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Door closes on JKR.com


The Do Not Disturb sign is back on the Door today.
The Door was open for a full week this time.

I’ve now completed a page in the Guide to JKR.com detailing the puzzle behind the Door Opening #7.
I included some screenshots of the candle in the mirror. As I noted in a previous update, the site seems to be getting “darker” and the flame on the candle in the Links bookcase was shrinking. Well, notice the candle in the mirror has too!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Beauxbatons boy

    Some posts around the Internet have spoken of translations of the title, but there were never any on JKR.com. I checked every language almost daily and the door was only ever open in English.

    I doubt that Rowling has approved any translations of her title, otherwise she would have put them on her site.

  • Exactly.
    That is why you didn’t find them posted on the Lexicon.

  • John D.

    I didn’t get a chance to do it for the 20th time…

  • Dapylil

    Thanks for the update, Belinda. I hadn’t noticed the candlight at all. Is the light going out on Harry? I don’t like the “snuffed out” imagry!? 😉

  • Deviant

    i hadn’t noticed the candle in the links room, but yep the one in the mirror is deffinately fading…

  • Lisa

    Its like the site gets darker each time the books are released. It may get so dark it will vanish once the series is over 🙁 tears

  • Char

    If Jo deliberately made the candle flame slowly dim, then I reckon she would be extremely proud of Lexicon for having noticed… she always leaves little clues everywhere, why not her website?

  • Michelle

    Has anyone noticed the clouds in the window? They seem to be faces. I wonder if it means anything.

  • Kerian

    I wonder if anyone has put any thought to the red and green bottles beside the eraser? What does anyone suppose they are for, and why do they drip only in front of the window, from the wind chimes to the left side?

  • KatKneazle

    To Kerian:
    There is a whole world of “goodies” like the dripping bottles awaiting you. For clues and how-to’s click on “tips and tricks for collecting the extras” on the guide to jkr.com page.

  • Kerian

    To KatKneazle:
    Thanks, I’ll try it out. You know, I was just thinking that the bottles, when held to the keyhole of the door, remind me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. Just a thought.

  • MarauderSandi

    Thanks, Jo, for a wonderful Christmas present! 🙂

  • Siriusly in love with Sirius*

    what bothers me is that i didnt get to do the WOMBAT tests, i don’t know why but it feels kind of important in some way, am i just being paranoid? anyways i didn’t realise the candle was slowly going out, or the faces in the window until now and i don’t want to be the barrer of bad news but maybe it’s time to think about the big possibility that Harry could possibly die in TDH…

  • Hua Ping

    What bothers me so much is that i didnt get to write the WOMBAT tests either and if Harry, Ron or Hermione end up dying in HP & TDH, it’ll be real sad…

  • Wow, I actually got to open it on the first day this time!

    AND the title’s great! It’s a two for one deal! 🙂

  • karlii

    Hmm… about the candles starting to dim. I find this worrying, in that it seems likely that certain parts (if not all) of the website will go dark when the book is published. 🙁

    I sincerely hope she keeps it up and running, and continues to keep in touch with the fan base. She could use it to publish other odd facts that just don’t work out in the books. Like, just why did Seamus really dislike Cedric?

    The dimming candles could also be a harbinger of the dark times ahead.. how evil is starting to take over or something. LoTR?

    Finally, and this is what I HOPE will be the case.. the candles are just getting dimmer because the final book is coming out.. Harry will vanquish Voldy and live happily ever after.. and the world will be such a bright cheery place, that we won’t need candles to see, even in the interior rooms. *shrug*

    Wonder what wizard house the website is representing? Grimmauld? If so, maybe it is just getting too neglected to have the candles stay lit. Or maybe with Dumbledore’s (or Sirius’, I suppose) passing, the magic that was keeping the candles lit, is starting to fade…

    I hope the website doesn’t go away.

  • Kenny

    This isn’t really about the Seventh door opening, but I just wanted to tell you Steve, Lisa, and Belinda that you all did a good job on the podcast with Leaky and Mugglenet and Mugglecasters. You all wrote good questions, and I had fun listening and beating Emerson with all the questions.

  • Kenny

    Oh, and that podcast I was talking about, in case you might have forgotten, was a while back, so thanks again

  • Jordy and Kenny

    I was looking up Deathly Hallows on the Internet, and I found out that Hallows is an arcaic (old word not used in today’s language) word for gallows. This is quite extraordinary because gallows means a hanging site. The Hanged Man is a bar in Little HANGleton, Voldemorts home town. Notice that JKR told us the title of book 7 in a HANGMAN game. The hanged man is described as an outsider that is 2-faced to some people, yet understood and trustable in the inside. this is Snape almost completely. THE HANGED MAN IN BOOK FIVE IS SNAPE!!!! Snape is hung upside down by James Potter and Lily stops him. This refers to Norse Mythology. The all powerful god, Odin, was hung upside down by the Tree of Life because he wanted to understand and read the ancient runes that give everlasting life to those who read it. Odin died when he read these runes, but then the information that he died with was so powerful that he returned to life again. The hanged man is also described as the advantageous man because he is hung upside down, the opponents guard is not as high, and he can attack the opponent very well. So, you can see that Snape will actually become one with the good side again, and that maybe Hermione will help Harry with the Runes! Remember, Hermione on her O.W.L. on Ancient Runes, she mixed ehwaz with eihwaz. Ehwaz means partnership, not defense(eihwaz). This is very “foreshadowing”. Just giving you a heads-up on Deathly Hallows!!!:)

  • Tara

    I was on Jo’s website earlier today, and I could’ve sworn I was seeing things!

    However, it turns out, I am not. The shadow on the diary has become over-grown and it’s beginning to scare me a little. Any thoughts on this?

  • Ryan

    J.K. Rowling is a very gifted writer. Although her Potter series might die, the memories of her and her writing will last forever. The title of the last book was like getting a smack in the face. You really never realized it was the end until you got the title of the end of the book. With any hope the website will remain and will be updated every Christmas. The candel is slowly fading away. I have come to the conclusions of two things.
    1. The candel will no longer be lit when the last book is released.
    2. The candel represents Harry’s life in the time that he has to live.

    So everyone, instead of bowing our heads in dismay, lets count down the the days, hours, minitues, and seconds that we will have until the next book.


  • Alyssa

    Has anyone else notice the ominous dark clouds that float pass the window in the door room? what do you think about those?
    And has anyone noticed the large bug like thing that flies over the desk after peeves comes?

  • Anon

    the candle flame has gotten biggger again it is now around the April 2006 size

  • The whole candle going out could just mean that it is an end to the books as a whole, not to a particular character. Jo is very intelligent, obviously, and she knows people will look more into things that appear on the site. All things being equal, the simplest answer is usually correct. It symbolises the end of the series, no particular character. Although it is fun to speculate.

  • monkeeshrines

    Yes, I noticed the candle dimming, but I also noticed the door on the opposite wall, as seen in the reflection is now open. Both maybe symbolize something ending and something else beginning.