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JKR.com decorated for Christmas


Christmas card from JKR.com
Christmas decorations have appeared on Jo’s site again this year.
So far they seem to be mostly the same as the past two years; the only major differences I notice are the cards on the Extra Stuff bulletin board, and the snowman globe in the Links bookcase is moved.
We’ll keep you posted if more develops.
Merry Christmas! 🙂

EDIT: I’ve been noticing for a while that with each change to the graphics the entire site appears to be getting “darker and darker”. There are more shadows, with a deeper contrast, and the overall “tone” seems to be well, just… darker! I have no idea if this is intentional, if it simply indicates different artists’ work, or if it is pure coincidence. But I find it curious and possibly reflective of the darker tone in the books’ progression. You can see this most clearly in the succession of images on the Links bookcase page. (Notice the candle flame shrinking?) It also shows in the shadow cast across the new Diary on the desktop.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Kzspot

    *runs to room*
    It`s Christmas!!!!! Oh, wait, not yet.

  • Eeyore

    I was so glad to see the decorations this morning. Can anyone tell what is written on the base of the snow globe? Probably not important, but now I’m curious.

  • aasa

    wasn’t there christmas decorations in the hall outside the room of recuirement last year? some stuff on the table or something similar? plus a tree behind the open door in the mirror?

  • Last year there were holly branches in the vase, replacing the daffodils. But now that the Flitterbloom plant (puzzle) is there, the holly can’t appear. And yes, there was a Christmas tree in the mirror. It became part of the puzzle for opening the Door on Christmas the first year. So my suspicion is… perhaps we are in for another puzzle?!

  • aasa

    Pretty please with suger on top, Jo!!!

  • Jake

    Wow, how exciting! I can’t wait.

  • Now, it’s just my suspicions you must understand! I don’t know anymore than you do. 🙂

  • dark stuff =dead cool characters !!!???????? *gulp*
    I hope not!!!

  • Lisa

    Another change I’ve noticed is that the Wizard of the Month images are getting larger. Initially too they were sepia-toned. Now they are full color.

  • Yes Lisa! Before, the characters barely extended beyond the frame of the calendar, now look how far they reach. Laurentia’s stirrups actually fall below the flash window! (Well, we can see it again after Charlie’s birthday is over 😛 )

  • Nan B

    Last year, there was a Christmas tree with flashing lights at the end of the hall visible in the mirror beside the door to the Room of Requirements. And you could see the same flashing Christmas tree lights reflected in the trophy in the Fan Site Awards page.

    This year, the Christmas tree is not there in the mirror, but you can still see the lights reflected in the trophy!

    What does this mean? Do you think the rooms on Jo’s website move around, like the stairs and classrooms at Hogwarts do?

  • aasa

    when you point that out (especially the shadow over the diary) I immideately associate to the shadows in Moodys foe-glass growing more and more clear and distinct.
    not that it means anything, but it was my first thought…

  • Joan Harrison

    I had thought that the pages were getting ‘darker’ (but I thought maybe it was just my eyesight playing tricks!) I had noticed the candle in the Links bookcase though – Do you think it will finally be ‘snuffed out’ after the last book?

  • auntypsycho

    Looking at the “darkness” over the diary it looks like the shadow of something that is “out of sight” on the desk

  • Hannah

    It does seem like the entire site is getting darker. But, I also noticed that there are very few decorations up this year. Perhaps JKR is trying to tell us she is too busy writing to do any elaborate decorating. Just maybe, she will have a most joyous announcement before the end of 2006-one that would make all HP fans celebrate the new year!

  • Eeyore

    Now that you mention it, it does all seem darker. The other thing that I just noticed, is that on the links page that you have posted, there is the flask or beaker that we have seen before and it’s sitting next to the snowman globe on the shelf. However, when I click on Jo’s site, there is only the snowman globe with no beaker. How can that be?

    I’m really confused.

  • Eeyore,
    Let me allay your confusion. The flask was a potion ingredient for one of your scrapbook pages. You already clicked on it, so it has disappeared (for you).

  • Jake

    I’m sorry if this has been mentioned before, but has anybody noticed “God rest ye merry gentlemen” playing in the background?
    How intruiging.
    I get the feeling something exciting is going to happen soon.

  • Eeyore

    Thanks, Belinda–that clears up one mystery, at least.

    Now, if we could just figure out what is causing the shadow to fall on the diary….

  • Bethany

    Yay Christmas!! I think the whole candle thing may symbolize how close we’re getting to the end of the series? Idk just a thought. Happy holidays everybody!!

  • iszi

    There are two large tower-like shadows emanating from the top right hand corner. One falls on the diary the other falls above that – so that ultimately it falls on the rumours paper.

    Also has the wind in the background got spookier and louder than before? Or is it just me?

  • Hunter

    The wind has definatly gotten louder and more intense, now that you mention it. IT’s more consistant now.

  • Jake

    Oh my word. Now you say it I can totally see.

  • Pernille

    The thing about the wind, the shadows and the light could just be bacuse Jo’s giving her site a winter mood.
    But the candle is obviously a hint

  • NLM

    The darkness probably represents the books getting darker as they go. It may also be because of the ‘dying’ of the books and the year.

  • omikse

    Does anyone else think that the snow on the hillside, in the view from the window in the Room of Requirement, seems to be deeper? You can hardly see the little house anymore……

  • margi

    goodness the phone is no longer ringing! Maybe Jo has gone into hybernation! however the shadow on the diary (from your screen cap) seems to have been there for quite some time

  • margi

    oooh and yes, the deeper snow than last year was the first thing i noticed about the new christmas decorations. Funny reason considering how little snow there is in Europe this year (at least so far)

  • David

    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    The Door is open on jkrowling.com!!!

    Maybe a christmas present, folks!

  • Yippee

    i just got in the door (it only took me like 3 hours before i caved and went looking for the answer)!! But i’m super happy i got at least one door open! I’m glad you mentioned the darkness of the website, i thought my computer was dying!! lol!

  • Maxim

    Maybe it’s just me, but why hasn’t she decorated the WOMBAT chamber? It is -partly-part of the site, but there’s no decoration in it. Just forgotten or a meaning. And something else: where’s the certificate going to come woith WOMBAT 3, there’s nearly a place left. Except the shelf.

  • Bible Spice

    Has anyone determined yet what the caption on the base of the snow globe is?