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Wheee! It’s wonderful to hear from her! Thanks Jo!

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Pensieve (Comments)

  • del

    The fact that JKR hasn’t decided on a title yet, even tyough she knows the plot outline makes me think it’s going to be another unguessable Half-Blood Prince effort. Which means it’ll make no sense until you’ve read the book!

  • Lisa

    Dumbledore and the invisiblity cloak. Hmmm. Is this the key to how Dumbledore knew the Potters were being attacked? this raises all kinds of questions.

  • Pat Pat

    I’m so glad that we have heard again from JKR. Now, of course, we all must speculate about the Dumbledore, invisibility cloak question. There are three reasons, to me, that readily come to mind, as to why Dumbledore would have the cloak:

    1) He was given it by James to cover someone (Harry, maybe?) or something else that CAN’T become invisible.

    2) James gave it to him intending him to pass it on to Harry. But this implies that James KNEW he and Lily would die and Harry would survive which doesn’t seem likely.

    3) The invisibility cloak is more than just an invisibility cloak. Perhaps there are more properties to it than we know about. What, I have no idea.

  • extraordin

    I have thought of this before, wasn’t sure on the answer thou. At first i thought of different things like it was confunscated, or left by mistake during school, but then why wouldn’t it of been returned. Then there is also the thing about the Order useing invisibilty cloaks. Maybe James let the order use it, since he was in hiding, but that isn’t that big of a deal. And would raise more questions like why would the order need it? I like the idea of the previous post of having more properties. These are supposed to be REALLY rare according to Ron. Not sure, and srry if this is a rambal of letters.

  • Jumper

    It makes perfect sense to me for James to give the cloak to Dumbledore. I mean if invisibility themselves are rare; the magic to make them must be even rarer. As would the ability to turn invisible on you own, or else why would you need the cloak.

    I think that James gave the cloak the Dumbledore to keep that power from big V. Both so he couldn’t use the cloak for evil or study it and find it’s secrets and become and teach death eaters to become invisible even without it.

    I also think the reason big V wanted James on his side was because of the cloak or more importantly because he made the cloak. Maybe its a family trade or something. That would also explain the inheritance.

  • Huntington

    It makes no sense to say that James gave it to DD. Why? It only makes sense that James would have kept the cloak for protection for him and his family. . . the fact that DD had it, to me, means DD got it AFTER James had died.. . .

    As for what this proves. . . .I tend to think DD was there when Voldemort attempted to kill Harry. He may not have been there when James and Lily were killed, but I think DD’s arrival caused Voldemort to make a hasty (and nearly a fatal) attempt to kill Harry.

    Yea, I think DD was the first one on the scene.

  • Reader2

    HUntington, that’s an interesting theory, but in that case why was it Hagrid and not Dumbledore who rescued Harry from the burning house?

  • Walter Ponce

    First off, Dumbledore says that James left in his posession BEFORE he died. Dumbledore knew of the prophesy. James and Lily went into hiding with their newborn son, Harry. Dumbledore told James and lily of the prophesy and his confidence it was genuine. James and Lily did nothing to fight Voldemort when he came so that their son would grow to be “The Boy Who Lived”. The ONE who, one day, would defeat Voldemort. (Shudder)

    In other words, James and Lily knew, because of Dumbledore, that it was a suicide mission so-to-speak. James gave Dumbledore the invisibility cloak to give to Harry KNOWING FULL WELL that he wouldn’t be alive to give it to him himself!

    Tada! I have cracked it. It’s just the sort of twist that JKR would write. Full of strange confidences and even stranger motivations!!!

  • Skrewt

    What if
    – James gives it to DD
    – DD, alerted of the imminent danger, gives it to someone to run to help
    -why not DD himself? Remember Fidelius – only someone who knows the place (directly from Peter or from a note written by Peter) can go. Now possibly the Potters asked Peter to divulge the place to selected few – Sirius, Hagrid, Lupin, DD – and he did it, just omitting DD (the only one really dangerous to have around).
    – Sirius on that night is away chasing Peter, Hagrid too big for the Cloak, Lupin… is it full moon?
    – this is far-fetched but the only way to make that a crucial matter: Snape is the spy (already) and DD’s envoy too. Has to witness Lily’s death. Reports to DD leaving the cloak he knows well (PoA), DD now sends Hagrid in rescue, Sirius comes by following Peter-rat who came to look and finds LV’s wand and sneaks away again…

  • Pat Pat

    Huntington,as Walter Ponce states, Dumbledore’s note clearly indicates that James LEFT the cloak in his possession BEFORE he died. Now it’s possible that Dumbledore said that to avoid having to tell Harry the truth about what happened but I doubt it. We know that Dumbledore has kept certain information from Harry before, but he has NEVER, to my knowledge, told him an outright lie. This would seem VERY out of character.

    I tend to lean toward the theory that James gave it to Dumbledore intending him to pass it on to Harry. It’s quite possible that James and Lily knew of the prophecy since Dumbledore knew of the prophecy. The only question is how did Dumbledore know that it would be Harry and not Neville that Voldy would go after. He states clearly that his spy, Snape, had no way of knowing which boy Voldemort would go after.

