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The Puzzle behind the Door


Behind the DoorI’ve created a page of Instructions for working the puzzle behind the Door, including pictures, and updated most of the relevant pages in the Guide to JKR.com with the other additions from today.
We will be working on our commentary of the W.O.M.B.A.T. grade 2, as Steve said, and sharing that with you soon.

I’d like to congratulate Potterish.com on their Fan Site Site Award. Parabéns!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jo!! for giving us muggles this clever and entertaining way of delving deeper into the mysteries of the Wizarding World. This is so much fun!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • del

    Aye, it has been a blast, please keep the updates comming.

  • Carlos

    i got a question. that book with the cover with harry with his wand out and the flashy background: is that the cover for the 7th book? also the tiny letters in the cover, is that the title for the 7th book?

  • Carlos, that is the Bloomsbury (U.K. edition) cover of Half Blood Prince.
    So no, sorry, not the seventh book.

  • Carlos

    my bad, didn’t know that was the uk cover for the half-blood prince. anyways, where do you put that long password or whatever after you do the test, and when?

  • You will have to wait to enter the code, probably a few days. The WOMBAT student ID card is gone from the desk top. I assume that will return when it is time to submit our tests for marking.
    Last time it was over the course of a week, and the marking took 4 days before the results were returned.

  • Carlos

    got it, thanks

  • Robbi

    Can you not take test #2 if you did not take test #1?? Because I’m doing all the steps and it is not letting me take the test…

  • You should be able to take grade 2 even if you didn’t do grade 1! When you say it won’t let, what is it doing?

  • Reader2

    A question to those who took the first test:
    Did the test results come with any explanation?
    If the results of this test come with any explanation, I think they can give us plenty of new information on the Potterverse.

  • Sorry Reader2,
    No answers or explanations from WOMBAT grade 1.
    We certainly would have posted them.

  • Moony

    It’s so apitty that the text-only-version of jkr.’s site doesn’t contain the wombat-test, nor the sounds you can hear if you try to use the flash-version. For blind users (as I am) flash websites are almost inaccessible. The accessible-tools aren’t as helpfull as the screenreader I use while I’m surfing on the web. It’s also apitty, Rowling don’t use rss to mention the updates. Did you find my remarks concerning the owl- and birdsounds I posted after you published the update concerning the star-gazing?

  • maureen from aus

    It is possible to take Test2 even if you haven’t done Test1 – I’ve just done it.

    (I’ve actually done Test1, but I don’t have the code here at my sister’s place, so I took the test on her computer, and when I get home later, I’ll get my code, plug it in the appropriate place and do the test all over again)

  • Parry

    Hi, I’ve followed all the instructions… but the four-leaf clover hadn’t turn to a key (it only sparks!)… Why???

  • Robbi

    The desk drawer is opening, but the test doesn’t pop out or anything… I try to click on the test, but nothing, it just sits there in the drawer… I’ve exited out and done it over 7 times, but still not working…

  • Neville

    Robbi, you have to click on the Timeturner for it to work.

  • Brooke

    I click the eraser on the main desktop and nothing happens. Why won’t it let me in? Any tips or thoughts? I tried cleaning out my cache. TIA!

  • Katie

    Blinda when do you plan on having your commentary up for the test?

  • Katie

    Brooke, do you have a different web browser that you can use? It didn’t work for me right away because of Internet Explorer so I had to use a different one. Its probably because of your cache. Also try exiting and then reopening, because the door didn’t open up for me right away either.

  • Robbi

    Thanks, I didn’t see the time turner (because it doesn’t look like one), it worked for me the final time I tried… Thanks!!

  • Emily

    I too am having the problems with the 4 leaf clover. It only sparks and that’s it. It doesn’t turn into a key. Anyone else having this problem or can offer advice? Thanks.

  • Adam

    Does the horseshoe do anything? It glows when you click it…

  • Adam

    For all that are having a problem with the clover, make sure that you have turned on the light, put the quill in the ink bottle (click on it), and have closed the exam (upper book).

