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2006 Lexicon Year in Review


As most folks do at this time of the year, we have looked back at the events of the past year on the Lexicon and marveled at it all.
To quote Dumbledore from the first Leaving Feast “Another year gone! … What a year it has been!” 🙂
We welcomed new staff, introduced several exciting new features and enjoyed amazing gifts from Jo. We hope you enjoy this list of some things that were important to us.

Lexicon Highlights of 2006

and Happy New Year!


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  • Anon

    A Happy New Year From Australia

  • del

    The Black family tree was probably the highlight of the years additions for me.
    It was good to see how the “pureblood” families are all connected as we were told.

  • Awesome job, everyone.
    I especially enjoyed the Black family tree.

  • Remi

    What a great list! It’s reminded me of everything I haven’t read/done yet (like taking a Knight Bus tour, which I just got off of). Thanks!