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New WOMBATs Results page


The test results have been delivered to those who sat the WOMBAT Grade 2 exam.
But if you’re like me, you might be wondering what the “other” results looked like.
So for the benefit of the curious and also the folks unable to take the exam, I’ve created a page showing the many certificates and letters from both WOMBAT Grade 1 and Grade 2. You can see them here:
WOMBAT tests- Results (note that a few images are still to come)

We’ve also created new threads in the Lexicon Forums for discussion of the WOMBATS! Have a look here:
WOMBAT Grade 2 questions and commentary
WOMBAT Grade 1 questions and commentary
WOMBAT tests – general discussion
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World Crossing, but it’s free and painless, we promise… and they are always open for anyone to read. We hope you’ll register and join in! (Thanks to Kip, Supreme Mugwump of the HP-Lexicon Forums 🙂 )


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