  • karlii

    The last time she (Jo) said there was a question no one asked, but should have, it was about Horcruxes. We all now know how crucial of a clue THAT was.

    Therefore, I think this ‘clue’ should be viewed as probably just as crucial to the overall plot.

    The Order did/does have the use of another invisibility cloak. It isn’t hugely unlikely that James donated/lent it to the Order for use. People donate things to causes all the time, so it isn’t farfetched.

    In any case, Jo seems to make it MORE than that though. She makes it seem more significant to the overall plot. What specific reason was it lent? Maybe we should ask who specifically has used it while the Order had it?

    I would think it was Snape, but then again, many people used the other one in OotP. Sorry for rambling..

  • roonwit

    A side thought for the Lexicon, Is the question that Jo asks herself canon? I ask this because if we take it that Dumbledore had James’ invisibility cloak at the time of James’ death, that rather limits the possible explanations.
    I am inclined to the view that when Dumbledore discussed the Potters using the fidelius charm and offered to be their secret keeper, he asked to borrow the cloak from James for some agreed purpose. I don’t think James was expecting to die, so I don’t think it was left with Dumbledore for safe keeping (which would hardly be “important”), so Dumbledore would have wanted the cloak to conceal something or someone, and probably wanted to do so very secretly, which is why he didn’t borrow a cloak from another Order member (remember Moody has two).

  • kpsh

    Snape was in Godric’s Hollow the night Harry’s parents died. He went to warn them. I always thought Snape must have been there but wondered how he escaped Voldemort’s detection. James’ cape?

  • Lindsay

    In reference to Pat Pat, maybe Dumbledore WANTED Harry to be the boy to which the prophecy referred, not Neville, so he told Lily and James about it. Then in turn they did nothing, ensuring that it would be Harry and not Neville.

  • del

    kpsh, I don’t think it has been established that Snape was antwhere near Godrics Hollow the night of the Potters deaths.

    I think JKR is hinting that Dumbledore asked for the James’s cloak for a specific purpose, If Dumbledore doesn’t need one it could only be for somebody else?

    RAB anyone?

  • Pat Pat

    OK, the only problem I have with the theory that James and Lily deliberately did nothing to ensure that Harry would be the Boy Who Lived is that this implies that everyone knew Harry would SURVIVE the attack. In all the references to why Harry lived, everyone, including Dumbledore, has seemed to be surprised by it. Dumbledore understood why it happened but he certainly didn’t seem to have predicted it. In fact when McGonagal asks how Harry survived in PS1, Dumbledore responds, “We can only guess. We may never know.” This certainly doesn’t sound like the words of someone who was completely unsurprised by the events.

    Also, I have a hard time believing James lent the cloak to Dumbledore to give to SNAPE. It just doesn’t seem like James would have trusted Snape even on Dumbledore’s word. They had been at war with each other for too long.

    Perhaps it was given for use by others in the Order, but it would have to be someone pretty significant since JKR states that this question is CRUCIAL.

  • karlii

    Maybe we are looking at this from the wrong angle. Perhaps it isn’t WHO used it.. but WHAT did it cover? Something like the Mirror of Erised?

    Who used it or was it used for?
    What might it have covered?
    When was it used by the Order?
    When did James give it to him?
    Where was the hidden person/thing?
    Why did they need to be invisible?
    How was it used?

    Obviously, Snape isn’t the only spy for the Order. Other than the Horcruxes… what other line of inquiry was Dumbledore perhaps looking at.

    He thought as early as Bk1, that Voldemort was going to try to come back using the Philosopher’s Stone. And Albus was on the right track with that. What other things might he have been thinking that Voldie would try to do to get his life back together?

  • Jinx

    Dumbledore used Mrs. Figg as a “spy” to look after Harry. Maybe Dumbledore lent the cloak to someone so they could keep an eye on the Potter’s house. Dumbledore might have devised a way that the “spy” could directly contact Dumbledore, so that was how Dumbledore knew so quickly what happened at the Potters.

  • Hermione Granger.

    I think Albus Dumbledore was the first on the scene when The Dark Lord tried to kill Harry.He may have gotten Harry out of the house afterwise because in the books it says the house fell down.He probably snatched the cloak and covered him until Hagrid arrived. Hagrid then gave it to Dumbledore Who, when he gave it back to Harry, lied because he did not want to give Harry too much information at one year.I may be wrong, but it makes a sliver of sense.

  • Hermione Granger.

    Whoa.If only the person who is keeper in the Fidelius(sp?)Charm can tell where James and Lily and Harry were, how in the Bloody Heck did Hagrid get there?!?

  • Brinn

    re: Fidelius Charm Question

    My guess is that once the Secret Keeper has revealed his/her secret, everyone else who knew suddenly remembers. Granted Hagrid might not have known, but Dumbledore certainly would.

