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Improved Wizard Currency Converter


Yes, the exchange rates on the old one were out of date, so… I got out my wand and swished it a few times.
I hope you enjoy this updated version!
I’ve added a few more currencies from around the world, including the Romanian New Lei, the Bulgarian Lev, the Australian Dollar and another canon (ahem) currency we know. 😀

By the way… should you get a result that reads NaN it stands for Not a Number.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Kacky Snorgle

    Woohoo! Thanks for the update! 😉

    Mathematically, though, I’m not quite sure about the implementation of the “other (ahem) currency”. It seems like the zeroes and the NaNs ought to be the opposite way round….

  • Heehee Kacky Snorgle 😉
    I agree, it would be better suited the other way around. But I think the NaN side effect is funny, so I left it included anyway, for a bit of whimsy.

  • Jacqui

    Wow. The converter was great before, but now it’s better than fantastic! I’m so glad it’s got Australian dollars because now I can really use it.

  • NiGHTS fan

    Well done !!! Very impressed at the sheer effort, commitment and devotion that goes into this site. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the contributors ever settle for second best and I just wanna let you all know it really is appreciated. This is just one more example of the wonderful work you do that keeps me coming back, time and time again !!!

  • Bandersnatch

    Leprechaun Gold. Heh. 🙂

  • Pat

    Yay! Australian dollars 😀 😀

  • Elizabeth

    Gold gold gold

    Oh it is gone!

  • olivier

    Knowing that Swiss Bankers are very close to Goblins (Iworked for one) I am curious to know the exchange rate for Swiss Francs…

  • TimS

    I have trouble with the title graphics. The dark blue letters against the brown background is very difficult to read.

    I’m red-green color-blind, that may well make a difference here.

  • Good idea Olivier! I’ve added it. 🙂

    TimS, thank you for letting us know! We *try* to check for color-blindness problems on new graphics, but these were created before it was common to do so. This is something we certainly want to keep in mind, to make the Lexicon easy to use for everyone. Please feel free to tell us if you run across anything else!

    and NiGHTS fan, thank you, that is really gratifying to hear!

  • John D.

    waht timS says is true.. the blue letteres are really difficult to read against thea bakground

  • Beth

    I’ve tried clicking the link to the updated version, but it just keeps taking me back to the old version. I still see the exchange rate as 7.33 and I don’t see anything at all about leprechaun gold….how do you get to the new one??

  • Hi Beth, the old one has been replaced on our server with the new one, so it is probably your cache.
    Try cleaning out your ‘temporary internet files’ folder and refreshing the page. 🙂

  • Kaz

    Wow!, Where I come from, that’s $12,000 that Harry handed over to Fred and George – that’s a deposit on a house!!!

  • Nicole

    Wow, I’ve always wondered about this. What parts of the books did you use to figure out the exchange rate?

  • William Givens

    I am glad that the Currency Converter was updated. The once-a-day updating feature and the additional major currencies are very nice features. Adding the Russian ruble and the Chinese yuan would be good ideas as well, as those two countries are definitely important on the world stage. Just a suggestion…

  • *swishes wand*
    There you have it, William! 🙂

    Nicole, the exchange rate is based on an answer Jo gave in this interview Comic Relief chat where she said a Galleon is about 5 Pounds. All the other currencies are compared to this.

  • Molly

    Belinda, could I have the Indian rupee please !!!!

  • My pleasure Molly!
    Enjoy! 🙂

  • I love the converter! I use it all the time to make pricing on my roleplay site more realistic, and with a little bit of guestimating, I can produce reasonable prices that people won’t throw rocks at me for!

  • Marcus

    I mean it was already fantastic that u have a wizard currency converter but this is just simply amazing now.

  • Marcus

    Oh the only thing that u might want to update now is the actual little summary because it still says $7.33 in US currency.

  • Lori

    This excites me muchly muchly. I’ve always wondered about the conversions here, and this is just so awesome!

  • Josee

    I know this converter is based on what Jo said, that 1 Galleon = 5 pounds, but I have some sort of trouble with the fact that when you enter the price of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages, which Jo also determined, the numbers aren’t right.

    I’m just wondering which one is the right one…

  • DADS

    Please, could I have the Brazilian real?

  • *swishes wand*
    Happy to add that, DADS! 🙂

  • Josee,
    You can read more about it on this page Wizard Money.
    To answer your question simply, that price listed on the back of the schoolbooks (QA and FB) was not from Jo, it was from the publishers. And the Introduction in both books gives a figure (canon) that calculates to the same as the statement in the interview. That’s where we derive our canon source, not the back cover.

  • Whitney

    Whoa, so cool! Very helpful for someone like me who had no idea how to convert it all before! Thanks for putting it out.

