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JKR.com site update for Halloween


Jo has come through in the true spirit of Halloween, giving us a Treat on her official website!
I updated the Guide to JKR.com as they appeared. 🙂
The new additions today were:
in Extra Stuff-Miscellaneous: Spell Definitions
and Diary entry #9.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • ethel

    WOW I just found this!!!

    i didn’t see the extras bit though… *runs to see*
    *runs back*
    It’s really nice that J.K. adds all these extra bits, it just makes it easier to see how she thinks about a spell, and how serious she considers the effects of each one to be. I think she spent a while figuring this out…

  • Michele

    Oh, Jo, you’re so nice! And the way you write about yourself just makes me laugh… That’s why everybody loves her: she’s a great personality. I want to meet her before I die! Great diary entry and great Spell Definitions… New canon to add to the Lexicon 😉 Keep working!

  • John D.

    Spell definitions is so great. THats the kind of info i want to know about the wiz world, i dont want any crucial information about the plot, i like the little details of the universe she has created..

  • Moony

    It would be nice if Jo would use rss, and if the text-only-version would contain the sounds you can hear by using the flash-website.It also would be great to post questions on her website (like using this pensieve) because, I have a lot of them.