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Happy Birthday Molly Weasley!


The WotM calendar on Jo’s official site is displaying Happy Birthday wishes to Molly Weasley for October 30.


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  • Doug

    Molly is a great and perfect mom, always taking care of her children (and husband) and even those (such as Harry) who aren’t her own.

  • Kaz

    I’ve always thought Molly’s success as a mother lies in the fact that she has seven happy and healthy children who have never had to doubt their mother’s love. That’s about the best you can ask as a child I reckon!

  • Cheryl

    Molly is a great role model for motherhood. SHe loves her famly unconditionally but is quick to discipline when necessary. She also “adopts” her childrens friends as her own. Happy Birthday Molly!

  • Ana

    What a great mum.
    Happy bithday and long life for you and all your prole

  • roonwit

    On the subject of character birthdays, I just realised that James’ birthday is in late May, June, July or August, because Lupin tells us that James was only 15 when the events of Snape’s worst memory occured, but that would be their fifth (OWL) year so James can’t have had his birthday for that school year.