  • You must click on the items in the proper order and nothing else in between.
    We haven’t found that the glowing horseshoe does anything, other than to tell you that you are lucky.

    For those who click on something and nothing happens, be sure that you do not have a pop-up blocker turned on.

    Moony, I did get your comment about the owl sounds, but haven’t been able to substantiate them enough to post it on the Lexicon. I’ve let your comment be enough to get people thinking and noticing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

    Katie, the commentary is coming in due course. (We needed sleep!)

  • Lisa

    FYI: I couldn’t get the key to work in Firefox or Opera so I had to switch to Internet Explorer.

  • roonwit

    If you are having problems with the key, try the accessibility version of the site, where you only have to click it.
    Moony: I did try the last wombat (accessible version) using the very basic screenreader supplied with windows XP; it was just about possible, but I think you would be hard pushed to do it within the time limit, so gave up and went back to the sighted version.

  • Emily

    I tried the accessible version and the clover still just sparked.

  • roonwit

    The clover does just sparkle unless you have done other things in the right order. See the instructions for more details.

  • Mikey

    Have any of you with the 4 leaf clover sparkle problem been able to fix it? I think it might be because I had done other things before I found the right order. But if you did manage to get in, how?

  • Horcrux

    with my computer it worked when i went to jkrowling.tv as opposed to jkrowling.com
    dunno if it will help for you people though.

  • Caio

    Just sat the test =P
    I’d like to ask you guys something: Is there a portuguese version of the Lexicon? ‘Cause I found one, but I didn’t see anything about it here…

  • *Olivia*

    I had the ‘sparkling clover’ problem too. It eventually worked properly when I closed the browser window and tried the ‘accessibility’ version as roonwit suggested above. No idea which of the two actions triggered it off though, but keep trying!

  • Emma

    This was the first WOMBAT test I’d sat for- had no clue about the first one. I guess I should start visiting the site more regularly! It’s a great idea, though. Just leave it to our Brilliant JK to come up with it.

  • Secca

    Anyone know if poor Brooke ever got in? She was over at PottersKeys asking for help as well. We’re rooting for ya Brooke, good luck!

  • Emily

    I took Horcrux’s advice, went to jkrowling.tv, and got everything to work great.

  • pato

    I used Firefox and it worked fine when I did the test?…..Freaky Firefox

  • Krista

    Thank you HP Lexicon, I love this site and your commentary on the WOMBAT 2 was informative and hysterical as usual! Thanks! Long live the Lexicon!

  • Naneferkaptah

    Thank you so much for providing the instructions and alerting us to the opening! I am so happy that this time I managed to get in (last time it simply did not work for me, to my greatest annoyance).
    Hoorray!!! 🙂

  • praj

    Hi, I could not go to the test , can anyone please help me ?

  • I’m very sorry praj, but the door is now closed, so the test is no longer available.
    You can read what the questions were on our WOMBAT2 with commentary page though, if that will help you feel any better.

  • Ginny

    hi! i’ve done the test yesterday and i’m waiting for the results…
    is there anything after the results? other test or something?
    sorry for my bad english..

  • praj

    oh thnx Belinda , can u tell me how 2 register for the test when the door is open ?

  • Praj, you’ll just have to keep watch for the Door to open again, which is likely to be months from now… and then check here for the details. 🙂

  • I’m sorry Ginny!
    We do not know if there will be another test. Right now we are waiting for the results of the WOMBAT test that was behind the Door a few days ago. If you did the test, you can enter your Code that you got at the end of the test by clicking on the WOMBAT card setting on the keyboard on Jo’s desk.
    If you did not do the test, I’m sorry that you must wait to see if Jo gives us another test in the future.
    Did I answer your question?

  • roonwit

    We might find out more when the results come. The results letter from the first WOMBAT revealed that there would be a second exam.

