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Deathly Hallows


Good morning!

We’ve been working around our already jammed holiday schedules to do some site updates with the new book title. We’ll be abbreviating it site-wide as DH, as you probably could have guessed.

I’ve got a brand-new page up and running: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Lisa has been helping me put together some research on the title (from reputable sources rather than Google, which is challenging sometimes) and I’ve got some information there. Hopefully more will be coming soon.

Lisa has also made a placeholder image until we get the book’s real cover, which you can see on our main page.

One thing I found that I thought was interesting: in OP26, Voldemort’s hands are described as “deathly white.” It’s on page 586 in the Scholastic (American) version. Someone else probably already saw that, but I haven’t had time to jump into the forums and see.

Keep the speculation flowing!


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  • Thx for uploading this!

    That’s just what I said! ‘deathly’ means also ‘deadly’!!
    Ok, considering the theory of the middle ages I think the deathly hallows are the horcruxes Harry has to find, but of course it all refers to the 4 Hogwarts founders!
    And yeah, well, the thing about LV’s hands: I mean, you can’t really consider him HUMAN, can you?? He has a split soul, and that’s certainly NOT human (to me at least). So the description ‘deathly’ suits him quite well, doesn’t it?

  • El Cronista de Salem

    DH. Not this abbreviation is new, but wait a year and it will be in all the lexicon 😀

    Like your discover of “deathly”, John.

  • The Hallows could refer to the Four Hallows of Arthurian legend. They are intimately connected to the Grail and ultimately probably go back to the Four Treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan of Irish myth.

    The Four Hallows are:

    The Cup or Chalice
    The Baton or Wand
    The Sword or Dagger
    The Coin, Disc or Pentacle

    I think we were right all along in connecting the horcruxes to the four elements. These hallows are associated with the elements, and match up quite nicely to the remaining horcruxes:

    Cup (HH)
    Baton or Wand (RR)
    Sword or Dagger (GG)
    Pentacle (SS locket)

    not mine theory but i think it really explains a lot of things.. maybe voldy has heard of the myth and since THEY ARE items of real significance 😉

  • Antoon


    No one would be surprised if JKR revives old literature as she did before; I’m not saying going back to the legend of Arthur isn’t likely. But for most of the previous titles in the series, it has been as good as impossible to guess what they were referring to. Would it be so obvious in this case? And why would JKR invent a new name for Horcruxes when she has already coined a very good word for them? The DH might also be things that assist Harry in his quest to finish Voldemort. After all, the balance at this point of the story is not in Harry’s favour. Voldemort is an older and much more powerful wizard, he will have nasty Horcruxes in strategic places, and he is in control of an army of Death Eaters, Dementors, werewolfs, and giants. Poor Harry is assisted by some Weasley brothers with a joke shop, a few foreign friends, probably Snape, and one and a half giant. I realise I’m leaving things out, but I can’t help thinking Harry will need, and find, unexpected help. There will be surprises, discoveries and revelations in book 7 that influence the balance. I think it is more likely that the DH are such a revelation than that they refer to the Horcruxes.

  • Aidan

    Since the page refers to hallows as being relics then isn’t is a possibility that the title refers to the Horcruxes and Harry’s mission to destroy them?

  • Gretchen

    Didn’t Voldemort try to kill Harry on Halloween? Isn’t Halloween historically known as All Hallow’s Eve or something like that? Maybe it is a reference to the night that changed Harry’s life? Or perhaps something is going to happen on the anniversary of that night, which would also be All Hallow’s Eve. One could certainly say that night was deathly, and so could be an anniversary of it.

  • Tiger

    I can’t help but think fo the voices Harry heard beyond the dark veil after Sirius was killed…could they be the ‘hallows’?

  • Whizbang121

    This is a really fascinating site found by an lj friend.

    The Hallows across most legends are seen to represent the royal regalia carried by the King, or the objects sought by someone such as a ‘Grail Quester’ (See Grail Knights) in both ancient and modern stories.

    The sacred vessels, or ‘Hallows of Ireland’ were believed to have been brought by the ‘Tuatha de Danaan’ /quote

    So the Hallows can be royal objects or treasures as well as sacred. The Hallows of Hogwarts could be the founders treasures that Vodle made into horcruxes? I suspect the Deathly Hallows may be Vodle’s horcruxes.

  • Whizbang121

    I forgot to mention, Leaky Cauldron reported that the titles, “Hogwarts Hallows” and “Hallows of Hogwarts” had been copyrighted in 2003. Could the Hogwarts Hallows be the founders objects that were made into horcruxes?

  • Antoon

    I think it is quite possible that Gretchen is right. This line of thinking seems to me to be more JKR-like than the idea that Hallows is another word for Horcruxes.

