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New WOMBATs Results page


The test results have been delivered to those who sat the WOMBAT Grade 2 exam.
But if you’re like me, you might be wondering what the “other” results looked like.
So for the benefit of the curious and also the folks unable to take the exam, I’ve created a page showing the many certificates and letters from both WOMBAT Grade 1 and Grade 2. You can see them here:
WOMBAT tests- Results (note that a few images are still to come)

We’ve also created new threads in the Lexicon Forums for discussion of the WOMBATS! Have a look here:
WOMBAT Grade 2 questions and commentary
WOMBAT Grade 1 questions and commentary
WOMBAT tests – general discussion
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  • We invite you to join us in the Lexicon Forums for discussion of the WOMBATS! Have a look here:
    WOMBAT Grade 2 questions and commentary
    WOMBAT Grade 1 questions and commentary
    WOMBAT tests – general discussion
    In order to post, you must register through World Crossing, but it’s free and painless, we promise… and they are always open for anyone to read. We hope you’ll register and join in!
    (Thanks to Kip, Supreme Mugwump of the HP-Lexicon Forums 🙂 )

  • Dawn

    Did anyone else get a MACAW with their grade 2 Outstanding certificate?

  • roonwit

    Dawn: I got an O and didn’t see anything that fits those initials. Are you talking about some sort of O* grade?

  • roonwit

    Having thought about it a bit more I think there were rumours of a MACAW last time but I don’t remember the details. It could be an extra award for the top score. I am sure the Lexicon would be interested in more details or a screenshot if you want to share it.

  • John D.

    I noticed u dont hava a troll screenshot. U can get one from the code Secca posted in the pensieve about wombat results.

  • Thanks anyway, Secca and John… we have them, just real life getting in the way for a bit.
    They’re all posted now! Hope you enjoy them!

  • lambda

    First, an apology — I think this message is more appropriate for the Forum, and indeed I tried to post it over there, but after an hour of trying to create a working account, I gave up when it still wouldn’t let me post. So I am writing it here with my apologies to the mods. Please feel free to reproduce it in or transfer it to the Lexicon forum (or any other HP forum).

    As I’m sure is true for many people, I am burning with curiosity to know what the answers and scoring scheme for the WOMBAT are. So I wrote a computer program this morning to try to figure it out. It makes some assumptions, of course, which I will be careful to list and explain if I manage to get any nontrivial results from it, but I’m hoping it will at least reveal a few tidbits of information (e.g., “oh, (a) must have been awarded more points than (c) for question 5” or something).

    The thing is, I need data. I spent some time this morning knocking around the web trying to find answers lists, so I have a few, but it’s not nearly enough to narrow down the possible scoring schema to anything less than, well, astronomically huge. Also, sometimes when people listed their answers they skipped questions or wrote out commentary on their thought processes without actually saying what they ultimately chose . . . and I really need as many complete lists as possible for this to have any chance of working.

    I particularly need answer lists that received lower scores. A fair number of people who got O’s have posted their answers, but since my program works by comparing the differences in answers among people who scored differently, I especially need lists from tests that scored E, A, P, D, or T.

    So, if you are at all interested in finding out what the results of this will be, send me your answers and scores! I’ve created an e-mail address [email protected] for the purposes of collecting data. Alternatively, if there’s a thread somewhere where people are already collecting answer lists, and people could point me in that direction, that would be great.

    Any format is fine, but the best one to use is as follows, modeled with my answers (I got an O, in case anyone else is looking for this sort of data):

    (a b c d c b c c b a c b (b i w) d c b a e)

    That way I can copy it directly into the input lists for the program. If you tried the test leaving some blank, write the word “blank” (no quotes). For instance, if you left the second question blank and otherwise only chose A’s, with that being your only choice for Question 13, the list would look like this:

    (a blank a a a a a a a a a a (a blank blank) a a a a a)

    Again, though, other formats are fine — it will just take me longer to put together all the data so I can run it. Just make it clear what answer you chose for what question — and don’t forget to note what your score was!

    I will warn up front that it is a long shot I will be able to get anything conclusive: there are so many possibilities, and I’m not terribly optimistic about getting enough data. But I really wanted to try this, and I figured it was worth a shot. I don’t really frequent any HP forum, but I promise to come back and tell people if I get anything interesting.

    So, to summarize: (1) if you want to and you remember what you put, please send answer lists to [email protected]; (2) if there are other places people are collecting answers, I’d appreciate a heads-up; (3) please feel free to reproduce or paraphrase this message in other fora accross the Internet (the only HP site I read is the Lexicon, so I don’t really know where all the fan fora are and I really don’t have time to look for them all — my homework is calling! No, Professor, I swear I didn’t spend my whole Saturday morning writing a long-shot computer program to try to figure out the scoring system for a test based on a fictional set of books…)

  • Lisa

    Lambda, I looked last night and I didn’t find anyone else collecting scores.

  • roonwit

    Dawn: There is a reference to a MACAW in the comments on mugglenet (unless that was you as well) The comment was
    “Posted by The_Half_Blood_Jester
    Okay, I’ve read through pretty much all of these posts… Did nobody besides me receive a M.A.C.A.W (Ministry Approved Candidate for Advancement to the Wizengamot) certification with their Outstanding grade?”

