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Do wizards have restaurants?


About a week ago I was studying through the first few chapters of PS and realized that I hadn’t done justice to the Muggle zoo, having ignored the reptile house and zoo restaurant despite writing an entry for every other building in the books. So I went ahead and added them to the Gazetteer.

And then I got to thinking. We’ve seen two Muggle restaurants (the one in the zoo and the hamburger restaurant in Paddington Station), but I couldn’t remember ever seeing a Wizarding restaurant. Sure they have pubs, like the Leaky Cauldron, but do they ever eat food in them? And why isn’t there a full-fledged restaurant? So of course I had to find out. Turns out, yes! Harry eats both in the Leaky Cauldron and in cafes in Diagon Alley in PA4. So then I had to go add cafes to the Diagon Alley page.

So I did that, and in doing so realized that the Diagon Alley page was annoyingly dense and difficult to read. So I went ahead and reformatted that, too.

This is why it’s dangerous for me to start editing things.


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