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New Red Scharlach artwork!


I just uploaded two cool new drawings by Red Scharlach, one of Mrs. Figg and the other of Mundungus Fletcher.

I love how she drew Fletcher so that it looks like he is standing a little too close to you. Phew. And Mrs Figg is in her bedroom slippers looking a bit forlorn, like a wizarding Eleanor Rigby. Check them out!


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  • Finn

    Hmm, I pictured Mundungus much younger, taller and skinnier. Very interesting new perspective… shame we probably won’t see what Warner Bros. thinks though. Or, not a shame, now we can stick with our own ideas.

  • Sandra

    Nice drawings! Of course, everybody has a different picture of the characters in their head. My Mrs Figg and Mundungus Fletcher look different, but I like these very much!

  • Natalee

    Don’t like the way Mundungnus looks.

  • journeymom

    I love them! Dung actually looks a little alarming. Those eyes are staring! And I guess I always pictured him with 3 or 4 days facial hair, and wrinklier. And I thought Figgy should have plaid slippers, not checked. But I love Red Scharlach’s work.

  • Reader2

    Dung looks adequatly creepy, but I guess this is what he looks like after he made use of all his stolen goods and got well fed, shaved and propely dressed.
    He is probalby a couple drinks away from becoming the way he was the first time Harry saw him.

  • Roonil Woolzib

    The drawings are fun … I’d give Mrs. Figg an ‘O’ and Dung ‘E’ …

  • Dahlia

    I went to the website and looking around – OH MY! Some very funny HP art there! HAHAHAHAH!

    Loved it, Red!

  • djinn

    Spot-on, both of them. Esp. Dung .. she really captured him, right down to the sideburns. 🙂

  • Booboo

    Bellatrix just doesn’t look evil enough.