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October WotM


The new Wizard of the Month for October is now on Jo’s site, Idris Oakby.
This gives us another new canon character along with a new canon organization.
Am I on new canon overload? Nah, not possible!


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  • Steve

    We’re adding the new canon information to the timeline, the organizations page, etc. Lisa just added Oakby to the Which Wizard. And the commentary for the WOMBAT test is almost done. Yee-haw! The Lexicon team is hot tonight…


  • Joseph

    That is great! I started laughing when I read the description of her; the name is perfect (only Jo could think of it!) and the organization is very funny!

  • Reader2

    It seems like “new character every month” is now a rule for JKR.
    Are you thinking of making a separate page for the wizards of the month yet?
    Also, an instant question on the new character: is she a squib herself?
    Afteral, Nutcombe, Honoria who founded the Society for Reformation of Hags, does look like a hag herself.

  • lol
    Wonder if she and Hermione had a common ancestor. 😉

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Can Idris be the first cross-dresser in the WW? Idris being a male name among us Muggles … or maybe she’s a QuickQuote Quill typo for Iris?

  • Idris HAS to be a witch because she is in the WIZARD OF THE MONTH. And Jo knows perfectly that a squib is not a wizard or witch. All the wizards cards have had always magical habilities. Idris supporst squibs as others support goblins, muggles or golden snidgets.

  • Vaudree

    Think of it this way, Florence started off as a male name – and John Wayne’s (not to be confused with Johnny Wayne) real first name was Marion.

    Having more problems with Oakby than Idris. Though my guess is that the parts add up to Oak tree farm oak + byr – and I think it’s wrong.

    Idris is a name in Welsh, Hindu and Arabic. The Welsh varient is easy – it is a pretty straight forward compound word. But am having a few problems with the Hindu (which I get the feeling that most of the people who know it as hindu don’t know what it means)

    The Arabic version links to Enoch which some how gets all tangled into Djetuty.


    It seems that Indris Oakby is an older lady doing charity, and judging from the way she is dressed, not for herself.

    This would lead me to believe that she is not a Squib herself.

    Why would Squibs need charity – it is as if they have trouble holding down jobs in the Wizarding World or something?


    Would like to announce the demise of a favourite friend to many in the HP Universe. I can tell because they made an error in one of the names (one of the name elements, which was an Old English word they mixed up two of the letters – which I finally straighted out, but until I did, the only links that had that mispelled word were HP pages (which I try to ignore for name definitions). Census Name Search at http://www.genealogymatch.com is no more.

    Almost feel like we should send out condolences for the family (in this case Us).