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Door opens on JKR.com, Book 7 title announced


Christmas present from JKR.com
The secret Door on Jo’s site is open just in time for Christmas! But you’ll still need to puzzle your way in. Here’s how:
1. Click on the open door in the mirror, a small tree will appear.
2. Click near the top of the Door, a wreath will appear.
3. Click near the top of the mirror, garland will appear.
4. Click on a spiderweb, to “clear the cobwebs”.
5. Click on the windchimes (second chime from the right), it turns into a key.
6. Drag the key to the lock, the Door opens.
7. Click on the gift, it opens.
8. Click in the box to play the game of Hangman. Type letters on your keyboard to guess the title.

I’ll have detailed instructions with screenshots posted in the Guide to JKR.com soon. 🙂 Wow what an exciting day!

Thank you for the magical Christmas present Jo! Happy Christmas!

Notes: Clever Jo had told us to expect the title today! Remember in OP in the Hall of Prophecies, when the prophecies were crashing around, and we heard “… at the solstice will come a new…” said the figure of an old, bearded man… “…and none will come after…” said the figure of a young woman. Today, Dec. 21st is the winter solstice. 🙂

Leaky is having traffic issues, so if they appear down, please have patience.

I’m enjoying the “Reusable Hangman – Spell It Or He’ll Swing”, a Weasley Wizarding Wheezes product. 😀

ALSO:This is the 7th Door opening! How fitting to reveal the title of the seventh book. 🙂

Be sure to check out Bandersnatch’s comments in the Pensieve for some very interesting thoughts.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • David

    Deathly Hallows seems to be the answer. Not very helpful in figuring out what happens in book 7. But still good to know.

  • Rondee

    Sounds very ominous!
    Not a children’s book anymore.

  • silos

    Wow!! Finally, there’s a title! The Deathly Hallows..seems a little scary. There’a reference to Godric’s Hollow and Halloween..And this connects us to Lily and James’ death…Dont know what we’ll see in this book..This and her last diary entry seem to just boggle the mind!

  • John D.

    Does hallow by itself means anythinf? or is it just an invented word?

  • sstabeler

    hold on, all ahllows eve is another name for halloween, so maybe it means voldemort is killed o ahloween( which would be ironic, given that’s when he tried to kill harry and killed James and Lily. or maybe THAT’s what it’s referring to? the night James and Lily were killed? maybe she wqill actually put that in the book, maybe in a pensieve scene. and i ahve a predction on who’se going to die other than voldemort, as there seems to be a slight pattern: marauder, Dark lord, maurauder, OOTP leader. which eaves maurauder next, maybe lupin ( hope not) or pettigrew, then voloemort. my money is on LV casting an AK at Harry, and pettigrew throwing himself n front of it, the harry overwheming voldemort,killing him.

  • John D.

    well i have been doinf some research in internet and i beleive the dealthy hallows are the HOgwarts 4 founders.. Continue reading. hallow is a saint or a revered one. Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Hallows and
    Harry Potter and the Hallows of Hogwarts were both rirles copyrighted by Seabottom Productions Ltd and also titles like Harry Potter and the Realm of the Lion and Harry Potter and the Serpent Price.. but well also Harry Potter and the Curse of the Dementor and
    Harry Potter and the Death’s Head Plot were copyrighted maybe to distract us from the real titles

  • Kevin YouBustSlug

    “Hallow” means “saint” or “holy”. Halloween is the eve of the Feast of All Hallows, which in America is referred to as the Feast of All Saints, Nov. 1. In the Lord’s prayer we say, “hallowed by thy name” i.e. “holy be your name”. Saints would also be holy ones.

  • moony

    After I found the title, I searched in my dictionary (English-Dutch) for the word “hallow”, and I also found a hallow is a kind of circle of light around the sun or moon or head of someone who is made a saint. After that, I searched on the internet for an English copy of the goblet of fire, because I remembered the cage of light after the priori incantatem. But there was no mention of a

  • Rondee

    From Webster dictionary:
    Hallow –
    1. to make holy; sanctify; consecrate. “to hallow the name of the Lord.”
    2. to honor as holy; consider sacred; venerate. “to hallow a battlefield.”


  • daveindetroit

    I have the title for the new book. My curiosity now is what where the other two titles she was considering and if the one she finally chose was the 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Can’t say I care for the title although that may change when I have read the book.

  • Hallow means revere, venerate, according to the merriam-webster dicctionary. It sounds like deathly venerators, like… deatheaters??? AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

  • Nan B

    ““… at the solstice will come a new…” said the figure of an old, bearded man… “…and none will come after…””

    WOW … Belinda, you are good!

