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Happy Birthday Bill Weasley!


The WotM calendar on Jo’s site is showing birthday wishes for Bill Weasley on November 29th, again this year. 🙂

I have updated the Guide to JKR.com.


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    happy birthday, bill!! i hope fleur is nice to you today..

  • John D.

    I found a mistake in yout guide to jkrowling’s site. Here it says the gobb llyn card was used to get the title of book six, but it was used to get the description of the “lion-man”, Scrimgeour.

  • Whooops! Thanks John D.!

    *brandishes wand* 😀

  • Pat

    Woot, happy birthday Billy!

  • Joan Harrison

    Hi, why is your posting for Bills birthday dated 28th November when it is his birthday today -29th- and that’s on my JKR site calender. It is anything to do with the USA/UK divide?.

  • Reader2

    Indeed, JKRs website appears to be on European time, so American fans are always a day behind.

  • Yes Joan, it is the time difference.
    The calendar updates for birthdays and Wizards of the Month automatically at midnight UK time. I was watching for the change and posted it immediately, so the post reflects MY time, which is Eastern US.
    Drats, I usually try to include the true birthdate in the post, and I forgot this time.
    *goes to edit main post*

  • Bethany

    OOO happy belated bday Bill! (whose bday is only 13 days after my own) have a good one, woop-woop!!! PAR-TAY!

  • Natalie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A NICE ONE!!!!!!!???????????????????