  • I am also thinking that harry will need help in his quest so these items can be either a set of powerful items to help him or treasures that voldy came accross and since they are so precious it makes sense for him to be made horcruxes.. i’ve also been thinking that the help he needs may come from a character that has no major role in other books or a character that is invented in DH and killed in DH as well.. and i certainly think that snape is good otherwise why would dumbledore trust him so much? ( and he also knows about the horcruxes, remembered he helped dumbledore survive ) …

  • Antoon

    An improved role for a known character would make sense. Harry might need help from students from other Houses – someone like Zacharias Smith might become more important (relative of Hepzibah’s?), but there are more candidates one could think of.

    A role for a new character wouldn’t surprise me either. Perhaps someone who has been hidden all the time? The son of Snape and Aunt Petunia or something. I’ve been speculating about scenario’s like these, but it’s difficult to come up with something believable – something good enough to be possible given the standards we expect from book 7.

  • Antoon,
    Jk said that we’ll get to learn someone from the Order of the Phoenix in Book 7. We “met” this person already but not “properly”. Hmmmm, come to think of, maybe THIS is the person who knows more about Lily…?

  • Ibishtar

    Lisa Marie, I think we can be fairly sure that she was talking about Aberfoth (the Hog’s Head’s barman and Dumbledore’s brother), who was in the original order and hasn’t been properly introduced to Harry yet.

  • AdamTheRed

    Maybe the Longbottoms will get there memories back. They could potentially become powerful friends. I’m not saying they could become powerfully magical again, but possibly sane enough to give tips and hints for the journey. I doubt this will happen because it doesn’t seem to be JKR’s style, but since we’re dealing with a magical world just about anything can happen. And honestly, stranger things have happened.

  • Theodore

    my votes are on aberforth too.. he may help harry with horcruxes or sth

  • cassandra

    the 4 hallows coincide w/ the 4 suits of the tarot, the 4 hogwarts founders, and the 4 horcruxes still to be discovered, as well as the four directions and seasons.. all in all, very powerful, magical and mystical. snape’s role in all this also fascinates me. i think he was in love w/ lily, which is why he showed such remorse to dumbledore when he found out what his info allowed lv to do, and that he took an unbreakable vow w/ dumbledore as to his loyalty, which is why dumbledore so ardently trusts him.

  • Antoon

    I don’t think Snape took an unbreakable vow. Dumbledore would never ask that of anyone. I think Snape has somehow been confronted with unforeseen consequences of his service to Voldemort. Dumbledore said something about remorse, but it is clear that there is something more to it that he didn’t want to tell Harry at that moment. Dumbledore has never been fully open to Harry in this respect, but I think Snape paid some kind of price on that Halloween evening. His bond with Lily or with someone else was lost, his life debt to James came into play, I don’t know. But it is as if Snape is never free from a certain burden. I feel sorry for him, even though I don’t know why. Or am I imagining things here?

  • Lisa

    I think you’ve made some very good guesses. Another piece to that puzzle is why Voldemort was willing to let Lily live. Why was her life important?

  • Fleur of Flitwick

    Hi well in Mexico they have translated the title as “Harry Potter y los fantasmas mortales” that is actually Deadly Ghosts… maybe the deathly hallows has something to do with the veil don’t you think?

  • YES, I certainly think the 7th book has something to do with that veil! I’m pretty sure. And I do think Snape was in love with Lily.
    Is “los fantasmas mortales” the OFFICIAL title???

  • Beatrice

    Someone mentioned cemeteries in an earlier discussion. Since cemeteries were/are often considered holy/hallowed ground, a cemetery that contains the bodies of the four (or maybe just three) founders (or James & Lily?) and served as a site for the final confrontation between Harry & Voldemort might be called Deathly Hallows.

  • f deathly hollows refers to hollowed grounds as in a cementery or graveyard then maybe it has something to do with book 6 when harry was transported by way of a portkey to the cementery of tom riddle’s muggle father.

  • i think that in book 7 harry is going to die nd the deathly hallows reffer to the halloween (as said above)(or below?) as deadly so the final comfuntation could be on haloween night

  • nelly

    i think theres some connection it the veil and where did sirius’s body go after he fell throgh the veil.i also think harrys going to die and same with voldy.

  • jess

    i can’t even come up with any theories, my head just blocks up and i go don’t even think about it, it’ll all come together soon with the book! i’m so anxious for the book i’m getting frustrated.

    come book seven!

  • Camilla

    Two days ago the swedish title for the seventh book was published and the swedish title, translated back to english, will be “Harry Potter and the death relics”, which to me suggests that “deathly hallows” refers to the objects of the four founders or something else noun-ish!