  • Pat Pat


    I still have to disagree with you that Dumbledore would lie to Harry. As I said before, he has kept information from him, but has never lied. Why bother saying anything at all? Or he could have simply said that the cloak was his father’s and he was returning it. He didn’t need to say that James LEFT it in his possession. It makes me think that this statement is the truth.

    Your question regarding Hagrid is a very good one. Even if Dumbledore knew where the Potters were, HE could not have told Hagrid by the rules of the Fidelius charm. Only the secret keeper can reveal this information. No one could tell Harry where Number 12 Grimmauld Place was. He had to be given a note from Dumbledore, the secret keeper. So, it seems that Wormtail had to be the one to tell Hagrid where the Potters were. The question is WHY? Maybe everyone in the Order was informed? Or certain people in the Order were told?

  • Cha Cha Cha

    The cloak was use to hide/cover Neville. He was there as they were torturing his parents under the cloak, invisible. DD thought Neville was “the one” and James gave him the cloak to help hide him. DD told them to go into hiding though, just in case.

    As for Moody’s invis cloaks, he say that he lent them his second best to me that means he has one better and at least one worse. That would mean he has at least three.

  • Alma Wands

    I’m sure that by 1981 Dumbledore knew Tom Riddle’s background story and I’m also sure that he considered Harry Voldemort’s equal. How did Voldemort knew the bood status of the two boys?
    100% Snape told him about the Potters, while a member o the Black family could have told him about the Longbotooms or a Death Eater.

  • Hermione Granger.

    Well, I believe Professor Snape is a good person.He could have killed Professor Flitwick;He didn’t. He only stupified him because Flitwick might have injured him, thinking he was on the bad side.Him dying or being wounded would have been a point for The Dark Lord’s side.So,in that,he did the best he could for his team.You see, as far as I can tell, the Moral of these stories is simple: Choose what is right,Not what is easy.
    Signing off,

  • Hermione Granger.

    If you look on the Black family tree, you will see Prewett, Goyle, Malfoy, Riddle,and………POTTER.
    Ahhh…..yes.Potter.How could his name be on the Black family tree? We know that the Malfoys are about cousins of The Dark Lord, and they were on the tree.The were because they married into the Gaunts if I am correct. A female Gaunt then(Forcibly)Married a Tom Marvolo Riddle and then spawned the hidiou Dark Lord, who made a new name for himself. That can only lead to one conclusion.
    Harry Potter is related to HIM.You-Know-Who.Lord Thingy.Lord Voldemort.The Big V.
    Tom Riddle himself.
    Yet again, signing off,
    Your friend,
    Hermione Granger

  • del

    Hermione Granger.

    When are we told “We know that the Malfoys are about cousins of The Dark Lord”?
    I’ve never read that.

  • Lisa

    Hermione Granger, There’s no canon connecting the Gaunt or Peverell families to the Black family. If this were the case Draco would have been a stronger suspect to be Heir of Slytherin in Book 2. I think he would have boasted about it too.

  • Pat Pat

    Hermione Granger,

    Where does it say the Malfoys were married into the Gaunts? I don’t remember ever seeing that. The only things we know about the gaunts is what we get from HBP, which in reality doesn’t cover very much ground. ONLY their relationship to Voldemort.

    In addition, there was no reason for Snape to think that Flitwick would have hurt him. Flitwick specifically ran to get Snape during the Hogwarts battle to help the Order. NO ONE except for Harry realized Snape was fighting with the Death Eaters.

  • Pat Pat

    Cha Cha Cha,

    Can you tell me where Moody says “second-best invisibility cloak”? I thought the quote was “spare invisibility cloak,” but I can’t remember where the quote is.

  • Ken

    If wormtail had told people like Hagrid and DD where the potters were wouldn’t people have known straight away that Sirius was innocent

  • Pat Pat

    Ken, Excellent point. That brings us back to our original question, how did Hagrid know where the Potters were in order to save Harry? Was the Fidelius charm perhaps broken as soon as the Potters were murdered?

  • Reader2

    Ken and Pat,
    I don’t think Fidelius Charm makes location unkown to anyone but the Keeper, it merely makes it impossible for everyone but the Keeper to reveal the locaton.
    Dumbledore arranged the hiding, so he knew where Potters were before the charm was cast.
    Sirius was the previous Keeper, so he knew the location before he passed the secret to Peter.
    When Peter became the Keeper, both Dumbledore and Sirius did not forget the secret location, but merely became incapable of sharing it with anyone else.
    Hagrid might also have know the secret location before the charm was cast.

  • Cha Cha Cha

    But how then did OoP tell Harry about the their base, also under Fidelius Charm, when DD was the secret keeper?

  • Cha Cha Cha

    Oops never that was a note wasn’t it? Easly could have been from DD. That then bring the thought that PP could have also writen one and had Sirius show it to ever one and make them think he was still the secret keeper.

  • Pat Pat

    Cha Cha Cha,

    The Oop told Harry the location of the base by handing him a note written by Dumbledore, who WAS the secret keeper.

