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Diary and Rumour update on JKR.com


Jo has updated her site this morning with a new Diary entry and a Rumour.


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  • Well, I think she should update her website more often.
    I think her dream is really cool, although she probably didn’t find it that funny while dreaming it. Anyway, does someone know whether JK still writes in cafés (I mean in the real world, not in her dream)?? Probably not…

    I don’t like the films. I really don’t understand why she sold the film rights?! They’re just so apocryphal. And they take your fantasy away. Think it was a big mistake to sell the rights…The books are WAAAAAY better than the films!

  • Pat Pat

    Lisa Marie,
    Considering JKR stated that she has written a large part of book seven in a cafe, I have a feeling she DOES still write in cafes. She has said before that those are her favorite places to write, although I’m sure it is much more difficult now as people must recognize her.

    I agree that the books are way better than the movies, but I do not find the movies awful. I think they have changed some things that it wasn’t necessary to change, but, considering that the movie makers have had to cut up to 1000 pages into a 2 – 3 hour movie, I think they have done a decent job.

    Judging by her diary entry, JKR is still writing, so it doesn’t look like she will be done by Christmas as we all hoped for. Ah well. Can’t rush genius I suppose!

  • daveindetroit

    I must admit I share her desire/dread that book 7 be finished. also hoping that we will still get something in locked room before Xmas or maybe the New Year.

  • Hedwig June

    So do you think she was referring to the “Mr. Blood” theory of John Noe’s in her update to the Rumours section? If not, whose theory *was* that?!

  • John D.

    Thisprobably is her way of telling us not to hope for a 7/7/7 release. It sounds as though she has progressed a lot but many things are missing. She didn’t add a happy holidays or sth like that so maybe there will be another update in christmas or the 23rd..

  • Guybrush

    Personally I think the comment that she’s now writing scenes that has been planned for a dozen years, could be a hint that she’s getting close to the end of the book – after all she’s always been open that the ending has been decided from the very beginning

  • Reader2

    I am surprised a theory that crazy actually spread far enough to catch JKR’s attention. Sounds like someone confused Harry Potter with X-Men.

    A useful pease of info: we now know that the next hocrux will NOT be under hidden nook in a fireplace.

  • Naazju

    Good catch Reader2–however, folks have been saying that there could be a Horcrux at Hogwarts for ages now–perhaps that was why she was in such a grand hall? Did Voldemort know about the Room of Requirement? After all , the “safest place” is Hogwarts!

  • Naazju- it’s possible that the safest place could have changed. After all, with Dumbledore no longer at Hogwarts, and Snape knowing more than the average person about getting into Hogwarts.

  • del

    I see no reason why JKR can’tkeep writing away in cafe’s. She has a house less than an hours drive from me in Aberfeldy where she can wonder about without making much of a fuss.
    I agree with another poster that book seven may not be arriving in mid 2007, perhaps more like christmas time at the very least.

  • Kaz

    Hi everyone! I always thought it would be disappointing for the last book and the next film to come out at the same time anyway. I prefer it to be streched out over time!
    Great comment Naazju, I think it would be so typical of Voldemort/JKR to hide a horcrux at Hogwarts – after all, he did know of a hidden chamber that no-one else did!

  • serious

    Sounds like she’s wrapping it up to me. I still expect a good announcement behind the door for Christmas. I love how she keeps making a point to mention Evanna Lynch. Also, the weirdest thing about her dream is that it had a ‘narrator’ at all.

  • SomeGuyFawkes

    A horcrux in Hogwarts is a possibility.
    After all, we still do not know the real/whole reason that Voldy visited Dumbledore (they both knew the job-request outcome apriori).

    I think HWMNBN slipped down to the Chamber, cooed lovingly to the Basilisk (while feeding it a couple of muggles), and hid another horcrux in the chamber.

    He would not expect ANYBODY to be able to get to the chamber, or to leave it alive, except for his diary’s victim (who would be thoroughly controlled).

    Jo said that Movie Two’s depiction of the chamber coincidentally showed things that were relevant to future books. Will we see the chamber again?

  • jules

    So Jo has paid Two visits to Leavesden.
    I hope this means that she’ll do an interview for the DVD. i really missed an interview with her on the GOF DVD, the POA one was really short and there wasnt one for the PS/SS film (which there should of been as she had so much input in creating the Godric’s hollow scene). Obviously, she couldnt for the POA & GOF films (David & Makenzie being small) but it would be great for OOTP/f, eaven if it arrives to late for book 7 clues or isnt that spoilery

  • MarauderMeg

    I’m going to hope for a early-to-late fall release. Some of the books have come out in November (in the US, at least), and that would give a few months between it and the movie.

    Oh! Lisa Marie – if Jo updated the site more often, it would mean that she’s either not writing as much or finished. Since she’s still writing, *I* would rather have her focus on that! 🙂

    And just think…..once she’s done with Book 7, she’ll know *exactly* what info from her extensive note collection she can give us and we might get more Character backgrounds or Eggs….

    *super grin*


  • Jayni D.

    I, personally, don’t see a problem with Book 7 coming out at the same time as the OP movie. I don’t think that would affect sales at all. It’s just that the material world seems to relish all the hype that goes along with a new book/movie release. Neither the OP movie nor Book 7 need it…people who are fans of one or the other or both will be anxiously waiting and the advertising promotions will do little to enhance that, other than confirming the dates of release.

    I am really looking forward to the movie, but I am ten times more interested in Book 7, so the sooner, the better! :^)

  • LMB

    It’s good to know Jo’s still writing in cafes and in longhand.

  • vaudree

    Strange how many fire places there are in both Hogwarts and Grimmauld Place.

    JKR’s dismissal only seems to have gotten rid of a small percentage of the Harry as a Horcrux theories out there.

    Seems that JKR is playing up Evanna and down playing Bonnie – either because expectations are getting too high (with Ginny like with Draco being more like Tom Felton) or because this is Luna’s book/movie.

  • Dizzie

    We already had a Horcrux at Hogwarts; Ginny inadvertently brought Tom Riddle’s diary to the school in CoS.

  • Katherine

    JKR probably thought that this theory spoiled the goodness that is Harry by making it part of Voldemort.