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Horrors! Greyback gets his own page on the Lexicon


Just in time for Hallowe’en! Fenrir Greyback, one of Rowling’s most horrific characters, now has his own page on the Lexicon. Warning: the page displays Makani’s portrait of Greyback, which is enough to give anyone nightmares.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • S Potter

    Greyback is the most disgusting werewolf ever!But I like the page.

  • Reader2

    This one has three confirmed bites.
    Did you consider making a victim list for every death eater?
    Also, are you now putting “magical creature” label on all werevolves?
    You’ve got Lupin and the Wagga Wagga Werewolf, but Bill’s case is a bit of grey area.

  • Lisa

    Reader2, there is a master list of Death Eater victims on the Death Eater page:
    I think that is pretty good; I try to minimize places where we dulplicate information — at least until the Lexicon is in a more easily managed format.

    While werewolves are certainly magical creatures, they were born normal wizards, so we are listing them by name on the wizards pages and as a “species” in the bestiary. There is another werewolf mentioned in the books, the one Lupin befriends in St. Mungo’s in Book5.

  • del

    It the page it says of Greyback in the battle at Hogwarts “Greyback attacks Harry who successfully petrifies him”. I don’t think the passage is conclusive in who it is that cries Petrifies him?

    “…it was the werewolf, Fenrir. He was on top of Harry before Harry could raise his wand: Harry fell backward, with filthy matted hair in his face, the stench of sweat and blood filling his nose and mouth, hot greedy breath at his throat
    “Petrificus Totalus!”
    Harry felt Fenrir collapse against him; with a stupendous effort he pushed the werewolf off and onto the floor.

  • Reader2

    I am sorry for being such a stick in the mud, but I was hoping you would be used to nagging fans by now.
    Since you brought up the list, I can’t help pointing out that it’s missing Bartemius Crouch Sr. and 12 victims of Wormtail.

  • Reader2

    Oh, one more thing.
    The passage on who petrified Greyback in battle was very much conclusive. Read a phrase farther and you will see that it was Ginny.

  • moony

    There is a incorrect reference concerning Greyback’s voice: it’s not hbp26, but hbp 27. I suppose, it was Ginny or another Da or Op-bember, who petrified Greyback during his attempt to attack Harry.

  • Lisa

    Thanks, Reader2, but the Muggles are there =) “At least 12 Muggles (“a dozen cars”) killed in Brockdale Bridge accident (HBP1).”

    You are quite right about Crouch, though. I have added him to the list.

    I’m glad you and del questioned the “petrificus,” but I am not convinced that Ginny did it. If so, why would she say “Harry, where did you come from?” seconds later. But it might not have been Harry (as I initially thought) since it says that he didn’t have a chance to raise his wand.

  • sstabeler

    Erm, Ginny was occupied with a DE shooting cruciatus curses at her (I think) when harry was grappling with Greyback, I think it was Lupin who was free at that point (Why didn’t he use a killing curse? Didn’t he want to hit harry?)

  • daveindetroit

    Excellent Work as usual. Was hoping the differnt Death Eaters that didn’t already, would get pages if there was enought info for them.

  • Neville

    @ Lisa: I *think* reader meant the 12 Muggle victims, who died during the explosion, when Wormtail framed Sirius. 😉

  • Lisa

    Gah! Too many twelves! You’re absolutely right.

  • Lisa

    I also added the Roberts family to the “non-permanent” injury list.

  • Natalee

    Uh, I like the art work, no comments have been posted about it so far.

  • Pat Pat

    As to who cursed Greyback, I don’t think there is any way to know for sure. If you read carefully, it seems that Ginny, Lupin, Ron, Professor McGongall, and Tonks are all in combat with other Death Eaters at the time. So, did one of them save Harry and then turn to fight a different Death Eater? Or did Harry somehow manage to raise his wand AFTER Greyback was upon him and stun him himself? It is not clear.

  • Marco

    It is not entirely impossible, that it was Ginny, who had petrified Greyback. Amycus might have attacked her, after she had successfully petrified Greyback.

    But what had happened to Greyback, after he got petrified?

    Most likely he lingered in that state, until MoM squads were in attendance and was subsequently captured. Or was there any other DE, who had performed the countercurse? At least the other DE were busy to ensure their own escape, and it is likely, that if someone had successfully performed the countercurse, Greyback would have attempted another attack.

  • Severusisn’tevil

    I was just wondering. Do you think Remus would kill Fenrir if he got the chance? I sincerely hope he gets his.