  • Nan B

    “Hallow” means something that is holy, sacred or revered, as in Hallowed ground (can be used to describe a cemetary or a battlefield).

    “Hallows” can also mean objects that are associated with a saint or a sacred object, as in the relics of a saint.

    “All Hallow’s Eve” is the origin of the word Hallowe’en, it is the day before All Saint’s Day.

    However, the word for the ring around around the sun, or around the head of an angel or a saint, is “Halo” not “Hallow”.

  • Pat Pat

    I’m with Nan B. The word indicates a cemetery. My guess is that the “Deathly Hallows” is the cemetery where Lily and James are buried. We know that Harry is supposed to visit their graves in the last book and I have a feeling the place will be a very important one to the story. Perhaps there will even be a horcrux there? Since it says Hallows plural, it may even refer to more than one cemetery. Maybe Harry visits more than one in the final book.

  • Pat Pat

    BTW Belinda. GREAT Catch. I never would have noticed that about the prophecies, but you are absolutely correct!

  • Jen-the-HP-freak

    Well, if a hallow can be a relic of a saint, maybe Deathly Hallows is refering to the Horcruxes themselves. The book is supposed to be about Harry’s search for the rest of Voldemort’s horcruxes.

  • Constance Vigilance

    Regarding the battle of the MoM: “… at the solstice will come a new…” said the figure of an old, bearded man… “…and none will come after…” said the figure of a young woman.

    I think this means the *book* will come out on the solstice. My money is on June 21 for the book release date. You heard it here first.

  • Bandersnatch
  • Lisa

    Bel, What can I say, but you’re a fan’s FAN!

    Didn’t there used to be a drawing of a hangman on the Extras page?

  • GadgetDon

    Bandersnatch, that is a very interesting link. Four Hallows, four Founders. The Sword of Light–Gryffindors. Pole of Combate–unknown. Cauldron of Cure–Hufflepuff. Stone of Destiny–in the Locket?

  • Bandersnatch

    Those four hallows are also represented by the four suits of the Tarot deck.

    Sword of Light –> Swords (spades)
    = Gryffindor’s sword

    Cauldron of Cure –> Cups (hearts)
    = Hufflepuff’s cup

    Stone of Destiny –> Pentacles or Disks (diamonds)
    = Slytherin’s locket

    Pole of Combat –> Wands or Rods (clubs)
    = Ravenclaw’s… wand?

    See this essay on Leaky’s Scribbulus website, in which Erin Dolmage related the four founders’ objects to the Tarot suits a couple of months ago!

  • Bandersnatch

    The four Hallows evidently feature in the quest for the Holy Grail, as well. Check out this website, especially part VI on the Hallows:

    Also worth looking into the “Tuatha de Danaan,” which is the official Celtic name for the four Hallows.

  • Adam

    “Hallow” is not typically used as a noun, especially not in American English. But someone on The Leaky Cauldron posted this, from the Oxford English Dictionary:

    hallow (noun) – “In pl[ural = hallows] applied to the shrines or relics of saints; the gods of the heathen or their shrines. In the phrase ‘to seek hallows’ [means] to visit the shrines or relics of saints…”

    Now THAT starts to make some sense…

  • Bandersnatch

    It’s not quite clear to me, but evidently (according to the Fisher King website I posted), the guardian of the Grail waits in a castle in a wasteland for the Grail Quester to arrive. While he waits, he is surrounded by the four Hallows: the Grail itself (cup), a spear (rod/wand), a sword, and a serving dish/platter (pentacle/disk) or a stone (Slytherin’s locket).

    Harry’s on a sort of Grail Quest. And the Grail represents immortality, which is what Voldemort desires most. Very interesting…

  • Lisa

    Gah! I just figured out that I was thinking of the page in Fantastic Beasts with the hangman.


    (Don’t worry. I’m always this histerical when it comes to new HP info.)

  • Bandersnatch

    The Four Treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan, also known as the Hallows of Ireland:
    (No idea who wrote this article, so caveat emptor. But it tallies with the other websites that I’ve posted here.)

  • aillinne

    If Hallows refer to Voldemort’s Horcruxes then we have two Deathly (literally) Hallows: Nagini and Harry.