    Hermione, were you responding to the question about the Gaunts and the Malfoys? Because I still don’t see it on the Black Family Tree. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible for the Malfoys OR the Blacks to be related to the Gaunts. If so, that would mean they are both related to Salazar Slytherin and apparently Tom Riddle is the last remaining descendant of Salazar Slytherin (according to Dumbledore). Please, correct me if I’m wrong because if true it could bring up some interesting possibilities.

    Reader2, good point. This could bring up some interesting possibilities as well then. Who else knew where the Potters were before the charm was cast? JKR has hinted that someone else was present at the time of the Potters death.

  • Alma Wands

    Hermione Granger. didn’t you accidentaly read Gaunt instead of Gamp on the Black family tree?

  • karlii

    It seems we have a couple lines of thought going on here.

    #1: How did Hagrid get Harry? Pettigrew had to have revealed it. Jo acutally talks about this on her website. Even if the secret-keeper dies, the secret is not revealed. She is very explicit about this. Personally, I have doubts and suspicions, but the easiest way to deal with it is as my oldest daughter says…. he probably had it written on a piece of paper. Just as Harry read the address to Grimmauld Place. Dumbledore didn’t even have to give it to him personally. That is the most logical, “nice” way Hagrid could have known how to get there.

    The second thing we are discussing is why did Dumbledore have the invisibility cloak? There are too many reasons for us to actually know if we guess correctly. It might be a terrific plot twist.. or something as mundane as the lion-looking guy turning out to be merely Rufus.

    Lots of tantalizing tidbits, but they may be ‘red herrings’.

  • Vivian

    Pat Pat: About the invisibility cloak, where did James get it from if it was so rare? Could this be “something of Griffindors” that Voldemort was looking for, the night he came to see Dumbledore for the DADA post? Did anyone know that the cloak was in Dumbledore’s posession? Could it have “all sorts of powers attributed to it” because of whom it may have belonged to?

  • Vivian: If the cloak was Griffindors, why would Dumbledore tell Harry the only artifact of Grifffindor was the sword? I mean he had it for 10+ year you think he would have found out in that time, even if he didn’t know then.

  • Pat Pat

    Vivian, Senor Poncho brings up a good point. We are told by Dumbledore that the only known artifact of Godric Gryffindor is the sword. So, it’s unlikely, though not impossible, that the cloak was Gryffindor’s. But, I think your question is a very good one. Where did the cloak come from originally? This may be just as crucial a question as why Dumbledore had it after James died. Remember, James comes from a pureblood family that we know very little about. This could be a cloak that has been passed down through many generations, finally ending up with Harry. Often artifacts of this type do have interesting histories and maybe interesting powers.

    Karlii, you are correct that JKR states that if the secret keeper dies the secret dies with him. But, in this instance it was actually the object of the secret that died, not the keeper. Does this make a difference? I don’t know.

  • Reader2

    The Fidelius charm seems to work the same way secrets work in real life (that would be very artistic):

    When a Secret-Keeper dies the secret dies with him, but when the Secret Keeper reveals his secret the secret is out in the open for everyone to learn.

  • whizbang121

    So many good points here, (I’ve filled a couple of pages in a notebook.)

    But it occurs to me that the other thing that Dumbledore had was the Key to the Potters’ vault. Did James send it wrapped in the cloak? If so, what else don’t we know about Harry’s inheritance?

    It also occurs to me that Dumbledore can see through the Invisibilty Cloak. I wonder if it’s significant that he gave it to Harry wrapped as a gift his first Xmas at Hogwarts and shortly before he used it to look into the Mirror of Erised. (Can’t believe that Dumbledore didn’t use a timeturner.)

    On the other hand, did Dumbledore need the cloak to hide Petunia at some time before the Potters were murdered? Just when and where was Petunia when she overhead the awful boy telling Lily about dementors?

  • Pat Pat


    that’s an excellent point about the key to the Potter’s vault. There may be other possessions of the Potters that we don’t yet know about.

    I’m still wondering about Petunia’s quote about that “awful boy.” Are we sure she was referring to James? We know that Petunia and Lily had not seen each other for some time before the Potters were murdered. Could she have been talking about someone else? Like Snape?

  • karlii

    PatPat, if you go to Rowling’s site and find the last answer to the FAQ poll, that is where she specifically discusses the topic of Pettigrew and the secret. She says that the only people who knew where the Potters were, were the ones Peter told. No one else.

    Rowling is a lot of things at once. Obscure, obtuse and misleading. But she is rarely “wrong”. She is also very precise and specific.

    Of course, we mere mortals can only see that in hindsight, but it is never-the-less, the way it is.

    Why did James leave that cloak with Albus before he died? It strikes me that he ought to have wanted to keep it around, in order to hide Lily and Harry under, in case they had to flee or something. For him to have ‘left’ it in Dumbledore’s possession, indicates.. that he may have had to make haste and forgot it. Or perhaps it was part of a plot or plan he had hatched with Albus, in trying to protect the family. Or perhaps something of HUGE import had occured, and he had not retrieved it yet. Or something was soooo important coming up, that James felt it outweighed the possible uses he might have for it.

