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Door opens on JKR.com, Book 7 title announced


Christmas present from JKR.com
The secret Door on Jo’s site is open just in time for Christmas! But you’ll still need to puzzle your way in. Here’s how:
1. Click on the open door in the mirror, a small tree will appear.
2. Click near the top of the Door, a wreath will appear.
3. Click near the top of the mirror, garland will appear.
4. Click on a spiderweb, to “clear the cobwebs”.
5. Click on the windchimes (second chime from the right), it turns into a key.
6. Drag the key to the lock, the Door opens.
7. Click on the gift, it opens.
8. Click in the box to play the game of Hangman. Type letters on your keyboard to guess the title.

I’ll have detailed instructions with screenshots posted in the Guide to JKR.com soon. 🙂 Wow what an exciting day!

Thank you for the magical Christmas present Jo! Happy Christmas!

Notes: Clever Jo had told us to expect the title today! Remember in OP in the Hall of Prophecies, when the prophecies were crashing around, and we heard “… at the solstice will come a new…” said the figure of an old, bearded man… “…and none will come after…” said the figure of a young woman. Today, Dec. 21st is the winter solstice. 🙂

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I’m enjoying the “Reusable Hangman – Spell It Or He’ll Swing”, a Weasley Wizarding Wheezes product. 😀

ALSO:This is the 7th Door opening! How fitting to reveal the title of the seventh book. 🙂

Be sure to check out Bandersnatch’s comments in the Pensieve for some very interesting thoughts.


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