  • C. Joseph

    Just so you know, the link for the “Acceptable” image on WOMBAT Grade 2 takes one to to the “Exceeds Expectations” image. Anybody trying to get to the “Acceptable” image will have to delete the word “exceeds” from the URL and substitute the word “acceptable”.

  • Oops!
    Thanks C.Joseph for letting us know.
    I’ve fixed it now.

  • Phil

    I have a theory on the scoring for the WOMBAT 2 test.
    With the first 7 questions having 35 points available out of a possible a 100, and question 13 having 15 points, this means there are a total of 20 possible answers with each answer worth 5 points.
    So to get Outstanding you would need to have 17 to 20 answers correct for 85 to 100 points.
    For Exceeds Expectations, you would need 13 to 16 correct for 65 to 80 points
    For acceptable you would need 9 to 12 answers correct for 45 to 60 points.
    For Poor, you would need 5 to 8 answers correct for 25 to 40 points.
    For Dreadful, you would need 1 to 4 answers correct for 5 to 20 points.
    For Troll, 0 correct for 0 points.

  • About the scoring:
    I think you are partly right Phil (saw your post on HPfGU-OTChatter too 🙂 )
    because the scoring does indicate 5 points per question
    there’s probably not one single correct answer. It’s more likely that there is a 5 point answer and then other options worth maybe 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 points. But not every question had 5 options, so clearly not every question would have all 5 levels of points.

    Here’s where I don’t think we can determine accurately what each option is worth. She could have given a question a 5 point answer then 3- 2 point answers and a zero. The next question could have a 5 point answer and all the rest worth 3. See what I mean?
    Certainly question #13 would have several options worth a different amount of points.

    (I also think that it *may* not have been simply a total number of points.
    There *could* have been a score for each section, and to obtain an O, you must have gotten an O for all four sections. But the test did say each section was worth a specific number of points out of 100, so that could be hogwash.)

    It’s fairly easy to gather a few sets of answers from people who scored an O, compare the most common answers among them and see what was “likely the best answer”. (Which I’ve done, and the answers were obvious, but I will not post them on the Lexicon, because we cannot confirm them.)

    Then I compared my answers to those. By your scoring, I would have gotten only an A, so that’s why I’m pretty sure there are a range of points for each option. I also checked to see what answering all A’s, B’s C’s etc. would get, and that too proved there must be a range of point scores.

    Other than that, I doubt we can ever know for sure, unless Jo tells us. 🙂

  • DA Jones

    This test was fun to take but you can really tell that JKR used to be a teacher.

    She really knows how to make up tests.

    I’m glad I was never in any of her classes her tests must have been hard.

  • ….. Anyone hear anything more about MACAW?

  • Lisa

    Yes! Either from you or Roonwit.

  • Lisa

    Oy. I stuck my foot in it. I dashed that answer off, not realizing that I misremembered what Roonwit wrote. Yes, I am curious about the MACAW but I think it is an urban legend. I had never heard of it before this week.

    This is why Bel is in charge of the JKR website section =). I am a real noob about it.

  • roonwit

    The MACAW could be another storge but it might also be fact, because from the way the WOMBAT site has been done, it is perfectly possible that there could be a highest score award that we can’t confirm without extra information – either with the WOMBAT id of the person involved, or information about the files used by the site to display the information (which could be obtained relatively easily from the temporary internet folder of that person).

  • The Furriner

    For those curious enough to wonder what the certificates look like in different languages, try entering the main site in another language. Clicking on the WOMBAT card has exactly the same effect as on the English site (at least in the French and German versions) and once you have identified yourself you see your certificates in your selected language.

  • just passing and saw this

    i had been reguraly(sp) checking the jkr website for any thing new so when nothing new open up for several weeksi stopped checking then after about one week after the chapter two test was done i came back so here is my question does any one know if there will be another similar wombat test?

  • Krista

    I think that there will be a 3rd and final WOMBAT when the book is finished, when the grades are given we will be able to be privy to particular information, chapter names, a quote etc. the amount of info will be relative to the grade earned.

  • New to Wizarding World

    I have missed both grades 1 and 2 but am desperately awaiting the door to open again for the 3rd. Can one do the previous tests or has that broom flown?

  • Wizard-On-The-Street

    The 3rd WOMBAT will come out sooner or later. I really think that it’ll come ouy after the 7th book, so that there are more questions. It could also be Jo’s way to give us something to do after the story is done. Jo should also be busy editing now, I doubt she’d have time to write up a test.
    I’ve also never seen nor heard of this MACAW award before, perhaps it’s just a hoax? I’d be really jealous if it’s real, I got an A for the first WOMBAT and O for the 2nd. Hopefully we can get a second chance someday. In addition to that, maybe this site should consider adding the pictures of results in different languages, or has that already been done?

  • Jami

    When is the next wombat test?

    I dont really understand the wobat test I was just browsing jk rowlings site and it is vey intriging. I want to take the test so bad help me know the date.

    and what in the world is a MACAW? I am just so lost.

  • Akyra

    Jami, apparently MACAW stands for Ministry Approved Candidate for Advancement to the Wizengamot. Alas, no one has given evidence (ie a screen shot) of it being real.

  • Shannon

    I lost the first 2 tests, is there a way do the previous tests?