  • Pat Pat


    You are quite correct. Rowling DOES say that only those who Peter told knew where the Potters were. This brings us back to our original two questions:

    How did Hagrid know where to get Harry after the Potters were killed?

    And, if Hagrid knew the location of the Potters because Peter told him, how come everyone didn’t KNOW right away that Sirius was not the secret keeper and was, therefore, innocent?

    Your thought that it was written on a piece of paper is interesting. But this would indicate that, when both Hagrid and Dumbledore read the paper, they did not know who it was written by. Certainly possible, but it seems rather careless, maybe not for Hagrid (who is often careless though well-intentioned), but certainly for Dumbledore. There is no doubt in my mind that JKR has this completely figured out. I have a feeling there are some crucial pieces of information that we are missing. We have seen all along that she gives us many clues, but witholds even more. It’s pretty unlikely that anyone would have thought of Horcruxes before book six. We simply did not have enough information to make that leap. This may well be one of those situations.

  • Jinx

    The Potters lived in the village of Godrick Hollow. JKR has said or implied that this village was founded by Godrick Gryffindor and Dumbledore is a descendent of Godrick. I don’t think it is too much of a streach to beleive that Dumbledore knew the location of the house where the Potters were staying. But he couldn’t enter the house because he didn’t know the password. Since the house was almost destroyed and Muggles were approaching more then likely the Charm was broken, so it didn’t matter if Hagrid knew the password or not.

    And who did Peter tell the password to? We know he told Voldemort and I think Sirius would have wanted to know, in case he had to get a hold of the Potters in an emergency.

  • Reader2

    Exactly when did JKR say that Dumbledore is a descendant of Godric?
    I must’ve missed that.

  • Jinx

    Oops! I was doing two things at once and didn’t proof read what I wrote. I meant to say if Dumbledore was a decendent of Gryffindore then he might have known where the Potter’s house was.

    I was wondering about the houses James and Lilly grew up in as children. When Lilly’s parents died I would assume that the house was sold and the profits split between her and Petunia. James was an only child so he would have inherited his parent’s house. So was the house that the Potters were staying in when they were killed the same house James grew up in?

  • Reader2

    Here is another question:
    Was there a proof that Godric’s Hollow was founded by Griffindore, or is it just another theory?
    Now to answer your question, the house that Potters were killed in is not likely to be the house James gew up in for two reasons:
    1) When you are hiding from something, your own house is the worst place to hide. (I admit Sirius was hiding in his own house, but he was playing on a paradox, plus the hunt for him was somewhat bogus).
    2) James was supposed to be a heir to a rich family. Rich wizards tend to live in mentions, and a mention typically doesn’t stand in a village.

  • Jinx

    Reader 2,

    Just because someone is wealthy dosen’t mean that they will live in a mansion. Many people don’t want to show off their wealth. Also Prof Flitwick said that once the Fidelius Charm is in place Voldemort could never find them. So it wouldn’t matter where the house was located.

    But let’s put all this aside for now. If the house that James and Lilly were in was not the house that James grew up in, then what happened to that house? If it still exists then Harry should have inherited it. Dumbledore told Harry he inherited the Black House after Sirius’ death, but dosen’t say anything about his grandparents house.

    The reason I brought this up was that if the Potters were living in James’ parents house then that is where Hogwarts would send all the letters (accptance to Hogwarts, booklist, OWL results etc.) so Dumbledore would have known the where the Potters were staying.

  • Reader2

    Fidelius charm makes it impossible to pass the information.
    I still see no reason to believe that the charm made it impossible for someone to discover Potter’s on their own, without asking anyone.
    If the charm worked the way you suggest, Potters wouldn’t need to hide at all. They could just walk around in the open.
    What happened to the Potter home?
    That is a good question. I still doubt that it was at Godrics Hollow. You are right to say that not all rich people choose to live in a mention, and we don’t really know what James’ parents were like, but I must say, Jmes himself does not strike me as a humble type.

  • Anne

    Here’s something to think about. James and Lily were in hiding in Godric’s Hollow. There has been some speculation that James was not the man in the house when Lily was killed, and there are also 24 hours missing in the timeline. Perhaps Dumbledore had the cloak because James used it to visit him, but was killed before he returned home. James’ murder did come out of Voldemort’s wand, but we don’t know when exactly he was killed. Since Voldemort was left without a body when the AK on Harry backfired, I assume the wand was used by someone else on Voldemort’s orders to commit the murder. Who else was in the house at the time? The more I think about it, the more I think it was Pettigrew. As the Potters’ Secret Keeper his presence would raise no eyebrows. We know he wasn’t at his hiding place; Sirius went to check on him and he was “gone without signs of a struggle.” This concerned Sirius who then went to check on The Potters but arrived too late. He (Pettigrew) would also show his loyalty to Voldemort by being present after he sold the Potters up the river. (Kind of like an arsonist—they usually set fires then stick around to watch the action.) I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on my thought!

