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Who is your country’s most popular Potter character?


I started playing around with Google Trends yesterday, and came up with some fun results I wanted to share. For those who don’t know, it’s a set of statistics about where (in what countries and cities) different terms and phrases are most commonly Googled.

First, “Harry Potter” is most frequently Googled in Bolivia, with no English-speaking countries in the top ten, although the city in which people most frequently search for him is Salt Lake City.

More importantly, “Harry Potter Lexicon” is by far most commonly searched in the Phillipines, with the US a distant second.

I also thought it was interesting to look at the countries which most frequently Googled some of our favorite characters:
Dumbledore – Australia
Snape – UK (by a significant margin)
Hagrid – Sweden (twice as often as any other country)
Hermione – Peru
Ron Weasley – Chile
Voldemort – Hungary (by far)
Harry – Bolivia

And as for some key words and phrases:
Horcrux – US
Hogwarts – Sweden (nearly three times as often as any other country)
Diagon Alley – Italy (by far)
Quidditch – Poland

It’s a fun site to play with – you can check it out yourself here: Google Trends


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