day. Pulled weeds, went to work, grocery shopped and came home, but something made me check my subscriptions to “friend’s” Livejournals and Harry Potter fanartist Makani (Heather Campbell) had posted no fewer than 5 new Potter drawings (3 canon and 2 gloriously noncanon) and a portfolio she drew while at the zoo.

Why is creativity like this as good as a Cheering Charm? One of the reasons I enjoy Harry Potter fandom so much is because it seems to compel people to write, draw, sing, film, in response. And they share it so generously. Me? I make lists =). Artists rock.

New artwork: Moody (created for TLC’s widget project) … Snoopy Snape … Ginny and Molly (definitely non-canon)
Link to Makani’s homepage and portfolio

Here’s the freaky thing. It is a year ago to the day that Heather agreed to let the Lexicon publish her work! Happy anniversary, my dear!

Edit: I just wanted to say that I posted this (my time zone) on 9/10, but the server’s time was 9/11 already. I’m sorry if my happy anniversary wish to Makani seems in poor taste, but the server timestamp was unexpected.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Cool fanart!

  • Reader2

    Nice pictures.
    Can anyone tell me which eye is Moody missing, seeinf this cool, new picture of Moody right next to the still from the movie, had reminded me of the lack of this information.

  • Camillus

    Hot drawing of Ginny!

  • krystal

    I have been a fan of Makani’s art for a very long time and I love her drawings of Snape and all the rest of her drawings!!

  • Alma Wands

    I love “Hermione’s Bogart” art. It’s really cool and realistic.

  • Ligress

    Is anyone else having troble seeing the other drawings? I looked at Mikani’s site, but can’t find the otehr drawing. Just for the record, what are the other drawings called?

  • Ligress- actually I just haven’t put those pictures Lisa’s mentioned up yet xD. I’m slow, sorry! Anyway thanks um.. commenters!! xD

  • Pat Pat

    Reader2, good point. The only evidence we seem to have regarding which eye of Moody’s is magical is the movie where it is the left. My guess would be that JKR approved of the script and, therefore, approved of the eye being his left. But, I can find nothing in the books to verify this.

  • Reader2

    Before you question the accuracy of Makani’s drawings, you might want to hear about another peace of evidence, the book cover art, in the American version Moody is missing the right eye.

  • Cricket

    What a refreshing thing to hear about new Potter art! And I have always enjoyed your website/blog. Don’t worry about the time difference.

  • Walter Ponce

    Wow, Snape is dead-on…no pun intended! Exactly what that greasy, angry, bitter, hook-nosed potion master looks like in my mind!

  • Cricket

    I loved the whimsy and the humor. The one with Narcissa Malfoy drinking milk out of the carton was priceless! The characters were just as I pictured them.

  • Lav Lav

    dude makini rox my sox yo. i have gone to her site, like, everyday just to see if she has updated it. sofar no luck…oh well. she still rox!