  • ted

    i am sooo confused!!
    if the potters were hiding in godrics hollow and the house the died in burned down how is godrics hollow still standing?
    and how was james not in the house when lily died?
    james died first trying to protect lily and harry. i do not think that the potter parents would let harry be the “boy who lived” if they had a choice. the only reason harry survived is because lily tried to protect harry.

  • Leah

    HELLO! Jo just gave us a huge clue…She says that James having left the invisibility cloak with dumbledore (even though dumbledore doesn’t need it IS SIGNIFICANT! and she says it is NOT about snape. Also, how have we let the conflicting clues about petunia go? According to JKR she is not a squib, she has never and will never perform magic, and yet, ther is more to her than meets the eye. We also know that “remember my last” was a clue about that Dumbledore has had previous corresponce with her. Put that all together….PETUNIA USED THE CLOAK TO VISIT LILY IN GODRIC’s HOLLOW. If you go backt to the first chapter, you can re-read her reaction to Vernon’s asking about whether she’d heard from her sister differently. She was afraid he had found out that the previous night she’d WITNESSED HER SISTER’S MURDER. That’s how she knew “she had gotten herself blown up” Petunia, then, KNOWS stuff. Stuff that Harry may need in his Quest! Yes or No?

  • James

    How about this for the whole ‘How did Hagrid know?’ Riddle…
    We all know Dumbledore’s a bit of a whizz-kid with spells and the like, perhaps he placed one on the house that would alert certain members of the Order if it’s safety was compromised (E.G. If it were to blow up). Perhaps this alert would supercede the fidelius charm if tripped. Like a magic fire alarm, in effect.
    Just a suggestion.

  • Ok, first of all I’d like to say that I do really like Pat Pat’s opinion about everything. I think your extremely intelligent!
    Alright then, to the question of where James got the invisibility cloak from: james inherited it from his father, JKR says so in an interview. Just like pat pat said,it was passed down from generation to generation.
    Now to the Harry-Neville thing (Lindsay): JKR says on her website that Dumbledore always considered (but never ADMITTED) Harry to be the ‘Chosen One’, to be the only one who’s ABLE to defeat LV; and NOT Neville!!
    well, about that ‘awful boy’: I think it very likely that Lily and Petunia were still living at home when Petunia heard the conversation. Maybe she was even eavesdropping on them, since she’s always been very jealous of her sister. Let’s imagine: James and Lily’ve just finished school, thus they’re about 17 – 18. One day James comes visiting his girlfriend at home. (That’s normal, isn’t it?) But outside it’s very misty, rather like in autumn – a result of LV’s taking over the dementors and their braking out of Azkaban. Of course Lily doesn’t know that because she’s a Muggle-born witch. But James does, because he’s a pureblood wizard. So he tells his girlfriend all about Dementors and Azkaban in order to warn her. That’s not very unlikely, is it? And perhaps that was the very first time Petunia saw her sister’s boyfriend and that’s why she remembers the incident that well.
    Just an idea…comments please.
    Well, Hagrid tells Dumbledore (in PS) that HE had rescued Harry out of the wreckage of the Potters’ cottage. YES, it was a cottage! JKR says so in an interview. This strongly suggests that this was NOT the house James grew up in. And I wouldn’t think so, either. I guess James DID live in a mansion, since he was ‘pampered’ by his parents and considered to be a ‘late treasure’.
    I suppose before James and Lily married they moved together, what is very likely. And some time after their wedding both James’s and Lily’s parents died, so James and Lily sold their parents’ houses. They were a very wealthy couple then, but after Trelawney made the prophecy they had to hide and “live as Muggles”. Thus they moved to Godrics Hollow. (Comments???)
    Hey folks, did you read the interview about JKR saying that Harry’s eyes, which he inherited from his mother (!), will be important for the 7th book?! What d’you think?
    And I have one more question: Where did JKR hints that somebody else was at the Potters’ when they were killed??

  • belgium morning

    i disagree that petunia was visiting her sister using the invisibilty cloak. notice she said, “got herself blown up” not murdered, not killed, blown up. i’m sure the wreckage of a house and two dead bodies would be noted by the muggles, so like they did when Peter killed all those muggles, the ministry covered it up, saying it was something else that could be explained in muggle news. i also think that petunia, as much as she doesn’t like her sister, she does care for her. this is her SISTER, she would know the town or general location where she was, maybe not the exact house but the general location. Harry was able to be taken to Grimmauld Place (the street) but not see the house. so why did James give DD the cloak? DD tells harry the only KNOWN artifact is his sword but DD could speculate that the cloak could be an artifact, and that was why james gave it to DD, to keep it safe. i think that DD would have seen that Voldemort was gathering artifacts of the Founders so asked james for the cloak but he didn’t know at the time what the artifacts were used for. the only one who might have known was slughorn but he wasn’t telling. so thats all, tell me what you think.

