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10 new character pages


I know that the character A to Z lists are very very long and I have been meaning for a while to give certain characters their own pages so that their A to Z list entry can be shortened.

So here goes: Lavender Brown, Seamus Finnegan, Ernie Macmillan, Griselda Marchbanks, Olympe Maxime, Parvati and Padma Patil, Pansy Parkinson, Madam Rosmerta, Newt Scamander, and Dean Thomas. There isn’t much new content, but I have added movie stills and artwork by Marta T., Sebastian Theilig, Tealin Raintree and Laura Freeman.


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  • Cool new pages 🙂

    can anybody say me where appeared that Marchbanks supports goblins rights or that she has a goblin friend? I am very interested on the gobling subject 🙂

  • Steve

    If you read the entry, you’ll see where that reference is from: OP15.


  • Marco

    A thought to Seamus Finnigan in the film PS/f and his accidents:

    It´s interesting, that JKR had made this subsequently canon in HBP. There it was actually Seamus Finnigan, who had caused a mess in a Charms class, and he got additional homework from Prof. Flitwick for that.

  • Ooops! I overread the texts and didn’t notive the OP15. Sorry. Great info 🙂

  • Fonzman

    I really like the new pages. So much more easier to navigate this site.

  • Reader2

    You know, the Classlist gives you the blood status of many students, including Lavander.
    You might want to make use of that information.

  • Lisa

    The class list from “Harry Potter and Me” is tricky because (as shown in the video) it differs enough from the books that it cannot be considered canon.

    Having said that, I think you’re right — it should be acknowledged.

  • omikse

    oops…you have Seamus as starting Hogwarts in 1981…..he would have been just a year old….

  • Kaylee Tonks-Lupin

    I noticed that too, omikse. Hopefully it will be fixed soon! But we all know they meant 1991, right?

    That said, I love all the new pages!


  • Reader2

    You might want to add to the pages that Seamu’ boggart is a banshee, and the fact that Ernie is pure-blood (this was stated in CoS).

  • Haltiamieli

    Even though Lexicon is not centered on the movies, it might be quite fair to mention the little fact that in Prisoner of Azkaban it wasn’t yet Shefali Chowdhury but Sitara Shah who played Parvati Patil.

  • Lisa

    Thanks, Haltiamieli. I was trying to figure that out. I found information on the switch but it sounded like Shah left the cast before the movie was filmed. I will research this further.

  • rita

    Hello Lisa! I’m really wondering how she looks like! and i’m quite determinated to find out! I found the same picture as you on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Lavender_brown.jpg
    I haven’t come across a decent description of her in Polish version of the books, so i wrote a message to HP Grownups mailing group and asked for help. Maybe they will put my message on the list and help me . I’m really surprised how little we know about certain characters. I really like Lavender, especially after book 6!

    If HP4Grown ups won’t help i’m planning to write to Jo and ask her ^_^ Yay for my determination!


  • Jabbok

    Erm, are you going to include info on who played Mme. Maxime in the movie?

  • Moony

    I found out Umbridge has her own page too! Did the notes I sent you help you, or were they an annoying thing?

  • daveindetroit

    RE;Dean Thomas page. Jo stated in an interview that his wizard father was killed by death eaters and he had never told his wife he was a wizard. She Thinks she and her son were abandoned by him.

  • Reader2

    A confusing detail about Dean:
    We seem to have two Mr. Thomases, the wizard father and the muggle stepfather, since it’s unclear whose last name Dean had inherited.
    My vote is for the muggle.
    On JKR’s site she says: “the person Dean thinks is his father is really his stepfather”, that makes it more likely that Dean has his stepfather’s last name.

  • John D.

    Poor Dean. How could her mother lie to him and tell him that his stepfather was his father? An even when Dean turns out ot be a wizerd, she still doesnt tell him. Thats weird, in most cases, when the kid is little, thay try to explain him that he had another dad that Loved him very much but for x reason.(probably invented reason becuase mum doest want kid to know father abandoned him, he had to leave. Its too cruel to lie to a kid about his heritage, they have the right to know.

