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December Wizard of the Month


We have another new canon character from the WotM calendar on Jo’s site… Laurentia Fletwock.
We’ll be updating the relevant Lexicon areas shortly.

Lisa here: I have now updated the Wizards page with graphics (click for the fullsize version) and commentary on the possible name origins. Thanks to readers Cherry and SarahW — they beat me to some of the name origin information!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • I found it facinating that “Laurentia” was the name of a continent that now makes up Greenland and part of North America. According to http://www.wikipedia.com, “Laurentia” was also a proposed name for the country that united as Canada. I don’t see any connection to this month’s featured wizard, except that it is a nice name.

    I was surprised how similar her last name is to “Flitwick.” With the word “flet” in her last name, we could possibly look toward words like “fletch” and “fletcher” to help us find meaning. “Fletch” is to feather an arrow, and “fletcher” which is one who makes arrows. There is also a “flet” in Middle Earth (Lord of the Ring) mythology. It is a flat wooden platform which is in a tree.

    So with “flet” there might be a connotation of flight or being off the ground.

  • Cherry

    Surely it is not coincidence, given the winged horse connection, that the surname Fletwock sounds rather like Fetlock

  • Lisa

    I had the same thought, Cherry. Jo has a lot of homonym names: Karkus, Umbridge, etc.

  • Nan B

    Has anyone noticed that Laurentia is wearing English riding clothes, but holding a Western saddle? I wonder why?

  • Tonks Wannabee

    Nan B, Would you want to ride a flying horse in an English saddle? I’d much rather have the security offered by a Western saddle personally. 🙂