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Canon Fodder: Wizard Currency Converter


“Canon fodder” will be an intermittent series of posts about cool stuff that can be found in the dark corners of the Lexicon.

Wizard Currency Converter: Have you ever wanted to give a gift certificate in Galleons, Knuts and Sickles, but didn’t know the exchange rate? The Lexicon has a calculator that will convert dollars, pounds and euros to Galleons, Galleons to dollars, and so on. Bel has even used it to convert dollars to euros. What other fun ways can you think of to use it?

It was created by Niklas Åkerlund and modified by Ly_the_fairy.



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  • Katherine

    this is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Penny

    Very interesting, one for my fav’s!

  • Elizabeth

    This is one of the bestpages in the lexicon

  • hpfan


  • Kacky Snorgle

    Pretty nifty…but if one Galleon equals both 7.33 dollars and 7.16 euro, then some of your Muggle exchange rates are badly out of date! I don’t think 7.33 dollars would buy even 6 euro these days….

    I’m sure it’s not reasonable to expect the Lexicon to provide up-to-the-minute Muggle currency exchange rate quotations, but an update every year or three might be nice…. 😉

  • Pat

    That’s awesome! But do you think you could eventually add Aus dollars too? Thanks!

  • Katherine

    No can do, Pat. JKR gave exchange rates only for £, Amrican $ and Euros

  • Mikkel Larsen

    Re Kacky Snorgle’s remark it may be better to use the pound exchange rate and calculate other currencies from that. Presumably the Galleon/Sickle/knut money are british anyhow. Not that I’m aware of any other wizarding money 😀

  • Kacky Snorgle

    @ Mikkel Larson: The Muggle campground manager at the Quidditch World Cup in GoF refers to some wizarding folk attempting to pay him with gold coins the size of hubcaps. This appears to confirm that foreign wizards use different money than British wizards. Admittedly that’s not quite the same thing as confirming that the Galleon is pegged to sterling, but still, that’s probably the best assumption to make–better than continuing to use years-old Muggle exchange rates, anyway.

  • Mio

    I think that by “size of hubcaps” he was exaggerating the size of a gold Galleon. I could swear that JKR described them as being like hubcaps once prior to that.

  • Steve

    The exchange rate that is automatically entered is 7.33. That means a rate of US$1 = 7.33 Galleons. That’s the same a 1 Galleon = 5 UK pounds, which is the rate at the time the converter was created. I would love to have the converter update itself from the web. Until then, you’ll have to enter the current rate manually. As of this writing (November 5, 2006) the corrected rate would be 9.51. I got this from http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html. If you enter that in place of the 7.33, you’ll get the correct rate for today.

  • rebelangel

    wow 😀

  • We’ll have the full converter online soon. Nick and I were working out details just this afternoon. He’s been working on a number of updates and improvements over the past week or two, and that’s toward the top of the list.

    • Yes we were. It is going to be a great new version with some cool new features, stay tuned

      • Hannah Winograd

        Thank You!