  • Marco

    The appearances of the characters in the movies doesn´t tally with the descriptions of the characters in the books in general. This goes especially for the Weasleys. The twins are descriped as short and stocky, while p.e. Percy is described as tall and slender in the books. But the Phelps twins, who are playing Fred and George, are 6ft 3″, and are so considerably taller as Chris Rankin (5ft 10″), who is playing Percy. Also Percy is described to wear glasses in the books, but in the movies he wear not.

    What is more, Jennifer Smith was only something like an extra actress in PoA/f and had no text. And according to imdb PoA/f was the only engagement of this Jennifer Smith. It´s possible, that in HBP/f, where the character of Lavender Brown gets more important, any other actress will play this role.

  • Lisa

    I can’t help but think that some of this is deliberate on Jo’s part — playing with our perceptions, that is. In a 2000 interview a Canadian reporter asked Jo questions about this very topic. Here is their exchange:

    Lauren: In all your books, the continuing theme is that people are not what they appear to be. Sometimes they seem dangerous, and are good. Sometimes helpful people are bad. It looks like Harry is being taught to overlook first impressions and to be suspicious of people. Do you think that’s something kids need to learn more than other generations?

    Rowling: You’re right, this is a recurring theme in the books. People are endlessly surprising. It’s a very jaded person who thinks they’ve seen every possible nuance of human nature.

    Sometimes I get asked ‘What would be your recipe for a happier life?’ And I’ve always said ‘A bit more tolerance from all of us.’

    One way to learn tolerance is to take the time to really understand other people’s motives. Yes, you’re right. Harry is often given an erroneous first impression of someone and he has to learn to look beneath the surface. When you look beneath the surface he has sometimes found that he is being fooled by people. And on other occasions he has found very nice surprises.

    Source: http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2000/1000-cbc-rogers.htm

  • DA Jones

    That may be exactly why JKR has not described Lavender. It might be an indication that Harry has never taken the time to notice her, even to the point of caring what she looks like.

    Perhaps JKR is planning to suprise us with Lavender. Harry and his immediate friends think she is shallow. But there are a few minor hints in the text here and there that she might not be as shallow as they think.

    If nothing else there has to be a deep well of bravery in Lavender or why else
    would she be a Gryffindor, and as an ex- girlfriend of Ron who might be in danger JKR has set-up a super scenrio here.

    Let’s say she sends Krum, Cho and Lavender on a mission and something goes
    badly wrong.

    In other words, JKR might have set-up something dramatic and unexpectadly heroic for us regarding Lavender.

    If nothing else how would Ron react to a dying heroic Lavender in his arms telling him that she loved him; when he never did; or a Lavender that sacrfices herself for the trio. OR just a captured Lavender.

    This sort of thing is why I suppose Lavender is so popular in fanfiction. Along with the fact by not describing her, it lets any young girl identify with Lavender and thus helps suck them into the story.

  • Reader2

    Krum, Cho and Lavender, hah?
    Sounds like a talk show material.

    Here is an intersting deatil about Lavender: if we tried to guess her boggart, we could narrow it down to a rat, a snake or an eyeball.
    While fears of rats and snakes are very common, the eye-bogart is just as inriguing as Dean’s hand-bogart. The eye-bogart could belong two one of the “two missing girls”, but the “missng girls” still haven’t made an entrance and it seems like they never will, so whatever message or secret is encoded in the eye-bogart probably concerns Lavender.

  • Lav Lav

    sorry, i don’t know where to put this, but here: Penelope Clearwater is listed as being percieved to be in Percy’s year on teh ravenclaw page where everyone in Ravenclaw throughout the years is listed, but book three says that she is head girl while percy is head boy, prooving that they are in the same year. Sorry steve (or whoever updates this stuff), i don’t mean to make more trouble for you.