  • I don’t think the cloak is something from Gryffindor. I do think the sword is the only artefact from Gryffindor that still exists.
    It seems like everybody here on this page thinks James’s cloak is involved in the Horcrux-thing. But I don’t think so. It’s SO OBVIOUS what the “Gryffindor-Horcrux” is: it’s Harry. I know at first this may sound mad, but I really believe it’s Harry. Just think about it. Let’s sum up:
    The Horcruxes:
    1) still in LV’s body
    2) Slytherin’s locket
    3) Hufflepuff’s cup
    4) “Slytherin’s heir”: Riddle’s diary
    5) the ring
    6) Nagini, LV’s snake
    7) Harry
    Look, you need to kill somebody before parting your soul/making a Horcrux. And Dumbledore HIMSELF said that Voldemort wanted to make the last Horcrux with Harry’s death. Quotation:
    “He had believed in killing you (Harry), he was making himself invincible. I am sure that he was intending to make his final Horcrux with your death.” Dumbledore speaking with Harry
    That also explains why Harry is a Parseltongue and why he can “see into LV’s mind”. What do you think???

    I don’t think Petunia knew that Lily was living in Godric’s Hollow before she died. Only the closest friends knew about it, and I also think only MAGIC people knew about. I don’t think Petunia would have WANTED to know where her sister lived either. And don’t you think LV, the greatest dark wizard of all time, wouldn’t have had a walk-over to question Petunia (a MUGGLE…) about the whereabouts of Lily. And after all, Petunia HATED Lily. She even ABUSED Lily’s son out of jealousy. Not sexually, but psychically and sometimes physically as well (that was Uncle Vernon, but she didn’t care, either…). All in all, it seems very illogical to me that Petunia knew the Potters’ whereabouts. However the weird thing about it is, that when Petunia finds out about Harry only returning to Privet Drive once more she’s “oddly flushed”. And JKR also said that there’s “a little more about Aunt Petunia than meets the eye”. Do you think the conversation about dementors Petunia overheard wasn’t between Lily and James, but Lily and “somebody else”??? Or is this only a red herring of JKR again, because she often does that. This is SOOOO confusing…
    Comments please!

  • To cover a couple of points:

    I have thought this over and agree with kpsh, Snape was there when Voldemort came to kill Harry and his parents. Evidence of what was told in HBP seem to support this theory. On the very least, Snape came to Dumbledore to warn him when he found out Voldemort would be targetting James and his wife. With how much anticipation could Snape warn Dumbledore, really? It was probably a spur of the moment thing; DD already knew Snape had overheard that night and the defenses on the Longbottom’s and Potter’s households should have been in place. And it was when Voldemort expressed (probably when he was on his way, too) he’d kill the Potters that Snape reacted.

    This way everything fits.

    And, I mean, somebody necessarily MUST have been there the night James and Lily died. We have luxury of details of what happened. They just didn’t “find a boy in a burning house” and especulate “This child must have been the demise of Voldemort” – they could have as well just guessed “Voldemort must have missed this child.” No. We are told, as if everybody was ABSOLUTELY sure, that Harry did something to Voldemort and (supposedly) kill him that night.

    – “when the Secret Keeper reveals his secret the secret is out in the open for everyone to learn.”
    –> Impossible. If so when Harry was told via that note with Grimmauld address, the secret should have been “out” and the Fidelius broken. It makes no sense.

    I’m rooting for the possibility Wormtail saw no use to keep the Fidelius now he was Keeper, and broke the spell. Sirius met with Hagrid and left him his motorbyke. There, if the spell was off, he could easily tell him where the Potters were.

    – “where Hogwarts would send all the letters”
    –> Owl magic allows wizards to find others ANYWHERE, even if the wizard has an untrackeable spell.

    As for the very subject, the invisibility cloak: I like the idea of the vault the most. James could have said; “if something happen to me, I want you to keep (insert things here), Dumblefore.” Or otherwise just lend it at the wrongest of times and places.

    As for Harry-Horcrux, I see it, but I also think Harry is an incomplete Horcrux. You need a death to make one and Harry did not die, per see. Somehow that caused the powers to tranfer from Voldemort to Harry, partially. Nagini was probably the 7th Horcrux when Harry’s one failed.

    And I don’t know about Petunia. Quite honestly, being the nasty character she is, the only role in this story I can give her is that she stole or, yes, evesdropped something relevant to the story.

  • Well, I suppose Voldemort used Lily’s death to make Harry the last Horcrux. However, I don’t think LV made Harry DELIBERATELY a Horcrux, I think he did it by mistake, since Lily died for her son. (I think this whole topic quite confusing, to tell you the truth…)
    Featheredhat, so do you think Snape is “evil”?

  • Amadis

    I’m searching in the net something about R.A.B. Now I can say, that R.A.B. is:
    1) Regulus Black – because his grandfather was Arcturus (http://www.hp-lexicon.org/images/blackfamilytrees/official-final-version.gif), so it can be the middle name of Regulus Arcturus Black
    2) not one person, because Dumbledore said, that one person can’t find horcrux, so there can be three people, who found and destroyed medallion.
    3) maybe Dorcas Meadowes, because “Voldemort killed her personally”(OoP). But what does mean initials? Any of them isn’t an initial of Dorcas.

