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Happy Birthday Prof. McGonagall


Tonight the Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s site has been updated to wish Minerva McGonagall a Happy Birthday for October 4th.
We do too!

Join in the discussion about Hogwarts’ new Headmistress in the Lexicon Forums! at this link: Minerva McGonagall discussion


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  • Reader2

    So JKR is wishing Happy Birthday to the same set of characters for yet another round.
    That means she wont be giving us any more birthdates, at least not on her site.

  • Did she ever give us Dumbledore’s bday? Or do we only have the birthdays of “survivors?”

  • Katherine

    we haven’t been given DD’s birthday so I think that those given birthday greetings survive the series. These are
    9th Severus Snape (1959)

    6th Arthur Weasley

    1st Ron Weasley (1980)
    10th Remus Lupin (1959)

    1st Fred Weasley (1978)
    1st George Weasley (1978)

    15th Pomona Sprout

    5th Draco Malfoy (1980)
    28th Dobby

    30th Neville Longbottom (1980)
    31st Harry Potter (1980)

    11th Ginny Weasley (1981)
    22nd Percy Weasley (1976)

    19th Hermione Granger (1979)

    4th Minerva McGonagall (c 1925)
    17th Filius Flitwick
    30th Molly Weasley

    29th Bill Weasley (1971)

    6th Rubeus Hagrid (1928)
    12th Charlie Weasley (1973)
    31st Tom Marvolo Riddle (1926)

    However, TMR’s birthday is here so maybe not(?)

  • Natalee

    I wonder how old she is …

  • Marco


    The birthday of TMR was not given by JKR on her homepage like the others. We just have this information from the book and it still can be either the 31.12.1926 or the 01.01.1927.

  • Marco

    Which persons, who´s birthday was not given, can be considered as main characters?

    The Dursleys
    Seamus Finnigan
    Dean Thomas
    Vincent Crabbe
    Gregory Goyle
    Lucius Malfoy (no appearance, but mention in HBP)
    Cornelius Fudge
    Peter Pettigrew (neither appearance nor mention in OP)
    Maxime Olymp
    Fleur Delacour (no appearance in OP)
    Alastor Moody (neither appearance nor mention in HBP)
    Nymphodora Tonks
    Dolores Jane Umbridge
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    Horace Slughorn

  • Pat Pat


    You’re missing some:

    Madame Pomfrey
    Argus Filch
    Madame Pince
    Madame Hooch

  • kamion

    I still wonder what did JKR decide to pck a date as birthday for a character, only those of George & Fred, Harry himself and McGonagall have a reasonable explanation. George and fred All Fool’s Day, Harry Rowlings own birthday and McGonagall as main Animagus the day of St.Fransiscus, the saint of the animals. But the others seem so random chosen. If anyone has explenations please let it know.

  • I always thought the idea that anyone we had a birthdate for would likely survive. But now that I recall she intends to do in two people that she hadn’t intended to kill at the start, I wonder if that theory will work out. 🙁

    Some characters, Hermione and Snape, for example, fit well with the sunsign astrological profiles for the dates given.

  • Kacky Snorgle

    Marco and Pat Pat: I know the list could go on well-nigh forever if we tried to include *everyone*, but I think we ought to extend “main character” status to Luna, Cho, Narcissa, Shacklebolt, and Scrimgeour at least. Probably Lavender and Parvati too….

  • omikse

    if she was born in 1925, that would make her 81 this year…..having just had her birthday

  • Jinx

    If Prof McGonagall knows the first name of Neville’s grandmother and knows she failed her charms O.W.L. does that mean they were classmates at Hogwarts?

  • I still cannot understand why did Rowling choosed a birth date for every character..