  • Miguel

    The first thing that came to my mind was the connection to All Hallows Eve (i.e. Halloween). So… I’m thinking a reference to when Lily and James were killed- in Godric’s HOLLOW, which is kinda like Hallow, perhaps because something of Gryffindor’s was hidden there, and wouldn’t it be fitting since the Potters were hidden there… well, thats my thought, and if it turns out to be true then you read first from me!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Bandersnatch: these 4 suits are from spanish cards too, not only tarot. I have always played with the “four horcruxes” 😛

    Personally I don’t like the title. Or depends of what does it describe. I hope it describes a group of wizards. Deathly Hallows, as Death Eaters. Maybe it was a name for the founders? I want founders background xD

  • Reader2

    Got to love the Hangman.

    Thank you, Bandersnatch.

    Now that I’ve read the essay, I am sure that “hallows” refers to objects, not people.

    Either the hocruxes or the four relics of four founders, but Revenclaw’s relic does not have to be a wand, it can be a staff or a sceptre.

  • kamion

    title makes me think of “Sleepy Hollow” and when I saw it at a LJ page I thought it was a hoax, but after some obnoxious fidgling with “the door” I saw it was the real thing.

    Oh some speculations seen here about the unknown Horcrux, bases on Tarot as was it one of a set of four. I disagree that it is from a set of four, because its from a set of seven and more likely the fifth Tarotic element, there for my bet is on a Ravenclaw Mirror reflecting inner fear, sort of brother to the Mirror of Erised.

  • Reader2

    Let’s not confuse the set of founders relics with the set of hocruxes.
    May remind you, the Sword of Griffindor is not a hocrux.
    There are two different sets of objects in the book.
    The Cup of Hufflepuf and the Locket of Slytherin just happen to be members of both sets at ones.
    The relic of Ravenclwa does not have to be a Hocrux, but it will complete the set of the four relics of the four founders.

  • Laura

    Accepting the fact that HALLOW means “holy” or “saint” maybe it refers to Harry himself. As his parents are from GODRICS HOLLOW, and he is known to have very strong Gryffandor powers, perhaps he IS the heir of Gryffandor. In this magical world JKR has developed, perhaps the heir of a house would be considered HOLY. Plus we already know Voldemort is heir of Slytherin. A battle…a deathly battle of the hallow ones would then occur. hmmm…..

  • Samantha Snape

    I’m not sure if the other 2 titles Jo was considering were HP and the Hogwarts Hallows and HP and Hallows of Hogwarts, but those were both trademarked awhile back. With that in mind, I think that it coincides with the title relating to the 4 horcruxes left being from the 4 founders. The Hallows of Ireland which are now commonly found in the tarot deck are; the cup (Hufflepuffs cup), the stone/pentacle (I think this refers to Slytherin’s locket), the spear (or wand, which I personally think is Ravenclaws wand, which is the wand on the purple cushion in Ollivander’s window from Book 1), and the sword (which I don’t think is Griffindor’s sword, mostly because DD didn’t think it was).

    I’m really curious as the what “Deathly” means in relation to the title. Maybe simply the fact that the “hallows” are now considered deathly because they were desecrated by being turned into horcruxes.

  • Hannah

    The title gives me shivers. Not so much because of the implication of death, I mean we always knew there would be (and has been throughout the series) but because all of the parallels and connections I’ve been reading in the posts seem to connect all the underlying themes–it’s all coming together. It’s all coming to an end. And, to me at least, there’s a very strong image of King Arthur coming out of the shadows. The implication of ending and completion point to Harry ending his quest (we know it has to be successful to rid the world of Voldemort) but at what cost? As someone said, it’s not a children’s book anymore. Maybe, it never was. Suddenly, I don’t feel prepared for the end.

  • Ben

    GadgetDon wrote:

    Bandersnatch, that is a very interesting link. Four Hallows, four Founders. The Sword of Light–Gryffindors. Pole of Combate–unknown. Cauldron of Cure–Hufflepuff. Stone of Destiny–in the Locket?

    — December 21, 2006 @ 12:38 pm

    I’d say the stone was in the ring and the cauldron/cup is Slytherin

  • Nan B

    If I remember correctly, Jo said in her last journal entry (Oct. 31) that “Title three [is] currently ahead by a short nose, or perhaps that should be a vowel and two consonants.”

    I’m wondering the those letters are “ly” and “s”. That would mean that one of the other titles she was considering was “Harry Potter and the Death Hallow”.


  • Lisa

    Hannah, you said what is in my heart.

    Nan B., that is an excellent point. It could also be Harry Potter and Death Hollow.

  • Reader2


    The Hat Theory is already rejected.
    JKR had shot it down on her site.