    P.S. Are there many mistakes? English isn’t my national language (:

  • Shanna A

    I noticed your above comment regarding the initials R.A.B…I thought perhaps the beginning of book 6 was a clue as to who the initials belong to. In book 6, Amelia Bones is killed by Voldemort himself (which baffled authorities as she was murdered after locking herself in the room. Is her first name Romilda (sorry about the spelling…it’s been about 7 months since I last read book 6). I thought the significance of pointing out her murder was perhaps a clue that she destroyed the horcrux and that is why Voldemort personally killed her. Just a thought.

  • cl m ob

    when DD was killed by snape could it be that he (DD) took the phoinex as his horcrux and therefor will be back in book seven?

  • No, it can’t since Dumbledore would have had to kill somebody to make a Horcrux and I’m pretty sure Dumbledore wouldn’t kill anyone!

  • By what I have read, it seems to me it was only too convinient for the Potters to be chosen by Lord Voldermort than the Longbottoms- convinient for Snape anyway. He dispised James, and I’m not too sure about how he felt about the Longbottoms, but if LV had asked Snape who he would have wanted to choose, wouldn’t Snape have wanted James to die? My theory is incorrect anyway, because J.K has said on her site that it was all down to fate who LD picked. Still, I’ve had this thought playing on my mind for a while, and seeing as I can’t get my friends or family to read the book, I had no-one to tell!! Thankyou for making this site, it’s probably one of the best HP websites around!

  • Emi-Lin

    Shanna A, I’m sorry but Amelia Bones is called Amelia Susan Bones, cancelling her out as a potential R.A.B. Many heads though seem to be turning towards Regulas (?) Black. I’m not sure though….

  • anonymous

    Dumbledore got the Order of Merlin First Class because he defeated the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945 (in the Harry Potter calender, this is stated in the Sorcerer’s Stone, the chapter called Nicholas Flamel). He might have made his horcrux this way. Or there is another way to come back that we do not know of yet.

    I have also theorized that Harry has a living relative on his fathers side because it would be absurd to think that James was the last of the potter’s

  • Darque Hart

    R.A.B. – There is another name to consider; Burke, of ‘Borgin and Burke’. Belvina Black married a Herburt Burke. Her brother’s name was Arcturus. She and Herburt had two sons. Since it was a Burke who bought the locket from Merope Gaunt in l926, and Tom Riddle started working for B&B in 1945, it makes more sense to me that one of the Burkes possibly went to get the locket back. Depending on when the exchange happened, Regulus may have gone along as the needed underage wizard since LVรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs people killed him at age 18. That could explain the locket ending up in Black’s house and why he was killed.

  • cl m ob

    emi-lin thanks for that. I still think that dumbledore will be back, somehow in the 7th book.

  • Taniac

    i think that you all(well the last say 20 of you lol) have made some really interesting points regarding R.A.B, the murder of James and Lily, Dumbledore’s return and professor snape… if i may impart some of my own ideas..

    i think that like “amadis” mentioned, R.A.B is actually the initials of three seperate people… not that i know who they may be but i think it more likely that there would be more than one person retrieving the horcrux… i mean Dumbledore (arguably the most acomplished wizard ever) took Harry and almost didnt make it back to hogwarts, in one piece.. it seems to me that there would be need for more wizards if their power is indeed inferior to Dumbledore… i know that this causes issues with the trip across the lake but whos to say that they all trecked to the centre of the lake… i think that only one wizard crossed the lake but there was a team there for support and a subsequently a team there dedicated to the destruction of Voldemort…

    As for the murder of James and Lily.. i have been suspicious for a long while of the speed at which Dumbledore recieved news of their demise… It was far too quick even for dumbledore… which to me immediately implicated Snape… i think that Rowling has suprises for us regarding him in the 7th book… and as for snape… he is the character i love to hate… there is so much to hate him for however i find myself pitying him… he seemingly has not known affection and if he has experienced it then i think it was ripped violently from him… a huge sacrifice from him or a tragic death or something in his past?? unsure… however i think that while he has caused so much anguish… there is still pity due.. i think anguish is all he has ever known… love and and affection seems to repel off him!!!

    and finally to Dumbledore… i admit i was in mourning upon completing the final book… a large part of my life had been torn away in an instant… however, although i cannot imagine a Harry Potter book without Dumbledore (as i had felt when sirius died, however that is another comment!!) i do not think it possible for him to return… far too “bold and the beautiful”, also the thing that set him aside from Voldemort (considering they had so much in common in the ‘power’ department) is that he was mortal… he had not yet and i believe would ever stoop to such a low… he always believed that there were far worse things than death, well i think that in saying that he was implying that such things included an existence like Voldemorts… to be barely human!!

    thats all… just like to thank you guys for setting this up… i read the 1st book when i was 12. its been almost 8 years and i havent really been able to talk through my ideas about the book to anyone!!! so thanks heaps and i really enjoy your ideas i think they are all really thought-provoking