  • lord adirael

    sat the test and thedd results are in. yes there will be a third test.. personally scored exceeds expectations..

    oh.. and it states it will be the final one

    by the by, love the site.. been most helpful and educational to boot

  • Rob

    What’s the bet that the third test will lead to information on Seven?

  • Ginny

    yes, thank you!

  • karlii

    Any speculation… when you clicked on the candle (so you could see) and then clicked on the HBP book, the HBP book flipped open to somewhere in the middle. I wonder what it turned to???

    I figure, the most logical thing would be the portion she read in New York. My favorite ‘fantastic’ thing, is that it was the clue to the whole plot, and gave away the ending of bk7! 🙂

  • Buckbeak

    When did the W.O.M.B.A.T.s end? I just got back from vaca wanting to do and then it was gone.

  • Kenny

    Hi Belinda, I can not get through the door at all, no matter how hard I try. It is killing me, and I really want to get the door thing done very soon. 🙁

  • Kenny

    I am very frustrated at this door thing. It just will not open under any circumstances whatsoever. So I was wondering if I could get help from anyone that will take in my comments with the door. :$

  • Sorry Kenny, the door is closed, and you cannot get through.
    The puzzle was only available for 4 days. But that’s why we have it on the Lexicon, so you can read about it (and the WOMBAT test). Hope our archives help ease your pain.

  • Kenny

    Lol, Thank you, Belinda

  • Kenny

    Do you know if Jo will update her website soon and let us try to open the door and the W.O.M.B.A.T. test?

  • Sorry again, Kenny.
    Nobody knows when she will open the door.

    But the results from WOMBAT grade2 said that there will be a third and final WOMBAT in a few months time.
    Till then, we wait. 🙂

  • Kenny

    Thanks again, Belinda :/

  • If there is a “do not disturb” sign does that mean I cannot get in the door?

  • That’s right Robbie, when the Do Not Disturb sign is on the Door, it cannot be opened.

  • Thibault

    Hi belinda you said that when the “do not disturb” sign is on the door it cannot be opened… but jo said on “rumours” that a clever fan opened it even with the sign on!

  • Hi Thibault!
    Yes, I know that clever fan (no, its not me!) and that happened very early in the website’s development. The person responsible was not trying to be malicious, and was very open about discovering the flaw in the website’s security. Lightmaker quickly fixed the problem so that it can NOT be done again. 🙂

  • Just wanted to say that my son (who did NOT take Wombat 1)was having trouble trying to take the Wombat 2 on a new computer. The old computer let me take the test fine. But his screen showed the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door when the other (older) computer did not. The only way it would let him take the test was to find aLL the extra special contest (or easter eggs) on JKR’s site FIRST, then log off and restart. We tried clearing the cache, and different browsers, but that was the only thing that worked.

  • I thought when we first found this site we were actually able to replay the door openings and try an figure them out for ourselves. We miss that, what happened to them? It was really fun for people who are just finding you.

  • Liz

    The door’s open again! Yay! The seventh book’s title is finally released!
    Yay, I’m just happy that I solved it myself – it’s my first door; I usually keep missing them.

  • Marga

    The do not disturb sign is gone. but i haven’t been able to get the door open. I’ve managed to remove the spiderwebs and make christmas decorations appear but that’s all. I hope I can figure it out soon.

  • Kenny

    As soon as the garland appears when you click on the top of the mirror, you should click on the chimes (second to the right). Then the chime turns into a key and you click and drag the key into the keyhole. The door opens. Click on the present and play hangman to find the new Harry Potter title (book 7)

  • Bre

    I am trying to find the title of the new book. I click on the far door, then the main door, then the the top of the mirror, then the webs. Finally I click on the 2nd chime on the right and try to drag it to the door and nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Bre, you are probably using the Accessibility Enabled version. Try entering the site from one of the Flags indicating a language (British flag for English).
    I’m going to close this Pensieve to comments since we have a new Door opening. Please post any questions or discussion there. 🙂