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Jo has added to her site today: 2 News articles, 3 Rumours, Diary entry #8, and a new Fan Site Award.

I’ll finish updating the Lexicon later today.
I had to leave for work right in the midst of the update.. ARGH!
So yes, the door is open too!

Have fun everyone while I’m stuck at work.
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Pensieve (Comments)

  • Lisa

    Yay! I particularly enjoyed her “Banned Books” comments. Plus, I think this is the first time the Lexicon scooped the other sites on News. Well, the first time we can talk about =).

  • John D.

    Actually, there are 3 more rumours:the one about snape,the one about the title and the one about stubby and regulus.

  • del

    The one about Snape will blow tons of fans theories to bits now.

    Best find another reason for the cloak to be in Dumbledore’s possession now.

  • Camillus

    It still doesn’t mean that Snape wasn’t at Godric’s hollow that night, he just wasn’t under the invisibility cloak.

  • chickwhoscored

    Maybe Snape wasn’t there at all. And just maybe, James lent the cloke to some one in the order, (like Sturgis and Mad-Eye, for ex.) and because of the Fidelius charm, wasn’t able to give it to James themselves. Wormtail was spying right? He wopuld know that DD was their S. K.

  • Pat Pat

    I’m leaning toward the theory that James gave the cloak directly to Dumbledore. In the note D left Harry, he said “your father left this in MY possession . . .” If this were not true, why would he say it? He could have just said, “the cloak was your father’s and I am passing it on to you!”

  • chickwhoscored

    Did James know that he was going to die? If he did, who would have warned him? Unless he did leave it to DD at the moment they went in to hiding.

  • Pat Pat


    We know that James knew Voldemort was after him, and that this information came from Dumbledore:
    “Dumbledore . . . had a number of useful spies. One of them tipped him off and he alerted James and Lily at once.” (PA10)
    Knowing that Voldy was after him, and that most people did not survive when Voldemort decides to kill you, James may have given the cloak to DD the moment he and the family went into hiding. It’s reasonable to assume that he knew that he had a good chance of dying. The question is: WHY did he give the cloak to Dumbledore? For what purpose? Since DD can become invisible without a cloak, it is reasonable to assume that the cloak was meant to cover something or someone else. We know now it was not Snape. Harry? The sorcerer’s stone? Fawkes?

  • whizbang121

    it is reasonable to assume that the cloak was meant to cover something or someone else. Harry? The sorcerer’s stone? Fawkes?

    Or maybe Slughorn. I think that the reason Vodle would have let Lily live was that he wanted Slughorn under his control. Slughorn may have been the only person outside Vodle’s inner circle to know about the multiple horcruxes, and having him free would have been an issue for the DL. By all accounts Snape became the Potions professor in Sept of 1981, the year the Potters were attacked. Was Slughorn in that position up to that point? Did he go into hiding?

    I think Vodle knew that Slughorn and Lily were fond of each other and Vodle hoped to use Lily as bait to draw Sluggie out. It’s one of his favorite MOs.

  • Marco

    Prof. Slughorn was almost certainly Potionsmaster in Hogwarts until summer 1981.

    He was teacher of Gwenog Jones, captain of Hollyhead Harpies, who was born in 1968. So she did not attend Hogwarts until 1979. Since Gwenog belonged to the Slugclub, it is very likely, that Slughorn was her teacher for more than one year.

  • whizbang121

    So it’s possible it was intended for Sluggo.

    But I lean to the idea that it was the Sorcerer’s Stone and the key to the Potter’s vault in the IC when James gave it to Dumbledore.

  • Pat Pat


    Interesting theory about Slughorn. It DOES certainly fit Voldemort’s MO to use someone Lily was fond of to draw her out. It also does make sense that Slughorn would have gone into hiding to avoid Voldemort. Why else would he have left Hogwarts?

  • fit Voldemort’s MO to use someone Lily was fond of to draw her out.

    Or viceversa? Would Vodle have let Lily live so he could use her to draw Sluggo out of hiding?

  • Pat Pat

    Whizbang, all kinds of possibilities. I definitely think there is more to Sluggy than meets the eye. Clearly Dumbledore wanted him at Hogwarts in HBP for more than just potions teaching.

