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Door is open!


Just noticed that the door is open on jkr.com. No time to explore further (Real Life and all that…), but you know we’ll be all over it!

Watch for more…


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Shadow

    I noteced that the W.O.M.B.A.T card is missing from the main desk, i cannot open the door at the moment though even with the do not disturb sign gone…

  • del

    Wombat grade 2 test about to begin for me, 25 mins long!

    Keep trying shadow you’ll get in and figure it out pretty quick.

  • Shadow

    lol yeah im in now great work nice key idea, just opened the draw

  • Steve

    We’ll be doing our WOMBAT commentary in the next day or so. I haven’t had time to even look at it yet, but I’ll be taking it this evening, after work.


  • Shadow

    ok my tests done sory about the confusion with the wombat card i think it was just a flash error

  • Paige

    HELP! I missed the last WOMBAT test and have been looking forward to this one – but I can’t get to the test. Can someone help me?

  • Hey Paige! At your service.
    Click (in this order):
    The oil lamp (it lights)
    The Quill (it goes into the ink pot)
    the open WOMBAT test (it closes)
    The four leaf clover (it turns into a key)
    Drag the key to the desk drawer, directly in the center of the handle (it opens)
    Click the Timeturner
    Good luck!

  • Paige

    Belinda – thanks! Got in and took the test. I’d hit every one of those, but not in the order to get the key. Good luck to you, too.

  • Julie

    I am very intrested in taking the test as well, but maybe I am just completely blind, but I do not see any of the objects listed above on the main page, is there a certan item that I msut click on to get to the correct link? Please let me know!


  • Paige

    You have to click on the eraser from the main page – then on the door handle to open the door. (There’s usually a do not disturb sign on it.)
    Good luck!

  • Desi

    Took the test. I’m sure I failed it miserably, but Hay at least I took it. I missed the first one. YEA

  • Julie

    Ok cool, now I forget where it is that I go to enter my ID code and figure out jsut how well, or not so well I did….what does it mean now that I took that test? Will I get a early copy of book 7, HA i wish!!

  • The WOMBAT Student ID card is not available right now, while the exam is in progress. That’s where you will enter your ID code. I assume it will reappear on the desk top.
    Make sure that you either copy and paste the code or write it down very carefully, because the code is case sensitive and some numbers and letters are easily mistaken (like the number 1 for a lower case L and capital O or zero).

  • Julie

    Oh maybe thats why it would not process my code….grr I will have to make sure that I did indeed write it doen corectly. i tried to retake it and nothing happend, the page jsut went blank….
    I just finished book 6 yesterday…oh my goodness I am not a very happy person today

  • John D.

    even though the card is not in the desk anymore u still can see ur results by going to this link. ull just see ur previous result and the clock is in the same position.

  • Shadow

    ahh guess it wasnt a flash error lol

  • Julie

    Ok I so wrote the code down wrong, typical of me lol, so I guess that means that I just have to re-take the test….right???

  • tounguetied

    I must be really stupid but I really can’t find where to put the key!!

  • In the very center of the handle on the desk drawer.
    I’m working on instructions folks.

  • Leah

    when i looked at the door the DND sign is still on it did i not get there on time?

  • Jon

    wow some of those were pretty hard! i get so excited when that door opens… 🙂

  • Leah

    now the sign is off, but it won’t let me click on the handle to enter the room…am i doing something wrong?

  • Leah, try an alternate address like http://www.jkrowling.org or .net or .info
    It’s probably your cache.
    Or maybe you entered the Accessibility Enabled version?

  • Leah

    thanks a lot i’ll try that now!

  • Leah

    i can’t find the key?

  • Did you follow the steps that I posted above? In the exact order?
    The clover will turn into the key.

  • Leah

    I DID IT!
    that was so cool, i have never been past the door before!
    even though i probably failed

  • michele

    help! the door won’t even open for me! is there a trick to it?

  • Jordan

    I can not find the drawer!!!!!!!!! Please help. This is my first time opening the door WOOOOOO!!!!

  • Jordan

    Sorry found it

  • Carlos

    sorry fols, but i can’t seem to open the drawer with the key. i followed the instruction, but i can open it

  • pam

    Just keep trying. It took me 6-7 tries before I hit the key hole correctly. The test is not easy. I had an Exceeeds Expectations the first time, probably Troll this time.

  • Tom

    How do I see how well I did?

  • Heidi

    For the life of me, I can’t find a four-leaf clover. There’s a rabbit’s foot and a horseshoe on the desk, but where’s the shamrock?

  • chickwhoscored

    To the left of the Harry Potter book
    Look twards the door.

  • chickwhoscored

    On the table that is

  • Heidi

    Thanks!! Got it.

  • chickwhoscored

    Good luck!!

  • Jordan

    Just did it.
    I Bet I failed with like a 2% it was so hard! Oh well,life goes on (:

  • Mel

    I did the test and now I want to check my score, but I don’t know where to look. I can see the clock and the needle points to Results delivered, but I can’t see anything else. Did I do something wrong?

  • Geri

    those are to see your old scores. The new results still have to be graded. It will probably take a couple of weeks.

  • Tom

    Where do you see a results delivered clock?

  • Rachel

    Does any one else notice the candy on the desk now- the acid pops and the toffee? Have those always been there?

  • Lariescott

    How will the results be delivered? E-mail?

  • Jared

    Hi, I just recently heard about this test but I do consider myself an afficianado on any Harry Potter topic, but I just can’t get past the first door, the one with the “Do Not Disturb” sign on it, does it have to be removed at her descretion, HELP!!!!

  • Jared

    To answer Rachel’s question yes they have always been their. Just thought I would let you know. Now will somebody help me about the sign I’m desperate, I’ll check back frequently. Thanks

  • Valaree

    can anyone help me out, ive missed the times to take the wombat what can i do?

  • Sorry Valaree, but the Door is closed and there is no way to reopen it now.
    Jo did promise us that there will be a third WOMBAT in a few months time. So keep checking here on the Guide to JKR.com for updates. We will surely be posting all about it! 🙂