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Hagrid’s Birthday wish on JKR.com


The WotM calendar on Jo’s site is once again this year showing happy birthday wishes to Hagrid for December 6th. 🙂
Curious that this is the only birthday that doesn’t give the character’s full name.


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  • DA Jones

    Could it be Gwamps birthday than? Is Gwamp’s full name Gwamp Hagrid?

    What do you think?

  • Chey

    That doesn’t make much sense to me. Why would Grawp have the same birthday? Just because they are brothers? I don’t have the same last name as my brothers. And his last name wouldn’t be Hagrid either because Grawp is only a half brother. He didn’t have the same father at Hagrid did, so he wouldn’t have taken that as his last name. Do Giants even bother with last names?

  • DA Jones

    First of all, I spelt Grawp’s name wrong.

    My apologies. Reubus and Grawp could have the same last name if the Giants are Matriolineal, since they have the same mother. JKR could actually be slyly wishing Grawp a Happy Birthday and not Hagrid.

    The Female Giants if Olympe Maxime is an example do seem smarter.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I have always found rare that she only says “Hagrid”, but Grawp is not Hagrid of surname. Grawp is son of Fridwulfa and other giant. Mr. Hagrid isn’t related with him.

    Maybe Mr. Hagrid’s birthday? Nah… we analyze too much 😛 it’s Rubeus, sure.

  • Reader2

    Giants don’t sound matriarchal.
    Both Gurgs introduced in the book were male.
    Female giants might be smarter, but that does not have to make any difference.
    I also doubt that giants have last names.
    If Grawp is a typical example, given names are hard enough for them to learn.

  • Kevin YouBustSlug

    Dec. 6th is the Feast of St. Nicholas. Maybe JKR views Hagrid as a Father Christmas sort of character, British for Santa Claus.

  • hprocksmyworld

    I dont know why … but I have a feeling that the people who get their B’Days on JK Calendar are going to live. For e.g we never saw James, Lily or Sirius or even Dumbledore’s B’Day in her calendar … did we? I don’t remeber if she gives Voldemort’s B’day.

  • Taj

    no jo didn’t give voldemort’s birthday on her website BUT she gave it to us in the books (new year’s eve – dec. 31)

    that’s a really interesting theory though..if its true im so glad mcgonagall lives because she’s my favorite!!

  • Bethany

    Happy birthday Hagrid!!
    And also about Voldemort’s birthday, I think it could actually be the first of January as well because it said Merope came to the orphanage on the 31st, but she could have had him early into the morning hours, though I think it’s safe to assume it’s New Year’s Eve.

  • Kelley

    Kevin YouBustSlug – That depends on where you live. In Belgium the celebrate it on the 6th, but in Holland on the 5th 🙂

    I don’t really know why she left out Rubeus, but I don’t think it’s really important. Those characters indeed aren’t mentioned on the calendar, never thought of that

  • Pat Pat

    We have debated before whether the birthdays given on JKR’s web site are those of people who are going to live. I have my doubts only because we KNOW that JKR has changed her mind about at least one character’s fate. She has stated that a character who was originally supposed to die has gotten a reprieve. Doing that would limit her ability to change her mind.

    On the other hand, it DOES seem like the kind of sneaky clue she would give us!

  • Robert

    I agree that it’s obviously Rubeus Hagrid who as we all know is known simply as Hagrid in the books. Not Mr. Hagrid or Professor Hagrid or Rubeus but as Hagrid which is most likely why J.K. Rowling simply put Hagrid down as his name.

  • Kevin YouBustSlug

    Bethany, I think it highly unlikely that Voldemort’s birthday could be January 1, simply due to all of the death themes which surround him. December 31st the year is dying. Snow is a like a burial shroud. His wand is made of Yew. His name is “flight from death”. It would make little sense for his birth to come with the birth of the new year. Even though Harry is born “as July dies”, it is high Summer. His wand is Holly. Harry is the epitome of life, while Voldy is the epitome of death.

  • HAGRID = AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    she probably didn’t put down hil full name because she didn’t think we would notice