  • We have JKR’s tantalizing hints that Lily’s choice was what saved Harry, or rather that that was most of it. Always there’s the sense that something more is going on, some tiny, overlooked something. Most of the HPfandom believes it will be all about Snape, but I have my doubts. I think Sluggo’s relationship with Lily will prove to be the one to watch, rather than any relationship between Lily and Snape.

  • Pat Pat

    whizbang, I’m with you. Dumbledore clearly realized that Lily’s relationship with Sluggy was important. He KNEW this would be a key fact in Harry being able to convince Slughorn to come back to Hogwarts and to retreive the memory. Slughorn’s love for Lily is mentioned over and over in HBP. When JKR repeats something that often, it is usually a clue. Could also be a red herring but I don’t think so. Slughorn is clearly a key to this whole mystery.

  • PatPat
    Early on, we were told that it was important that Harry had his mother’s eyes. At first it was easy to guess that it had something to do with their both having green eyes. But when Radcliffe couldn’t wear green contacts, it was made clear that it wasn’t the color that was important, but rather that Harry strongly resembled Lily’s.

    How did Harry twice get Slughorn to do what Dubledore wanted him to do? By reminding Slughorn of Lily, seeing Lily in Harry’s eyes.

    I suspect this is what JKR was hinting at from early on when she talked about the importance of Harry having his mother’s eyes. If that’s the case, then there may be more to the relationship between Lily and Horace Slughorn than we know about, yet.


  • Pat Pat

    whizbang, that’s a good point. It is also interesting to note that Harry’s eyes are mentioned in other respects as well. Dumbledore mentions that he sees a shadow of Voldemort behind Harry’s eyes when they finally make eye contact in OoP. This is clearly a strength for Harry but also possibly a point of vulnerability. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one of the KEY changes in Tom Riddle’s appearance as he progressed into being Lord Voldemort was his EYES. Turning red and slitlike. It’s possible the contrast between Harry’s eyes (reflecting Lily and her love for him) and Voldemort’s (evil and snakelike) will be a deciding factor in the final battle between them.

  • … be a deciding factor in the final battle between them.

    I hate to say it, but I doubt we’ll see anything like that in the text, though it will no doubt turn up in many a term paper to come. 😉

  • Marco

    There is another point about Slughorn:

    In HBP, Ch.4, he revealed, that he was on the move for a year and never occupied the same place for more than a week. So he went on the run, exactly at that time, as Voldemort was back. This means, that Slughorn had believed Harry at once, that Voldemort was back, in contrary to the MoM.

    But I think, Slughorn had left Hogwarts in 1981, just because he had wished to go in retirement. Register, that he had taught at Hogwarts at least since the 40s.

  • Pat Pat


    yes, clearly Slughorn believed Harry and Dumbledore right away when they said Voldemort had returned. This makes sense actually. Slughorn was one of the few people aware of the horcruxes. He obviously realized the implications as he tells Harry in HBP “I think I may have done great damage that day.” It probably came as no surprise to him that Voldemort could and had returned. The question is why did he feel he needed to go into hiding? Simply because Voldemort knows that Slughorn is aware of his horcruxes? I don’t think so. My guess is there is more to it than that. Voldemort seems to, for the most part, choose his victims for a reason. If he IS after Sluggy, why? This may be a crucial question.

  • To silence him? Make sure he doesn’t tell anyone about the horcruxes?

    Or maybe Slughorn has abilities we haven’t seen yet? Can anyone else make the Lucky Potion?

  • Cherry

    Re Harry’s eyes, I think he can also communicate using them. In PS he begins communicating with the snake at the zoo without speaking, and moreover the snake was asleep at first!

  • Reader2


    Hermione at least claimed that she can make the Felix potion. If she could make that claim than probably so could a few of her rivals in the Potions class.
    As for Voldemorts reason to chase Slughorn, I’d say the fact that Slughorn knows about Hocruxes, and therefore knows how to destroy Voldemort is more than enough of a reason.

  • Bubbles

    In the third book did it say they’re spy’s working for Voldy! Why would he not send one after slughorn!