  • Aileencita

    Wonderful tool. I’d love to read about the economic systems present in the Rowling world, too.

  • Ben

    How much money equals 1 Leprachaun gold

  • I like it’s cool but could you add the Mexican Peso, if it isn’t too much of a hastle, if it is then don’t.

  • *swishes and flicks*
    No hassle at all, Aistyria!

    and Ben… Leprechaun gold is worth nothing. That’s why it says zero, or NaN, which means Not a Number. 😀

  • Sujatha

    Amazing…simply loved the converter. Especially since it features INR. I always thought the world underestimated the HP fans in India or even ignored the witches and wizards in this part of the world. Thanks a million Belinda

  • Ran S

    i’m not sure if this is completely right…
    i was looking at the back of my “fantastic beasts and where to find them” book and on the back it says quote on quote–> “$5.99 (14 sickles and 3 knuts)” and if i write 14 sickles and 3 knuts, than i get “$9.67”, just letting you know, but this is a great site, really good idea

  • Actually RanS, that’s not right. (See my answer to Josee’s comment further up the Pensieve.)
    As you can read about here: Wizard Money, that is a mistake made by the American Publishers. If you read the Introduction of the book, there are figures that convert to one Galleon equals 5 BP and the equivalent US dollars at the time. Jo also said in an interview that a Galleon is roughly 5 Pounds. That is the canon we use for the Currency Converter.

  • Holly

    If 1 pound is 3sickles,11 knuts,where can I get wizarding money if i’m a muggle?and,wont it be hard to keep track of loose change?

  • Jabro

    woohoo I’m rich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzie

    Can you put in NZ as well?

  • Lizzie

    Just thinking that maybey those school books should be cheaper. They need 8 books in y1 and they cost about $10 each. Isn’t $80 alot for an 11 yar old?

  • Sure Lizzie!
    Glad you asked. I’ll add NZ ASAP! 😀

  • Phoenix182

    WiCkEd!! Go MoNeY!! GaLlEoNs, SiCkLeS AnD KnUtS!!!

  • FwooperLOL

    How do antipodean Opaleyes see without
    pupils? Telepathy? As Pansy Parkinson
    would say, “Ooo!”

  • FwooperLOL

    For all you muggles out there who really
    want to make cheap wizard money, try getting some thin nuts (the nut & bolt kind) and spray-painting them bronze & gold. It really works! If only it were real….

  • Rebekah

    I’m glad i found the link here my daughter nearly got me to give her $80 dollars a week by saying she wanted 6 Galleons a week – the wonders of teenagers

  • thanks for adding the Mexican Peso!

  • question, why are these conversions different from the ones on cnn?
    You don’t have to answer just wondering.

  • Hi Aistyria!
    That’s because CNN incorrectly uses the price from the back of the schoolbooks, FB and QA. You can read more about it here Wizard Money. As I pointed out earlier, that figure is a mistake by the publishers, and not canon.
    P.S. We’ve tried to tell CNN but they’ve ignored us. 😛

  • Amanda

    This site is so great! Thank you for all you do for us Harry Potter fans. Don’t know what I ever did without you!

  • John

    This is great, the converter is very advanced, how did you do it?

  • Veronica

    HI! Tis is great!!
    I just wonderd if you can ad Swedish kr??

  • *swishes and flicks*
    There we are, Veronica! Glad you asked. 🙂

    John, it’s magic of course!

  • Annie

    Wow! I love the updated version! I use is for projects in my Hogwarts summer school class and it worked out wonderfully for projects such as menus ! I love it! Thanks so much!!!

  • Fiona

    This is great!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    This is the best website

  • Helios Lightra

    This is great! I was just about to see how the values converted, so came here to see if the Lexicon had anything. *Snorts* if the Noble Collection were to make the money the same way the goblins do (in case anyone reading this isn’t in the spirit, I know it’s not real), than they are over charging $18.82 US! hahaha….

  • ginger

    your little ‘flags’ brown background with dark lettering need to be made so they can be read. I can’t make out a thing so I left site. try reading them yourself


  • haley

    this is cool. ill have to check here if i ever need to convert money

  • Daniel Young

    Once last year my teacher told me to bring whay i’d done a she ment my paper and I asdintly braught my laptop

  • Daniel Young


  • silvia

    I love it! It’s fantastic! But I must say, once you change the custom rate, it’s very easy to figure out how the currency converter works, if you know how many sickles to a galleon and how many knuts to a sickle!

  • every thing in the wizard world is so expensive no wonder the weasleys are poor

  • Ariel

    I agree, hermy. It’s ridiculous.

  • Evamondo

    Wow, that is really cool!!!!