    As for the sword, Dumbledores word is good enough for me, especially since the sword had been hangind in Dumbledore’s office for at least four years, long enough to run all the needed tests.

    Hopefully, by the end of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hawllows”, the headmaster’s office will contain a complete set of four relics of the four founders, even though at least two of those relics will be badly damaged.

  • Pat Pat

    Samantha Snape,
    interesting theory about Ravenclaw’s wand being the wand on the purple cushion. That IS the sort of clever clue JKR would give, but I’m not sure it really makes sense that Voldemort would have left a Horcrux in such an open and visible area (in a dusty window on a purple cushion.)

  • LadyOfThePensieve

    I honestly think it could have something to do with the deatheaters.

    According to the Merrian-Webster Dictionary to hallow means to venerate!


    The Deathly Hallows = The Deathly Venerators = Deatheaters.

    Just think a second.

    They venerate the Dark Lord. The eat “death”. They are deathly, too. Aren´t they?

  • karlii

    At first I thought it was to do with spirits. Halloween is supposed to be the time when the spirits are either walking among us, or the threshold is thin, and they can move back and forth. So .. “THE deathly hallows” sort of sounds like talking about deadly spirits. THEN, I read the article posted here about hallows being vessels.

    I have been on a bit of a tangent, trying to figure out what JK is trying to tell us with cards. She has trelawney in the scenes with Harry visiting D’dore three times. One time she was doing a card reading, using a deck of playing cards. JK’s interpretation of them was pretty close to the interpretations I have read. I have wondered if there are other ‘tarot-ish’ clues in the books.

    the wand, the cup, the sword and the pentacles (which can be known as a disk or coin)…

    ANYhow.. so yeah.. either one works well. Since J&L died on Hallow’s Eve, perhaps that will have something to do with it.. or Sirius (a star.. or a pentagram?…. pentacles) and that infernal mirror!

    Does anyone else wonder if “Die Weasley” in Fantastic Beasts could be a clue?? My husband can’t grasp that she might have planted a clue in book five as to when she was going to release the title of book 7.

    A lot of folks are hoping for a release on 7/7/07.. which makes sense, beings she opened the door for the seventh time for the seventh book… otoh…. maybe she will release the book on the summer solstice, and none will come after??? now THAT makes sense!!! 🙂

    HP and the PS/SS = a thing
    HP and the CoS =place
    HP and the PoA = person
    HP and the GoG = thing
    HP and the OotP = group/persons or thing/organization or place/HQ
    HP and the HBP = person
    HP and the DH = things or persons/spirits or MAYBE acts of sanctifying the horcruxes… *ack* not another direction to go!!!

    But all the other titles were nouns.. so it’d make sense for this one to be a noun as well.

  • Proserpina

    Perhaps if the “hallows” refers to “relics” and deathly (as in the saying “deathly ill”) meaning something like “almost dead” – the Deathly Hallows could be HP and the “Almost Deads” – like the Inferi or maybe the Hogwarts Ghosts??

  • Kitsune-chan

    Oh. My. God. Finally! Quick, how long was it between the time HBP’s title was revealed until its release date?

    I heard the news over the radio and I thought the title was “Deathly Hollows,” which sounds like/could refer to “Sleepy Hollow,” a place. Actually, for some reason the first thing that came to mind was the barrow wights from LOTR (really nasty ghosts who weren’t in the movie), but nevermind, that’s probably just the result of encroaching Bleach addiction. Alright, this place sounds bad. Real bad. But now that I see it’s spelled “Hallows” I don’t know; “Hallow” sounds like a creature (down Bleach fans!) or “hallowed ground” (maybe the land of the Dead?) and of course “Halloween”, although I doubt the great showdown would take place that early. Then again, it seems that the last two books missed “The Halloween Drama” (it’s usually “The Hallween Drama” (troll, blood graffiti, slashed painting) followed by “The Xmas Revealation” (invisiblity cloak/mirror, TMR’s diary/Hagrid and spider, “He is your dogfather!”) with “The Summer Showdown” finale (Harry vs. VoldyQuirrle, Harry vs. TMR and basilisk, Harry vs. Sirius vs. time) so maybe this one will make up for that.

    My snap-judgement? The Deathly Hallows is a sacred, deadly space that’s somehow connected to the Death Arch, and the location of the last battle between HP and Voldy.

    Love the backtracking to the two prophecies in the article, and dang you guys are quick…!

