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Happy Birthday Lisa!


We at the Lexicon would like to wish a very special happy birthday today to one of our very special staffers, Lisa Waite Bunker.
Lisa takes care of the character pages and the artists here on the Lexicon as well as managing AccioQuote! (the newly merged website of QuickQuotesQuill and Madam Scoop’s).
Lisa dedicates countless hours to the websites of the Floo Network, and her contribution to the Potter fandom is extraordinary. Please join us in wishing her all the best on her day.
Happy Birthday Lisa! 🙂


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Reader2

    I’ll gladly join in on this one, to wish Mrs. Waite good health, happines and strangth to carry on her projects which brings satisfaction to so many HP fans.

  • Finn

    Woohoo, happy birthday Lisa! Amazing work you do for the Lex!

  • omikse

    Wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday!, and sending you a huge thank-you for all your work here at the Lexicon!

  • qwertyuiop

    A very Happy Birthday to Miss Lisa from Ed.

  • Pat

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!! You deserve it, you have done some of the greatest work ever here on the HPLexicon!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Happy birthday!!! you work a lot for the fandom. today is the day when we thank you all what you do! thanks.

  • John D.


  • Laura

    Happy B-Day!!!!!!

  • Lindsay

    Happy birthday!

    (Wow, today must be a popular day to be born on, I’ve already wished 3 other people happy birthdays as well!)

  • moony

    Happy Birthday, and thanks a lot for the work you do and have done for the lexicon!

  • Happy birthday, and awesome job at the Lexicon

  • tito

    Heartfelt happy birthday.
    You Lisa and many others cannot even imagine how much all that work is appreciated and how good it is for us fandom members.

  • Roonil Woolzib

    Happy Birthday Lisa and keep up the good work for Floo and Lexicon.

  • Jake

    Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope you had a lovely day. Thank you for all the work you have done.

  • Lisa

    Wow, thanks everyone! I just got back from a birthday visit to family in Seattle, so I am just now seeing Bel’s note!

    My day was lovely. My sister took us to to see the Maurice Sendak (famous children’s book illustrator) version of The Nutcracker which was quite gorgeous!

  • Graymayne

    Happy Birthday, Lisa! Your work for the Lexicon is, I have to admit, awesome (not a term I use lightly). Thank you so much.

  • Kaylee Tonks-Lupin

    Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had the best birthday ever!!!

    ~Kaylee, an avid Lexicon reader

  • Whizbang121

    Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day.