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WOMBAT results are in!


WOMBAT 2 E certificateOwls are arriving today with the results of the WOMBAT Grade 2 exam, and along with the marks is the note that there will be a third and final WOMBAT in a few months time.

For those who may be wondering, I (Belinda) received an E (Exceeds Expectations).

We’ll have images of all the results posted later today, for those folks who were unable to take the exam and wish to see what it all looks like. 🙂


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Well Belinda… I missed the last test… so I had to make up for it on this one… Im proud to say I recieved an Outstanding — Let’s hope we get Part three for Christmas!!

    Secca from Potterskeys

  • I got an Outstanding!Didn’t get to do the first one,though.Looking forward to the last one!

  • del

    Exceeds Expectations, not bad!

    I just wish I knew what I got right and wrong though?

  • starling

    I’m afraid I’m a smarter smartarse than you, Bel. Outstanding.

  • Inir

    Hello, I sat twice om this exam and got Exceeds Expectations and Acceptable marks (I changed answers). I found out that text of the congatulations are different.

  • Char

    I also did it twice, and changed some answers… Both Exceeds Expectations…

  • roonwit

    I took the test 6 times to try to hit every grade (plus a 7th which I was trying to do using only a screenreader), and only missed out on a T grade, which I am not sure was actually possible.

  • FanOfHP

    me outstanding………..:)
    very very happy coz last time only managed to scrap A
    waiting eagerly for WOMBAT 3….
    hope we get title of book 7…..

  • emily

    I actually took it twice because the Lexicon posted its discussion after I took the test the first time. Except that for the first try I got an Outstanding, and for the second an Exceeds Expectations. I’m thinking for the third wombat, I should maybe trust my gut rather than the speculation of others, though I did find the discussion interesting.

  • Emily, that’s the idea! Glad you enjoyed our commentary, and congratulations on the O.

    Roonwit, I think it’s only possbile to get a Troll if you don’t answer all the questions.

    Paula, sounds like your code didn’t work. At the end of the test, did you check to see if the code matched yor first one?

  • roonwit

    Belinda: It might be possible to get a T if you answer NO questions. Only answering the first question (option a) gets a D

  • Got an Outstanding! Did it better then last time, when I received an Exceeds Expectations. But I do have to admit that I used the Lexicon, and the fantastic comment that had to answer the questions. So maybe it’s fair to assume that most of your answers here are indeed correct?

  • Meg

    Exceeds Expectations for me as well, Belinda! 😛

    Seeing as the first WOMBAT was March/April and this one was September/October, I’m thinking that we’ll see the last one around March/April ’07 – or hopefully 1/2 way between Jo being done with Book 7 and it being published. 😉

    Meg, who holds out hope that we’ll get the same Christmas gift this year as we did in 2004

  • sue

    i have got my results i did the test twice as i lost my code the first tim round, but found it and got exceeds expectations and acceptable, i’m very proud of my achievements

  • Phil

    Those that received Outstanding could list their answers and they could be combined to try to figure out what was correct. I would like to know what people picked for question 13,     I picked g. Foe-Glass
        i. Invisibility Cloak
        w. Time-Turner
    But I did not get an Outstanding.

  • Natalia

    I got an Acceptable with my first code, then read the commentary and decided to take it a second time for kicks and got an Outstanding. I chose the same three items as Phil – the foe-glass, invisibility cloak and time turner…

  • lisa

    i got an E.E! so happy!

  • tounguetied

    I thought I’d done ok but I only got an acceptable!
    Still, congratualations all of you – you beat me!

  • Katherine

    i gone up from A to E. Yipppppppie

  • Hi,
    I received an OUTSTANDING with those answers: 1A 2E 3E 4D 5C 6E 7C 8B 9B 10C 11C 12B 13BNI 14D 15C 16C 17A 18D.
    I am very happy about it!

  • Phil — Broomstick, Invisibility cloak, Hand of Glory, — though my guess is that each item gave X number of points from 0 – 5, so there isn’t just one right answer…

  • roonwit

    Quibbler: If I write yours in the form
    aeedc ecbbc cb(bin) dccad
    bbedc ecbbb ab(inu) dccae
    abedc ebcbc ca(biw) dcbab
    both give Os as well.

  • pam

    I took the test twice, once before reading your commentary and then again after. Got an E on the first and an O on the second. Thanks. I picked broomstick, invisibility cloak, and foe glass the firt time; brromstick, claok, and time turner the second.

  • Omniscience

    I got an Outstanding… quite pleased. i got exceeds expectations last time and now i wish I’d had outstanding last time too, but oh well. By the by, no one seems to have recieved a poor, dreadful or troll… i seriously can’t find anyone who got those scores… why? i actually took the test twice and the second time I purposely guessed answers that I believed to be completely wrong (with help from the lexicon of course) and I got and acceptable! ??

  • roonwit

    You literally needed to score zero to get a troll. Even fairly stupid answers probably score something, and it all adds up, so if you answered all the questions there is a good chance you will get an “A” or better.

  • Pat Pat

    I got an Exceeds Expectations which I am happy with since I didn’t get to take it last time. I think our best chance of finding out what the “correct” answers are actually lies with roonwit, since he took the test 6 times and received all grades except Troll. roonwit, do you know which answers you picked each time? If so, we may be able to figure it out by comparing your answers on each of the possible scores. As a math teacher, things like that intrigue me!

  • roonwit:
    Thank you very much. We have to collect as much as Outstanding results as possible to get a high probability of right answers, as long as Jo doesn’t publish them.