  • Kinga_Poland

    the title’s in my head since yesterday and can’t get it out of my mind. I’m not an English speaker so I have difficulties to catch the exact meaning of the words. Anyway, I looked up in the dictonaries and : hallow is a verb, while deathly is either an adjective or adverb. I study philology so I know that verbs don’t usually go with adjectives, only nouns, so this made me think of something. “hallow” as a noun can be written as “hallo” which means, according, to the dictonary “a shout of exultation”. And if you put “hallo” instead of “hallow” (which pronounces the same way btw!)together with the adjective “deathly” u get “deathly hallo” – deathly shout of exultation. What do u think? If it’s one of those word plays of JKR, it doesn’t sound optimistic to me :/

  • recklesscatlover

    I’m on the same sheet as Bandersnatch.
    I’d recommend to check the Lexicon forum (JKR website thread), and one especially nice Mugglenet’s editorial by Maya,


    I do not doubt that the title points to the four FounderObjects=Horcruxes, hallows=(relics of the) Saints=Founders. NOTE the Sword is a Relic not (yet) an Horcrux, just because Harry survived in GH’s naight – but this is not the point here. The intention to make it so was there (DD thinks, and who am I to contradict him).

    We have a problem : Sword,Cup,Pentacle=Locket=Dish are identified. There is a fight for the 4th (RR’s): Wand or Tiara? They both appear in books. They both appear in some lists of Hallows …

  • Loader Lady

    Deathly and Hallows each contain 7 letters.

    7th book, 7 horcruxes, 7th child (Ginny Weasley)


  • Ibishtar

    Yeah, Loader Lady that was the first thing I noticed when I was doing that hangman.
    By the way, I don’t think that JKR planted a clue in book 5 as to when she would reveal the title of boook 7. Remember that book 5 was released on the summer solstice, so it was more likely a reference to that.
    Jo loves using these magical dates for important announcements. Notice how she almost always updates her site on April Fool’s and Halloween. Also, the release date of Book 6 was also revealed on December 21st, rather than christmas. She likes to joke with us that way 😉

  • Hannah

    I love reading everyone’s comments. They’re so filled with really great connections and intrigues and as many have said, with Jo who knows. One answer always leads to twenty questions. But, Loader Lady’s comments made my head spin. Jo is practically rubbing our noses in “7” (and we know Voldemort said it’s the most magically powerful number!). Ginny–seventh child. Suddenly, Ginny takes on even more significance beyond her powers as a witch. And, as her name is short for the Italian version of Guinevere,… I’d better stop speculating.
    Anyway, the title is oddly difficult to read. “Deathly” is an adverb and thus should be modifying a verb. Is Jo using “Hallows” as a verb”? If so, how do we get meaning from it with the “s” at the end? Any ideas?

  • Hey folks!
    I’m german and there’s already a german translation to the title “Deathly Hallows”. And it’s ‘HP und die Heiligen des Todes’ which translates to ‘HP and the saints of death’. Maybe that’ll help you?
    Now to the Mirror-comment:
    It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the Two-Way-Mirror, it could also be the Mirror of Erised. Because JK stated in an interview (before the 6th book was published) that the MoE will be important for Book 6 & 7 (though I can’t see where it appears in the 6th book, admittedly).
    Oh and ‘deathly is in my german dictionary translated as ‘dead’, so it’d be “dead hallows” . And that’s why I think it refers to the founders.
    Hannah, to the”s”; you use an “s” with the 3rd person singular, so maybe it’s “he/she/it hallows”, but I don#t think it’s very logical.
    Idunno, it’s all so confusing…

  • Lisa

    Lisa Marie, in my dictionary “deathly” is translated “toedlich.” Vielen Dank for the announcement of the title in German. I am surprised that it sounds so religious; my gut feeling until now was that Jo wouldn’t make such an overt reference to Christianity (even though Christian themes are present in the stories). My German is rusty, but couldn’t Heiligen des Todes also be interpreted as the Sanctification (or Sanctity) of Death?

    Since Jo speaks French it will be interesting to see what the French title will be.

  • roonwit

    My concern about translations of the title would be as to how official the translation is, and what input Jo had in translating it. I had a look on one of the german publishers’ website and they just used the English title.

  • beauxbatons

    Well, on the French version of the site, the door is still closed… either the french translator is on holidays to celebrate Christmas, or JKR really intended the title to have many different meanings, and he’s still looking for a french translation that would be amibguous enough…

  • beauxbatons

    I meant “ambiguous”, of course… Excuse my french ! 😉

  • roonwit

    In the circumstances I wouldn’t expect the door to be open in other languages as they could only give the English title (as once a non-English publisher has read the book, they might decide a different title is more appropriate). Also the way the door openings are programmed it would be more of a challenge to do a hangman with different letters and numbers of letters in the title in the 6 languages.

