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New artwork by Laura Freeman


Fans of Laura Freeman’s artwork know of her special project of Harry Potter Tarot cards. The Lexicon has just received special permission to reproduce some of these on our pages. Images of Umbridge, Lupin, Hermione, Luna, Hagrid and the Weasleys have now been uploaded! Really nice work, Laura! See also Laura’s artist page.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • The thought of tarot cards being approved by the site rather puts me off it. It get rather too close to ‘real’ magic ( dark atrs) rather than Miss rowlings brand of magici.e: fictional.

  • Beauxbatons

    Tarot cards are generally used for predictions, and would be a part of Trelawney’s accessories… In France (excuse my english, by the way), they’re also an innocent card playing game. Nothing so dark, in my opinion !

  • Reader2

    I allways thought the four house system resembles a deck of cards, and present day play cards are just a dumbed down versoin of tarot cards.
    I am a bit lost on why some character in this deck got transfered to different houses, but that part is not seen in Lexicon, so that does not matter.
    These card pictures still make very strong impression of the characters, and I’d love to see more of them on this site.

  • Beauxbatons

    Of course modern Tarot play cards aren’t the same as Tarot cards used for divination ; but if these had been considered really dark, I bet there wouldn’t have been any Tarot play cards at all — even in a dumbed down version !

  • Lisa

    Darkness, is of course, relative; I take what Catulina wrote quite seriously. I will consult with Steve because there are a lot of things to balance here.

    For me personally, ‘real’ magic is when a child hugs me after storytime or I see a thrilling sunset.

  • Beauxbatons

    In fact Trelawney does use Tarot cards, in HBP, chapter 25. So they are a magic item mentioned in canon.

  • Beauxbatons

    And, Lisa, we agree about real magic !

  • Kaylee Tonks-Lupin

    Agreed, Lisa and Beauxbatons! 😉 To save this from being a “me too” post (which is frowned upon at HP4GU) I will say that I find Divination “very woolly” as Hermione once said, but I like the pictures on the cards. As for why Laura made the characters not always in the same suit/House as they “should” be, it was because of her gut feeling as to where each card belonged…she explains it on her site. (like the Weasley family being 10 of Hufflepuff, which I gather is the “family” card or something of the sort, so they fit there even though they’ve all been Gryffindors.)

  • Heidi

    A correction re the Dolores Umbridge page:

    Skills: She is not an occlumens or she wouldn’t have had to resort to Veritaserum (OP28).

    The above text should contain the word “legilimens,” not “occlumens.”

  • Pat Pat

    As far as Dolores Umbridge’s skills, Heidi is correct that the word should be legilimens. BUT, are we sure about this fact anyway? There are plenty of people that we KNOW are legilimens who have resorted to veritaserum or threatened to resort to it, Dumbledore and Snape for example. Dumbledore used it on fake Moody/Barty Crouch Jr. in GoF and Snape threatened to use it on Harry. I don’t think that the use of Veritaserum necessarily means that a person is not a Legilimens. But I could be wrong here.

  • Lisa

    I think the legilimens (good catch Heidi) is a good observation. Read passages where Snape is known to be reading thoughts. She, in comparison, is consistently clueless. With Umbridge’s strong tendency to abuse any power she is given, I think it is safe to say that she would gleefully read minds if she could. However I have changed the wording so that it is clearer that this is an observation and not something stated in the books.

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Isn’t the point of being a Legilimens that only you know what you’ve seen in another person’s mind? So, when evidence is needed, Veritaserum would be used to reveal this to others, so that it wouldn’t be one person’s word – even Dumbledore’s – against another’s. Solving the frustrating problem that police officers (and teachers!) often have: I know quite well that X did it, but I can’t prove anything.

  • Marco

    A note to the age of Dolores Umbridge:

    It seems, that Prof. McGonagall was never teacher of her, at least Umbridge had to ask, how long McGonagall was teaching in Hogwarts. But appearantly Prof. Slughorn was one of her teachers (Idiotic woman! Never liked her!).

    Since McGonagall started teaching in Dec. 1956, Umbridge must left, if my theory is true, Hogwarts not later than in summer 1956. So her birthyear must be not later than 1938.

  • Reader2

    YOur page on Umbridge sais that she hates anyone with mixed heritage.
    That’s not exactly what it says in the book.
    She hates anyone who is part-human, which includes centaurs and merpeople, even though they don’t have any mixed heritage.
    ON the other hand, I didn’t see Umbridge pick on anyone for being muggle-born or half-blood. Did you?

  • Laurel

    I like the art. But everytime I see the Weasley siblings together, their jumpers always have their initials on them. I believe in canon only Fred and George had them, and Percy had a P for Prefect. It may be a small thing, but since this site is so concerned with canon correctness, I thought I’d mention it.