  • roonwit

    PatPat: Sorry, but my lower scores aren’t very helpful, as they include large strings of unanswered questions or “a”s, so all you can conclude is that answering sensibily is better. The problem with working out the scores by comparing answers is that you need a huge number of results to come to any definite conclusion on a question by question level, or be very lucky in the results you have available.

  • Sadly I just passed with an Acceptable. On the first one I got a Exceeds Expectations though. Can’t wait for the third, then maybe I will get the Outstanding.

  • I tried to answer no question. And it said that I have to answer at least one question.

    I think we fans have to collect the answers worldwide, through all the pages, forums etc.

  • roonwit

    Quibbler: I knew that was the case with the first WOMBAT, which is why I answered one question and got a D. I think to get a T you would have to find an answer that Jo gave no points for, which could be difficult.

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    WOMBAT Grade 2 questions and commentary.

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  • rebelangel

    I missed out on it last time. Exceeds Expectations! : D I’m very happy

  • dobby37

    I agree with roonwit about our chances of figuring out the key for the test, especially since obtaining a large enough sample to be able to figure everything out would involve a (statistically suspect) open inquiry to the masses. Here are my “O” answers, though, just in case.

    abeac abcda cb(wig) dcbad

    By the way, does anyone else think that the pot of gold at the end of the W.O.M.B.A.T. rainbow might be the answers themselves? It would be great to have unequivocal canon answers for some of these questions. One of the things behind the door when it opened was a W.O.M.B.A.T. “revision guide”… maybe that’s the prize.

  • Lisa

    I got an E.E. just making my best guesses and an O after doing the research for the Lexicon’s commentary! That’s really great because I missed the first test (I thought it would be open longer).

  • Ex_Pralite_Monk

    I might be just being dense, but i have no idea what is meant by the room with the clock. There is nothing new on the desktop, there is nothing new in the room screen. I remember last test there was a card thing on the desk, but there isn’t one now… I can’t find anything.

  • Lisa

    Ex_Pralite_Monk, the door to the room with the desk is the one with the “Do not disturb” sign on it, and it is closed now. Sorry you missed the fun, but screencaps are up on Bel’s “JKR.com” section of the Lexicon.

    Here are my scores for the test that got the “O.” Sort of. I think I may have changed my choice on one at the last minute and I am not as scientific as Roonwit!
    adadc ebbbc cb(ixw) decab

  • Pat Pat

    I have a feeling that there are not ANY questions that have exactly one perfect answer. Jo indicated on her site that the scoring system for the WOMBAT is very complex. Certainly, as several people have hypothesized, question #13 probably had a scoring system for each answer where each one was a certain number of points. My guess would be that all or almost all of the questions were the same way. Jo probably gave point values to each possible answer and your total points determined your grade. Many personality and IQ tests are graded that way. We can see already that several people have gotten O’s and do not have the same exact answers by any means. It’s most likely the sum total of your answers that are important rather than any one individual one.

  • Jakob

    I got an E which Suprised me.

  • John D.

    i cannot believe I got an E. I had just scored an A on the first one. I also took the test another time clicking always A or abc and I got an A . In case you want to know the text you get when u score an A, here it is: d9451kXDllbr6b9cX8bNd.

  • I chose the broom, Invisibility Cloak and Foe Glass and got an O.

  • Vinze

    I just checked my results and was quite pleased to have received an O for W.O.M.B.A.T. Grade 2. Like some of the others, I wasn’t able to take the first exam so I’m pretty much glad to have been able to make it up on the second one. Hoping the third and final one is just around the corner… cheers!


  • Well A troll is possible– if you want to see what one looks like — use this code — dwChDKiRQa27ppxPQ2JNI — Thanks to Cadders from Potterkeys for sharing!! I loved being able to see this!

  • roonwit

    PatPat: I am pretty sure that every answer has a score in all questions, depending on whether they are correct, or how reasonable but wrong they are. Since we have to guess on some questions, that would be the only fair way of doing it.

  • I made a extensive statistic analysis about the 20 Outstandings and 12 Exceeds Expectations results I could get from many Harry Potter forums. The Analysis is still in German, I plan to translate them into English, but in the last part you see all the results of all tests I had access to. And maybe you find them useful: http://www.butterbier.de/AnalyseErgebnisseAmez2.txt

  • karlii

    I got an “acceptable”, which frankly surprises me, because I really had no clue what some of those questions were talking about! Hey, as long as I passed!

    What I wonder about more though, is what page the HBP book flung open to?

    Was it merely the passage she read in New York?

    Or is it the clue to the plot of the entire seven books!

    (I’m going for clue, but hey, it’s gone now, so who’s to know!)

  • John D.

    I examined the book throughly while the door was opened and I couldn’t read the chapter’s name and much less the numbers, so i think it was completly random.

  • roonwit

    I just had another look and I would say that HARRY POTTER is consistent with the header of the HBP book, so I rather doubt we can conclude anything.

  • The markings inside the book are meant to represent text, but it is not readable. So nothing significant here.
    But since the header markings are a two word title, I like to think its Felix Felicis, in keeping with the theme of the good luck charms. But again, non-conclusive, and open to your own interpretation. 🙂

  • roonwit

    Here is (temporarily) a
    dreadful AMEZ certificate

  • roonwit: Thank you too. I have the results now. The result is really funny. I am happy to have the complete German results now on my homepage.

  • In addition to my last post: Not any codes. Only the grade certificates. http://www.butterbier.de/AMEZ.htm