  • beauxbatons

    Well, roonwit, I think you’re quite right… I thought the German title was announced on Jo’s site, but I now realize I was wrong… No foreign door open at all.

  • Reader2

    I have a question, which is of topic, but has to do with the site.

    On the Fansites’ page, we can see tropheis with names of some of the characters, including one that is only partially sticking out on the left side of the screen, so we can only see the ending of the name “…rtis” (I think).

    Anyone has any idea whose name that might be?

  • Cat

    I noticed an interesting article on the BBC magazine page: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6202751.stm – could Hallows be a surname, just as Prince is?

  • Is there a possibility that this is one of the alternatives of titles and not the official one? Jo sometimes displays a really dark sense of humor, any way, I tried to open the door in the spanish version and it is closed as well. I don´t pay much attention to the translations since its a very difficult territory HBP was first announced as “El Principe Mestizo” it ended up “El misterio del principe” which means “The mistery of the prince” I only read the english versions even though I´m a spanish native speaker.

  • beauxbatons

    Well, the site’s translations would maybe not be the titles of the book once translated and published, but they would be direct translations of “HP and the Deathly Hallows” — and so help us to understand this title.

  • Lisa,
    the german translation can also be Todes-something, or todbringend (=causing death)so the titles are either: Heiligen des Todes, Todesheilige (well, that’s very bad German!) or todbringende Heilige.
    It’s very difficult and you have to be careful, of course.
    But look, I do really think HALLOWS isn’t a verb but a noun, since the title is “Harry Potter and THE (!!!) deathly Hallows”.

  • Remi

    Belinda, thanks for walking us through the puzzle, and for the note re: the Hall of Prophecies’ prediction. Frankly, when I first read the prediction in OP, I thought it referred to the release date of Book Seven – on the summer solstice since the books usually come out in the Summer. But since I like the 07/07/07 theory better, I think it’s wonderful that the new-title release was on the winter solstice.

  • Gara


    Have anyone else noticed that on the desk and on the floor there is nothing rubbish (papers, etc.), unlike the last we have seen the Room from this point of view (I believe the Third Opening)? What do you all think can that mean? I think it interesting.

  • Sera

    Does anyone know what’s up with the red and green bottles you can pour into the dying plant?

  • Lisa

    Gara, the room is usually a bit messy. Jo has joked that it is really what her desk looks like.
    Sera, the red and green bottles were part of an earlier puzzle: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/about/sources/jkr.com/jkr-com-tips.html#jottings1

  • Gara

    Yes, Lisa, thanks. But can it mean anything that it is NOT messy this time?

  • serious

    Yes, that she’s finished working.

  • hows this as a theory?

    in jkr website it said that something improtant was going to revelied(sp) in the 7 book!!! also have any of stop to think that “Deathly hallow” could mean death of the horcrux just as we have seen R.A.B.(has anyone found anything on this guy or girl?)Dumbledore die after handeling a horcrux!

  • beauxbatons

    It should be possible to destroy a Horcrux and live, otherwise there will be more than two major deaths in DH… Remember that 12-year old Harry destroyed the first Horcrux and didn’t die…

  • Skittle

    “I think this means the *book* will come out on the solstice. My money is on June 21 for the book release date.”

    Seems more likely since the 21st December was *not* the winter solstice this year. This year it fell on the 22nd.

  • hows this as a theory?

    for all of you who think that the 7th book will come out on the 21 of june do you not think that they would have anounced it by now b/c they have to make x# of books that are reserved and things like that?????? but hey i might be wrong

  • Sierra

    I think “hollows” are somehow connected with ghosts, maybe there is somthing about Lilly and James’s deaths. I think that Percy’s gonna die, because he became useless. Probly Pettigrew too. It seems to me that Lupin will stay alive. But who knows? Sometimes i think that Hagrid’s gonna die too. Percy, Hagrid and Pettigrew. Thats my opinion…

  • i agree with sstabeller i tink wormtail will save harry potter i also heard that krum might be in the deathly and i cant belive that we have 2 wait till the 21st of july

  • parvez

    this will be the most exiciting moment to all potter lovers… i think hawllows will be in the hogwarts… i think that ron is going to die because if u remember the first part, in chess the knight died..and in that place is ron.. so ron is going to die.. and i think neville ll play the main role..